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Saturday 25 November 2017

Good & Evil

I have been given a book or rather a series of books to review. It is a serious work aimed at reconciling traditional Jewish theology with the problem of evil or more precisely the prickly problem of why does it exist in a universe created by a loving, compassionate God.
For theologians it is a tricky question and many theodicies have been suggested such as; finite man cannot possibly understand an infinite (inscrutible) God or for man to attain the highest virtues, to become more perfect, it is necessary for mankind to suffer. The latter does not explain why it is necessary that some should suffer more than others or why children should be harmed but all religions require a leap of faith with some of their beliefs.
Far easier to explain that evil manifest in mankind (moral evil as opposed to natural evil) is simply a product of natural selection and survival of the fittest.
Take the cuckoo as an example. To raise its young he must kill the issue of another species of bird and lay its egg in their place. By this means it not only murders its kids but defrauds the host bird of time and assets. From the host birds point of view it has been sinned against (without remedy). Nature has introduced sin to enable one species to take advantage of another by means of murder and fraud. What makes it different with humans is that we have developed a code of conduct in an effort to curtail natural instincts to take advantage of others to further their own interests. This is entirely arbitrary as the cuckoo would insist he hasn't sinned but humans in an attempt at civilised society have adopted a set of rules not dissimilar to those mentioned in the ten commandments.
But where does God fit in, if at all?
It is difficult to see how if we accept that good and evil are just two ends of a one dimensional continuum. see the diagram.

Everybody sits somewhere on the line; there is no mystery, no room for spirituality in the orthodoxy. If, however we think of good and evil as part of a three dimensional set up as shown, it can be shown that at any level of goodness we can identify extremes. Take the trinitarian equation which shows the relationship between our perception of goodness and its components.
Perceived goodness, G = ±√[ (+g)² + (-g)² + (ig)²]
where '+g' is the real goodness (good), '-g' is the unreal goodness, (evil) and 'ig' is the imaginary goodness ('i' is the square root of minus one).
Solving we have perceived goodness, G =  ± g. As with the one dimensional view we have the answer good and evil. Only now we have what we've referred to as 'imaginary' goodness. It is absolutely necessary but does not itself appear in the answer. Is this the goodness of God (or Satan) or is it merely the intrinsic goodness of mankind?

The trinitarian equation is a fundamental component of The Davies Hypothesis

Cognitive Bias

A recent Horizon program aired on the BBC dealt with the subject of Cognitive Bias or the conflict in our minds of intuition over logic. Kahneman & Tversky introduced the subject in the nineteen-seventies, identifying two types of rationale. System 1 reflects our swift, snap judgements that require little effort providing simple solutions to our daily needs. It gives almost instantaneous responses. System 2 on the other hand requires more judgemental time where we weigh more complex problems in our mind.
Unfotunately our snap decisions are prone to error because our minds are full of inherent biases, 150 of which have been identified.
At the risk of committing 'confirmation' bias, (  see wikipedia ) I wonder whether we can identify Systems 1 & 2 with the The Davies Hypothesis that posits that consciousness is defined by the three modes of time operating in the brain. 'Real' and 'unreal' time in the brain operate at a fixed rate set by the expansion of the universe but 'imaginary' time can vary giving rise to different perceptions. Could it be that System 1 decision making is related to 'imaginary' time working in the brain in the same way that it deals with shock and intuitive reaction, often needed in sports. System 2 thinking follows the process of information gathering (understanding), reference to memory (knowledge) and rational thought leading to wisdom.

Thursday 9 November 2017

Priti Patel.

Priti Patel has resigned her post following revelations that she has misled the Prime Minister, May, over her meetings with Israeli Army and Government representatives. As the minister for Overseas Development, it is widely thought that she broke a ministerial code by usurping the Foreign Office's brief.
The meetings took place while she was on a personal holiday and were said to centre on giving aid to the Israeli military who are doing humanitarian work in the Golan Heights, adjoining the Syrian border. Apparently thousands of refugees, escaping the civil war, are crossing into the disputed territory, occupied by Israeli forces.
This smacks of a 'deniable' operation. Sadly for her, Patel's exploits were uncovered and has to face the consequences alone, the British Government washing their hands of an undercover project. What could it be? something to do with anti-semitism in the Labour Party.......

Priti Patel is another second generation immigrant to become a Member of Parliament. I don't know how many there are but they should be disbarred from standing on the grounds that they and their families have not lived in the UK long enough. Second generation immigrants ought not to represent peoples who have lived in the Country for many generations; the indigenous population. There are several including the former Labour leader, Miliband and Tory, Baroness Waasi.

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Man from Out of this World

From our local correspondent. Jerusalem. Year 33 common era.
A man called Jesus, originally from Nazareth and who recently, at passover, was crucified and miraculously came back to life, has disappeared. His friends insist he 'ascended into heaven'.

A Russian man insists he is descended from a man who originally came from Mars see:
I had a life on Mars: Russian, 20, claims he lived on the Red Planet before being reborn on Earth
Boriska Kipriyanovich, 20, has confounded experts with his knowledge of space
His parents claim that the wonderkid was able to speak months after he was born
He amazed his doctors by being able to read, write and draw by the age of two
Boriska, from Volgograd, says he lived on a 'war-ravaged' Mars in a previous life
By Alexander Robertson For Mailonline
PUBLISHED: 17:13 GMT, 6 November 2017 | UPDATED: 17:51 GMT, 6 November 2017

Read more: 

The stories have a similarity but could they have a common explanation?
TO the DAILY MAIL. An open letter.
I sent a copy of my book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions (here) to your science correspondent, Fiona McCrea in May, 2015 to review but had no acknowledgement let alone a reply. The book explains how this might occur citing as an example the story of Jesus, a man who never died and was taken away by God. I maintain that Jesus inherited the character of his ancestor of 70 generations before, Enoch, who famously 'walked' with god and never died, being taken up to heaven. Has the Russian man inherited a character from antiquity, perhaps one of the Nephalim who walked this planet in pre-history?

Thursday 2 November 2017

The DAVIES HYPOTHESIS. A declaration.

The DAVIES HYPOTHESIS. A declaration.

The universe is ordered as it is because nature must take account of all the correct answers to the question: What are the fourth roots of one, unity.

Where 'i' represents the square root of minus one.

Each of the dimensions we recognise, three of space and one of time, has to be defined in terms of each of the above answers. Therefore, ultimately, there must be sixteen (4x4) dimensions to explain everything.
Although we only perceive the answer highlighted, the world we perceive, its complications and paradoxes are the result of nature doing what the hypothesis suggests. Not the eighth or sixteenth roots but the unique solution offered by the fourth roots. Evidence of the use of the square roots of one can be seen around us; it gives rise to choice, contrasts such as good and evil and others briefly outlined in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes 3. But life is more complex than that, hence the fourth roots. By adopting this concept I am able to answer the questions of how the universe came into being and explain the nature of time. I refer interested readers to my book or the series of talks on you tube called The Davies Hypothesis