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Sunday 26 February 2023

The nature of reality

 Look around you. What do you see? What do you perceive? A chair; a table, a book or, perhaps, a television? They are all objects that exist in our perception and are 'real' or even positive. We can affix to them all a coefficient '+1' such that we have a +1chair, a +1table etc.

We cannot see a 'negative' or 'unreal' object because our brains cannot see or otherwise perceive negative forms but do they exist in reality? Are 'negative' forms even possible in nature? We have a clue. Ask yourself what is the square root of one? The sueprising answer is BOTH plus AND minus one. To my mind this decree from nature legitimises the availability of negative forms. A square with sides of minus one could not be seen by humans but its area of plus one is real; it exists. 

What is the implication? See the Davies Hypothesis as described in my inexpensive book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions.

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