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Thursday 15 December 2022

Cruel to be kind

The Pope has admitted that he fears greater catastrophies ahead for the earth and all mankind. It would be unkind to suggest that he's fearing the bleedin' obvious but he has a point. Everywhere in the world one looks we see disharmony whether as a result of natural events such as volcano's erupting, earthquakes, weather phenomena, or political manoeuvres such as the Russian war in Ukraine and the Chinese threat to Taiwan. Add to that the religious divides almost everywhere resulting in massive diasporas of mainly women and children fleeing terror. Of course, this has always gone on but today, with the ease of travel, better roads etc and the ambition of the dispossessed fueled by visions of a social media inspired utopia just beyond the horizon, people are tempted to abandon their historic homes.

What do Governments do? Sadly nothing. Most sensible people in the world have no respect for politics and politicians. They say a lot, promise more and deliver little. Most sensible people just want to be governed well and justly. Leaving aside for the moment the authoritarian Governments such as China and Russia, the problems of Democracy are increasingly laid bare. In the UK a Conservative Government in power with a huge majority have achieved almost none of their manifesto promises. Illegal immigration is rampant, houses not built, civil service is enlarging, taxes rising etc etc..

The manifesto should be a statement of intent listing a realistic programme of ways to improve the life of its citizens. Instead Party manifestos are a bribe promising a utopia paid for by hypothetical money trees. When in office Governments are too frightened of upsetting the electorate to do the right thing, remembering the old adage that sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind. Now to suggest that people should exercise self discipline is to attract vilification from those to whom anarchy appeals. Worse, Governmental decisions could lead to their losing power at the next General Election. Should democracy mean a 'race to the bottom', voting for those who promise everything, squander public money on drivel and achieve nothing.

The alternative is a one party, authoritarian state where the ignorant plebeian public, excused voting, are to be run by a ruling elite that serves in the best interests of the Country. (not the populace). In a perfect world, where the politicians are honest, hard working and loyal, this would be great but sadly, as in the current case of Russia, this is seldom if ever likely to happen.

So! What does the future hold? As the Pope suggests more chaos, more disasters, greater unhappiness to more people escaping a living hell on earth. In the background the superpowers are developing ever more powerful weapons in line with more scrabbling for the earth's diminishing resources. Is this what the Pope means? 

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