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Saturday 31 July 2010


Ian Huntley, the murderer of two young girls is suing the Ministry of Justice for £100,000 after being attacked by a fellow inmate in Jail. He claims the prison service failed in their duty of care.
Not that he gave those poor young girls any duty of care but I'll let that pass.

In times when the Government is trying to save money is it not time to stop this nonsense of people being able to sue public services. Sure; have grievences investigated by an ombudsman and wrongs righted but not for financial gain. It is not so much the payout he seeks that is the problem but the highly inflated legal aid costs, up to £1m, that will have to be paid by the tax payers.

Why are these costs so high. Barristers and solicitors only serve an institution created by man as an administrative exercise. They make nothing, create nothing, grow or mine nothing. The live by the exploitation of man's failings and may be only a necessary evil. I don't believe its an honourable profession compared with say being an engineer and certainly shouldn't attract the sort of money paid out in the Bloody Sunday enquiry.

As for Huntley; let him rot in jail and be sure to leave a noose in a corner should he ever decide to do the decent thing.

Thursday 29 July 2010

Lunacy. Fact or fiction?

Earlier this week came news of what have been described as personal tragedies.
In one incident a man murdered his family and then killed himself in Fordingbridge. In the other two young men were found dead in woodland Northumberland and police have said that nobody else was involved. It seems that in both instances, stress and depression played an important part. A coroner might decide that the perpetrators possibly acted whilst the balance of the mind was disturbed.

I noticed that the date of these tragedies coincided with the day of the full moon, July 26th, or thereabouts.

I might not have made the connection where it not for the fact that I, too, was gripped by a strong melancholy at the time. It is not the first time that I have found myself depressed at this time of the month, nor is it a previously unknown phenomenon. That the moon affected the behaviour of plants and animals, has been known since earliest times. The Egyptions planted their crops according to the lunar cycle and depression in humans at the time of the full moon, has been recorded since earliest times. Wolves are traditionally thought to howl at the time of the full moon.

I have no records or statistics to offer and science can find no correlation between depression and the lunar cycle and yet the notion persists. Can it be true? Is it yet another example of science still being unable to fathom the workings of the brain?
Scientists will admit we have much still to learn about the brain, but they are reluctant to postulate processes that seem to us to be remarkable. Extra-sensory perception is one such idea. The possibility of a hidden sixth sense remains in the realms of science fiction.

I believe it's time to have another look at Lunacy.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

24 hour drinking Licenses

It is reported that the Government is minded to change the policy on allowing 24 hour drink licenses, reversing a trend introduced by the last Labour administration. The hope they had of introducing a 'Cafe' style culture in the UK hasn't worked as youngsters continue to drink in the way they always have; hard.

I believe that extended licenses have always been around. Night Clubs, for instance, have been able to stay open into the early hours and I don't suppose this will change. Many licensees never took advantage of the new licenses because their customers, usually working folk, didn't want to be out all night, so the revoking of this legislation will not be so important as would first seem. With one exception. Most of the pubs that would be affected are brewery owned managed bars. Their sole aim is to sell beer and lots of it. Managers are under instructions to meet tough sales targets, which give rise to to some of the main problems associated with drink.

Managers encourage excessive drinking with 'Happy hours' and other offers.
They routinely serve drunks, contrary to the law.

The atmosphere in these bars is largely aimed at the young end of the market often giving rise to testosterone fuelled trouble. Social drinking has given way to social bingeing. It is seen as cool to be 'wasted'. I would like to see more 'role models' disabusing the vulnerable young of this notion. I would like to hear people saying that it is 'unattractive' and anti-sociable to be inebriated. Why not a double move of removing twenty-four hour drinking and the vilification of drinking to excess.

I believe, having worked in the trade for over twenty-five years, that clipping the wings of these mega bars must have a beneficial effect on the trade as a whole as would a return to more tenancies at realistic rents.

Monday 26 July 2010


There has been widespread dismay at some of the revelations from secret documents exposed on the internet recently. They relate to unpalateble incidences during the war in Afghanistan, many exposing the deaths of civilians. The reports also seem to document the assassination of Taliban leaders without trial.
Why are people still surprised that these covert operations still go on? Why do the 'Not in my name' brigade still thinks that even in war, protocol observes all the niceties of civilized life.

This war will not be fought under the rules of the Geneva Convention or for that matter under any other romantic code of chivalry. In modern warfare we do not see the combatants displaying the etiquette of honourable battle, particularly if one side is motivated by religious zeal and unhampered by regard for human life. The Taliban have, for instance, no qualms about using women and children as shields when fighting.

The most important decision a statesman will ever make is to commit his people to war against another people. In the UK, I can't ever remember a spokesman in the House of Commons, telling the MPs in hushed tones: "That this Country is now at war with the Taliban." However the UK and USA are committed and although it bears no resemblance to the great wars of the twentieth century, it is a war and as such, having been begun must be prosecuted until won. By this I mean that it must be won by all available means including dark operations and political accommodation. Special forces regularly fight undercover and assassinate other troops. Why should the Taliban leaders be different, any more that our own Generals and political leaders.

Where do you draw the line? I wouldn't be at all surprised if US or UK chemists aren't devising a bacteria or virus that targets only those with Taliban genes in them. Why not! Remember that coming second in War really shouldn't be an option unless you want a country governed by Zealots abiding by Sharia law.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Cameron's Gaffe

David Cameron let down his nation yesterday, saying that in 1940, the UK (And its Commonwealth Partners) were junior partners in the Second World War.
Since the US didn't enter the war until 1941, the brunt of the defence of the free world fell to Britain and its Commonwealth partners. Cameron has, like so many of his predecessors, failed to stick up for our great nation. To forcibly make the point that in many respects we will never be inferior to any other state on earth and that we are all proud of our past achiebvements. We need to say that we are sick to the back teeth of anyone who tries to undermine the nation, its history and its people.
To all those Labour supporters who try and make political capital out of the PM's gaffe- DON'T. It'll backfire.

Thursday 15 July 2010

New Vatican Guidelines

Vatican labels the ordination of women a 'grave crime' to be dealt with in the same way as sex abuse

Read more:

I'm sorry if it offends but these people, the Vatican, are taking billions of vulnerable and needy people for a ride. There is no mention of reporting active paedophiles in the Church to the police. It has been going on for years in every corner of the globe and is doubtless still going on but the Vatican think it merits the same attention as ordination of women.
Let me ask those with the faith, whether or not they believe that if there were a God, he would sanction the buggery and rape of children in his Church. If he was omnipotent, would he not do something about it? It's no good hiding behind the excuses of the guardians of the canon. If God won't do something about it he can't- because he doesn't exist; he never has and never will. Get it into your heads that we human beings are animals on a rock circulating in the cosmos according to natural physical laws. We have a spiritual side that has been hijacked by witch doctors and other shamanistic frauds for their own advantage and to further their own interests.
Wake up people. Wherever you are in the world, disown these frauds. Like parasites they live off your hard work, seducing you with promises they can't guarantee about your life after death, based on words written by MAN, not by a divine hand.

Lord Prescott

What a hypocrite! How can anyone look at this man again without thinking he's an opportunist chancer on the make at the expense of the general public. For all his bluster about maintaining the opportunity to debate on behalf of those he's always represented, see a meal ticket for life for him and his social ladder climbing wife. He's a disgrace like all the Socialist members of the last New Labour Government. Why don't decent Labour Party members such as Dennis Skinner and Frank Field disassociate themselves from these freeloaders and self servers? Why don't they speak out and oppose those such as Ed Balls who are positively detrimental to the future of the beloved United kingdom.
The Labour Party, if ever again elected, will bring the country to its knees again as they have always done with their warped ideology, pushing their poisoned promise of milk and honey to the masses whilst looking after their own interests. Look at Tony Blair to see what I mean.

BBC Transfer news

So Graham Norton is to take over from Jonathon Ross on the Friday night BBC tv show.

So WHO GIVES A DAMN? They may imagine that they verbally entertain but they contribute nothing, zero, zilch to mankind's evolution, survival or wellbeing. They create nothing, make nothing but claim huge amounts of money for what? Absolutely nothing of real importance. They are like parasites, drawing income (Lifeblood) from the victims, those that earn money ( the license fee payee) under the pretext of supplying a service of entertainment.

Monday 5 July 2010

Religion & State Celebrations

Following a recent television programme, I was thinking about the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in which her elevation to the post is by Divine Authority. She promises to be the Defender of the Faith and is annointed with Oil (In secret) which confers on the monarch a special, almost quasi-divine, quality.

The Coronation is one of several occasions of state that provide part of the fabric for the customs and rituals that make up our heritage and define the peoples as a Nation. I remember seeing on television the State Funeral of Winston Churchill, an occasion dripping with the Majesty that befitted the National mood.

If the Nation was completely secular and had no established Church, how would the Nation celebrate events such as a Coronation, a state Funeral or a Memorial services for lost heroes. A special department, the Department of Public Celebrations? What form would these celebrations take? Would they be held in the 'O2' arena or perhaps, the Albert Hall. It is inconceivable that a memorial service for a deceased Prime Minister would take place on an open field site or a village hall.
The point is, that these events of national celebration were borne out of traditions established over many years, traditions rooted in our Christian past. In the same way that mankind still bears all the DNA of its biological heritage, then today, even as an atheist, I can accommodate the wish that all our old Traditions are maintained in amended form when it becomes clearer that God, the Creator, as he has been portrayed is no longer relevant.

Women Bishops

Next week the general Synod of the Church of England will discuss the consecration of women Bishops.There are a large number of opponents to the move, citing quotations from the bible such as that in 1 Timothy which seem to oppose the motion.

I have no doubt that like the consecration of gay Bishops, views are sincerely held on both sides of the debate but I wonder if a voice of caution from outside the religious community might be in order.

The reference to scripture as a guide to procedure, is to my mind an unsound foundation for any argument. It is known that the Holy Bible is not really the word of God, in the same way that the Qu'ran cannot be because in truth they are both collated and assembled by man. The established Bible was put togetherin the first century by Church fathers, selecting those work of scripture that best fitted the picture they wanted to portray.The Hebrew Bible of 39 books is the Old Testament, the Christian Bible is 66 books of the Old and New Testament and the Ethiopian Bible has 81 books. That man is responsible for deciding what does and doesn't constitute the Canon, to my mind invalidates any claim to it being Divinely Inspired. Many works such as those found at Nag Hammadi must have been known to the compilers and discounted because they didn't fit their, not God's, vision. I'm thinking of the Gospels of Judah and Mary Magdalene but there are many more known to Gnostics. In the same way, those who compiled the Qu'ran ignored the so called 'Satanic Verse' revelations of Mohammed, because they argued they came from Satan rather than the Angel Gabriel. How very convenient.

Now I know I may be naive and what I'm about to say is possibly trite, but why, if there is an omnipotent God, do the so called Words of God, leave so much confusion. The Islamicists for instance do not know whether they should proceed according to either Shi'ite or Sunnee custom. Both the Bible and the Qu'ran refer and accept the concept of slavery. How could this be? The Words of God should surely be appropriate for all peoples at all times.
If not, perhaps now would be a timely moment for some Divine Intervention to clarify matters. I won't be holding my breath.

Saturday 3 July 2010

Capello 2

I raise my hands and profess my naivety. Here was I thinking that the FA had the best interests of the England team at heart and that Fabio would be a man of honour; but no I'm wrong on both counts.
The FA have decided to honour the Italian's contract and stick with the man that chose the team that lost 4-1 to the arch enemy, Germany. So defeat and humiliation is okay then. Whatever excuses they give, they are condoning a job poorly done by a manager out of touch with his players.