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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Same old. Same old.

I haven't posted here for some time because I've already spoken on the main issues of the day. The news seems dominated by lying politicians, unscrupulous bankers and greedy lawyers which reminds me of a story.

A truthful politician, an impoverished lawyer, and a scrupulous investment banker get in a lift with Santa Claus. They all spot a £50 note on the floor of the lift but who picks it up first?

Answer: Santa Claus. The truthful politician, the scrupulous investment banker and the penurious lawyer are all figments of your imagination. Ha ha.

Friday 17 January 2014

Death penalty for Paedophiles

The news on BBC, Thursday 6th January 2014, was embarrassing for the males of the species. First we learnt that five men had been convicted of rape and sexual abuse to young girls in Peterborough. Next up was a triumvirate of 'celebrity' media men charged at different courts with with same offences against vulnerable young girls. To cap it all we heard that Phillipino girls as young as three were being targeted by British males over the internet.
They took advantage of the poverty of the families to force them to film disgusting acts perpetrated on their mostly little girls and broadcast them over the web.
Let me say at the outset that I promote the view that paedophiles responsible for the abuse of children under sixteen should be DESTROYED. Not merely executed but eradicated from the face of the earth. No thought of rehabilitation nor mercy. They show their victims none in the pursuit of their perverse sexual gratification; they cannot expect society to show it. The defense that they too were abused should not be accepted
Life is a miracle. We are all privileged to be alive and in growing up we have only one go at it. For these, predominantly male, perverts to destroy not only the childhood but the life of these youngsters is worthy of the most serious punishment. I will hear of no arguments to the contrary.

Geomagnetic reversal

In my latest book, 'Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions' I put forward a proposition that our universe is a duality composed of the part we experience and another composed largely of negative dimensions including the square root of minus one. The two parts of the universe sum energetically to zero. I further suggest that the universe's 'dimensional' polarity might change in a similar manner to the periodic switching of the 'geomagnetic' polarity on earth.
Thinking about it later, I wonder if I haven't missed a trick here. Could it be that geomagnetic reversal on earth is occasioned by the planet's traversing a 'cloud' of dark matter/energy, composed of material described by these negative dimensions but possessed of a 'real' mass?

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Retired ex publican shocks scientific and religious communities

It would be nice to see the headline: 'Retired ex publican living in Spain shocks scientific and religious communities' following the publication as an ebook of my latest book, 'SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS'.

With the news full of violence, mostly Christians killing Muslims (Central Africa), Jews fighting Muslims (Israel & Palestine) and Muslims killing everybody (Worldwide), I feel that the only way to tackle the escalating violence was go to the very core of what I see as the problem; the God of Abraham.
I hope I demonstrate in the book that the universe wasn't created and that therefore there is no creator. Spiritual man needs religions to act as a balm in an emotionally challenging life in the same way that we need medical help with the physical pains. I suggest that all religions come together, without their Gods, calling on their mortal heroes to help heal the suffering of the afflicted; normally women and children.
This is the twenty-first century. Isn't it time to put an end to the mythological nonsense, heed the GOOD lessons of the past and look to mankind to sort out the mess without fear of ridicule and persecution.

Peace be with you all.

You can access my book by clicking on the link below or the image of the book in the margin.


Tuesday 7 January 2014


I have just finished reading 'Jerusalem The Biography' by Simon Sebag Montefiore. This follows hard on the heels of reading 'A History of Christianity' by Diarmaid MacCulloch. As an author myself I must congratulate both on a good job, well done.
What have I learnt from reading these necessarily very long books? As an atheist I wanted to understand how religion has shaped our world, what impact it has on current history, what can be learnt from the past and how it may shape the future.
The first thing that strikes a reader was the sheer violence used by the warring factions in Holy Wars despite the almost universal messages of Abrahamic religions of love and tolerance. In particular, the savagery employed to gain control of the strategically unimportant Middle Eastern land over three millenia is truly demoralising. It goes without saying that throughout this sad catalogue of hatred, slaughter and general inhumanity, each protagonist felt they had God on their side.
As the fighting continued the pressure on the combatants was increased by their need to honour those who had fought before them for fear that any backsliding would be considered a betrayal of their forefathers. It is happening in Jerusalem now where a fragile state of co-existance is maintained for fear of upsetting one or more of the tribes whose memory extends back further than their collective will for peace. Nobody wants to compromise for fear of being deemed treacherous. All such notions as 'Love thy neighbour'count for nothing in the face of zealous partisanship.
The one thing missing in both books was the complete absence of the principle cause of so much violence and bloodshed; Yahweh, God, Allah. Despite numerous appeals and prayers, not once did he seem to interfere with proceedings. Ignoring this apparent indifference on the part of Lord, He has 'previous',the various factions seem determined to be in position for either the 'Second Coming' when God will fulfil his apocolyptic promise to raise the dead for the 'Day of Judgement' or Solomon's Temple will be built for the third time.
I'm not sure of the beliefs of the authors, but Sebag Montefiore comes from a well respected Jewish family with a long association with Jerusalem. in his preface the author recognises a profound human need for religion that often blurs myth with the truth and Jerusalem has tragically evolved as a melting pot for all three faiths.
What of the future? more of the same I'm afraid; violence and bloodshed unless by some miracle, the players in this tragedy suddenly realise that in the twenty-first century, mankind no longer needs a God of any persuasion. Open up all the synagogues, churches and mosques for all to venerate Moses, Jesus and Muhammad as MEN.

As far as Blakes hymn, Jerusalem goes, I have to say that that as it stands at the moment, this benighted, God forsaken City is the very last place on earth one would want amongst the dark satanic mills of England.