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Thursday 9 November 2017

Priti Patel.

Priti Patel has resigned her post following revelations that she has misled the Prime Minister, May, over her meetings with Israeli Army and Government representatives. As the minister for Overseas Development, it is widely thought that she broke a ministerial code by usurping the Foreign Office's brief.
The meetings took place while she was on a personal holiday and were said to centre on giving aid to the Israeli military who are doing humanitarian work in the Golan Heights, adjoining the Syrian border. Apparently thousands of refugees, escaping the civil war, are crossing into the disputed territory, occupied by Israeli forces.
This smacks of a 'deniable' operation. Sadly for her, Patel's exploits were uncovered and has to face the consequences alone, the British Government washing their hands of an undercover project. What could it be? something to do with anti-semitism in the Labour Party.......

Priti Patel is another second generation immigrant to become a Member of Parliament. I don't know how many there are but they should be disbarred from standing on the grounds that they and their families have not lived in the UK long enough. Second generation immigrants ought not to represent peoples who have lived in the Country for many generations; the indigenous population. There are several including the former Labour leader, Miliband and Tory, Baroness Waasi.

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