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Friday 23 December 2016

I'm a monarchist but is Prince Charles a twit

Prince Charles has delivered a 'thought for today' on the radio (BBC 4), pleading for religious tolerance. In the aftermath of the Berlin bombing one must suppose he's trying to forestall a witch hunt against Muslims, since no other religion currently foments such opprobrium among the peace loving people of the West. He suggested that persecution of Muslims (and other religions) would echo the treatment of Jews under the fascist regimes of the 1930s and was to be regretted.
We owe it to the memory of those persecuted not to repeat the oppression and violence visited on the different religious groups, he pleaded. This despite being personally warned of the fate of Christians in Syria, where religious tolerance seems to be optional at best. It is almost as if the Prince is in some kind of bubble, separate from the rest of us, where he perceives a sort of wisdom that eludes our senses, bearing little resemblance to the life of 'normal' people.
It is as if he is somehow on a different plane from the rest of us.
Charles, it is said, wants to become 'Defender of faith' on his ascension to the throne, rather than 'Defender of the faith', a reference to the Anglican Church of which the monarch is head.
His reference to faith alone indicates a casual reliance on reason and logic. In a realm, to be his kingdom, where a survey has shown that only 28% of the people now believe in God, (50% in 1990) he seems further out of touch than usual and I wonder if a lack of reason and logic can be blamed. Can he, for instance, be ignorant of the history of Islam. Does he not realise that from the outset, the soldiers of Islam have set out to conquer the world, overtaking the Byzantine empire, extending their sphere of influence as far as Afghanistan in the East and courtesy of the Umayyad dynasty, up to the Iberian peninsular and the Maghreb in the West. And yet Prince Charles wants to trust his faith, to appease and turn his cheek at every affront to our heritage, tradition and culture.
Yes, I'm a monarchist but I do fear that Charles, when his time comes, may let us all down with his other worldly ambition.

Friday 16 December 2016

Prison disturbances

Riots have broken out in a jail in Birmingham, once again due to failure to implement my plans for prison reform. See my blog of earlier this year.

We must protect prison officers and stop making prisons an easy option. If its hell on earth the guilty should bear that in mind before they commit the crime. No visitors; no association, no in cell entertainments except educational programs and selected books.

Sunday 4 December 2016

A Plan for Brexit

There is a widespread call from all those europhiles that voted for remain in the EU referendum, for the Government to set out its plan for the Brexit negotiations. The Government has already said that the plan is to get the BEST POSSIBLE deal for the UK and that a debate will be held in the summer after Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty has been triggered by the end of March. They have already, and in my opinion, reasonably said that they are not minded to give a running commentary on progress. It would take up too much parliamentary time for one thing. However that has not appeased those who are resistant to logic and reasoning who want to debate every nuance of the negotiations irrespective of the widely held view that too many cooks spoil the broth.
But what is it that they want, exactly? The Government has from the outset said they would implement the result of the referendum. There was no talk of the populace voting for the destination not the journey, they argue, trying to muddy the waters. Surely the result of the 'in' 'out' referendum was clear; nothing matters except that the UK leaves the political entity that is the EU. There was no mention of 'hard or 'soft' Brexit; no mention of 'black', 'white' or 'grey' Brexit. The whingeing remainers want a plan; but what does that mean? Nobody has ever left the EU before; there is no pre-existing plan, this will be a blueprint. In any case what would this plan look like? I wager that if you ask any remainer what such a plan would like like-headings only will do- they wouldn't be able to say. In any case when we had a referendum to join the Common market there wasn't a call for replays. There was no appeal to the High Court saying that the Government had no prerogative powers to take us into the alliance, despite yielding Sovereignty.
I wish the Andrew Neils of the world would take a tougher line with those that want to undermine the will of the people and applaud Julia Hartley-Brewer for exposing the shallowness of the Lib-Dems. It was wonderful to behold.

Thursday 1 December 2016

The return of Blair

In a world where we are becoming aware that despite great world wars and the trouble in the Middle East, there exists so much evil in the world. We humans never learn. It's not only on an International scale, however. How can men, because it is mainly men, target old age pensioners online to steal their money; how can men, because it is mainly men, abuse young children and aspiring young footballers for self sexual gratification? How? They were schoolboys in shorts once. How can men, because it is only men, descendants of those from foreign climes,  gang rape young English girls without shame? Evil, unmitigated evil. Why must we share the planet and its limited resources with these men, because it is mainly men?
On top of all this we now learn that another man, Tony Blair wants to make a comeback in politics. Has this man no shame? A failure as a Prime Minister says more about those who elected him than anything else, a telling indictment of the frailty of democracy where the Stupid vote for the person who promises most or merely because they don't want the 'opposition' to get in on ideological grounds. Blair was also a failure as a Middle East mediator overseeing the onset and results of the Arab Spring, a disaster for the region and the world which continues to this day. How did he escape further censure in the wake of the Chilcot inquiry? How can he live with the death of David Kelly?
Blair's interference in Iraq had far reaching consequences in terms of evil; it was almost as if he was playing the part of the antichrist, strange for a man who took up Catholicism so soon after leaving office. Indeed when it comes to evil, there is no more vivid demonstration of man's ability to inflict it than in the aggression of ISIS forces, moving into the Iraqi power vacuum left by Blair's orchestration of Saddam's downfall, with their brutal persecution of non believers in the opposition and waverers in their own ranks. Despite being warriors of the Lord of Mercy, Giver of Mercy, they show none as they pursue their goal of world domination; a world dominated by 7th century, outdated  sharia law.
There have been signs that things are on the up. I believe that in Theresa May the UK has a Prime Minister with the Country's interest paramount; she is not looking to feather her own nest like, for example, the discredited socialist, Baroness Scotland. What is it about these Labour politicians? The UK has voted to leave the ridiculous EU with its overpaid politicians and unnaffordable policies. The English football and rugby teams are performing well, Christmas is coming, 2017 is a prime number; Donald Trump will be inaugurated President of the US. And then we get the news about Blair!