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Monday 28 February 2022

The DUMA. Collective name of cowards.

 Is the 'Duma' the collective name of a bunch of cowards?

It is clear that an end to the conflict in Ukraine will come from the death of Vladimir Putin, a paranoid psychopath who has Tsarist ambitions to restore the old Soviet Union. As more Russian women lose their sons and husbands on foreign soil the anger will rise, not only around the world, but also in Russia. But will their voices be heard in the toothless Russian Parliament, the collection of two hundred or so parliamentarians who nodded through Putin's plans, unchallenged. Who amongst them has the courage to speak out against this absurd military adventure? It will be dangerous; failure will result in certain death but someone has to stop this nonsense.

Putin's paranoia was there for all to see when he met his senior generals at either ends of a forty foot table. They said he was afraid of covid but more likely he was afraid of being apprehended at close quarters. I wouldn't be surprised if Putin's food is tested for poisons before he eats.

His threat of a nuclear option is the mark of a madman being forced into a corner. The Duma is being increasingly complicit in a nightmare they can and must challenge.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Russia's shame

 On the pretext of a non-existant threat, Vlad the Impaler II has launched an invasion of the Ukraine. In his determination to restore the Russian Empire he has put in jeopardy the security of all of Europe whatever the cost to the continent including the Russian people.

The man is clearly mad, probably a psychopath and likely to bring shame on the people of Russia. They will be isolated in the world, unable to trade with all except with China and North Korea, unable to compete in international sports, ignored on the world political stage.

I don't believe that the Russian people want this. I think they can see beyond the madness of their President. Only they and sane Generals can stop this and restore the honour of their Country. They know what they have to do.

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Post mortem brain activity

 A report in sky news,

reports that scientists have recorded brain activity in a man who had died from a heart attack. They suggest that the brain is showing a review of his life as it flashes before him. They had registered what are known as 'gamma' waves normally associated with dreaming. Could this be evidence of the proof of my hypothesis concerning the multi-dimensional nature of time?

In my you tube talk, part of a series explaining the DAVIES HYPOTHESIS:

I suggest that the brain functions after clinical death as the 'imaginary' time function continues, via dreams, to prepare the body for full and complete death. It fills the mind with images, typically of tunnels of white light, gardens, Jesus etc as told by those who have undergone a 'near-death experience'. 

The 'imaginary' time function is one of the three dimensions of time that give rise to consciousness in brains. for details please go to the video above or my inexpensive booklet: 'SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS

Thursday 17 February 2022

Ukranian neutrality

 The West insist that the Ukraine, as a sovereign nation, should be able to decide whether or not to turn to the west and NATO or to the east and Russia. This impasse has led to Putin's Russia massing troops on the Ukranian border and threatening war.

But has anyone thought that maybe there is a solution if the Ukraine declares itself, Switzerland like, as a neutral Nation?

There will be conditions but they carry the benefits of having reduced military costs, useful in a country with an emerging economy. 

Just a thought.

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Tsar Putin revisited

 It is over seven years since Tsar Putin annexed the Crimea. See:

Not much has changed. He still wants to restore the old Russian empire with him acknowledged as the Tsar.

I have a sneaking feeling that the rumour is true; that he will indulge Xi Jinping's request that he holds his forces back until after the Chinese Winter Olympics and to coincide with the Chinese leader's move on Taiwan exposing the US to trouble on two fronts. Putin too sees the opportunity as the Europeans, weakened by covid and disastrously high energy costs will baulk at helping a Country, Ukraine, not within the NATO umbrella.

We live in very dangerous times, requiring strong leadership. UK politicians should remember the old adage: when in a rowing boat full of armless men, do not throw overboard the man with two arms.