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Friday 27 December 2013

Dubai police buy a Lamborghini

The Daily mail reports that the Dubai police authority have bought a new £300,000 Lamborghini in their quest to uphold the law.

On a trip to Dubai, some years ago, a taxi driver pointed out the large and modern police headquarter buildings. He was at a loss to explain why the police needed such a large building when it was understood by everyone that there were only two crimes committed in the Emirate. One was finding the many Indian servants that tried to escape the slavish conditions in which they served as servants. The other was apprehending speeding, young, wealthy Dubai nationals with two much time on their hands and not enough responsibility. I presume the new car is to be used for the latter.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Am I alone

Am I alone in wondering how it is possible that the defendents in the murder trial of soldier, Lee Rigby, have been permitted to plead 'Not Guilty'?
That they are guilty is surely not in doubt so why put the family of the deceased through the trauma of a trial and the Nation, presumably, through the massive expense.
Is it because of the stupidity of British law or is it the greed of barristers trading on human grief by defending the indefensible?

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Bank problems

The RBS Bank group has been badly hit by a computer glitch that stopped people accessing their own money. Not surprisingly there is much anger, frustration and downright embarrassment amongst their customers on a day of high consumer expectation as the Christmas rush gathers pace.
Customers eh! Aren't the public a pain with their wants and expectations? Wouldn't banking be a great business without them? I'm sure there must be many in the Banking industry, happy to make their money on the trading floors, that must think like this.