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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Self driving cars.

A report in the Telegraph warns that HS2 is already obsolete:

HS2 is already obsolete, David Cameron should be preparing the UK for self-driving cars. See the report here: Telegraph

You can read how such a system would work in practice in the novel; 'The Lamb at Nettlesham', available as an ebook from Amazon at ;

Friday 26 April 2013

Let Allah be my judge

'Only Allah can judge me': Muslim convert Richard Dart refuses to stand in dock as he is sentenced to six years in prison for terrorism offences, says a report in the Daily mail.

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What a pity that Dart and his fellow defendants weren't going to give the victims of their indiscriminate bombings the same opportunity and allow Allah to be their judges too. Who does Dart think he is to do Allah's or any other God's work?

Wednesday 24 April 2013


Mr. Speaker:  Ordure; ordure!  Mr. Ivor Biggun.

Ivor Biggun: In the light of recent High Court rulings that allows M. Qatada to remain in the country despite being a danger and the Court of Appeal's ruling that a predatory paedophile can work with children as his human rights might be infringed...

Mr. Speaker: Ordure; ordure. the Honourable Member must ask a question. Mr. Biggun.

Ivor Biggun: Shut up you fatuous oaf.

Mr. Speaker: Ordure; ordure.

Ivor Biggun: Bearing in mind the Government's first priority must be the security and well being of the population, who does the Prime Minister think runs the Country? Is it him? Is it Brussels, or is it the Legal profession?

Sunday 21 April 2013

Life on earth

Did life exist BEFORE Earth? Researchers calculate it began 10 billion years ago - predating our planet

    Geneticists applied Moore's law of computer power to life - and found it adds weight to the theory life originated away from Earth
    Results suggest life first appeared about 10 billion years ago, far older than the Earth's projected age of 4.5 billion years

By Mark Prigg

PUBLISHED: 16:47 GMT, 19 April 2013 | UPDATED: 07:54 GMT, 20 April 2013


Life existed before Earth, and may have originated outside out solar system, researchers have claimed.

Geneticists have used a theory that usually governs the speed increases of computers - and applied it to life.

The results suggest life first appeared about 10 billion years ago - long before Earth, which is believed to be 4.5 billion years old.

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Readers of this blog will know that i have been promoting this view for some time. see here and here.

Each day our universe expands and as it does so it touches and melds with others, some younger but many older, all of which are sure to contain some forms of life. We cannot see these extensions to our universe because of the limitations of the speed of light but intermingling is certain as gravity operates on the new conjoined whole.
Not all lifeforms will correspond with what we are familiar with and it is worth remembering that all universes are composed of two parts; the world we know and one we cannot perceive because it is populated with matter described by negative dimensions including 'i', the square root of minus one.

Saturday 20 April 2013

Immoral earnings

Recent results show that the owners of online betting firm, Bet365, are the newest billionaires. Having amassed the fortune in only 13 years they follow closely on the heels of another rapidly expanding company, Wonga, the so called 'Payday loans' firm.

I'm not sure what is the saddest. That Britain's latest growth industries are to do with gambling and money lending or whether it is their products that are most in demand from british consumers.It surely tells us something about society today.

The last British, so called 'success' story was the nations 'Invisible earnings' industry which consisted of dodgy banking and insurance. It seems as if these days we can't make an honest buck and having abandoned much of our industry and technological superiority the Country have turned to practices that are the realm of spivs and loan sharks.

It won't be long before the Country's leaders will have to contend with running a state, known not as the sick man of Europe but known for living off immoral earnings.

What a mess!!

Just a thought 2

I wonder what sort of Country Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or Persia would become if overnight it was the women who were in charge and the men mere chattels. Can you imagine the power unleashed if the women of these and other Muslim Countries were given the gift of education, free from religious constraints?
Could it be that the rulers of these countries realise that if this ever happened then the role of men would be forever subservient?

Ceremony in National life.

The ceremonial funeral of Margaret Thatcher went well. A well respected Politician who did her duty was accorded appropriate National recognition on her passing.
Not all politicians deserve this recognition; indeed the majority do not but Margaret Thatcher did, not only because she was the first ever female Prime Minister, indeed the first female leader of any major Country, but she is widely seen as having rescued the UK from industrial meltdown at the hands of militant Socialist Union leaders and from the opportunistic land grab in the Falkland islands by the Argentine Government. Furthermore, her rapport with the then Russian leader, Mikhail Gorbachov was instrumental in ending the so called Cold War with the Eastern Bloc countries.

The service in Saint Pauls and the attendent ceremony, featuring all three of the military services, exemplified the need for such National occasions at times of emotional significance. It fulfills the spiritual need of the collected Nation but I ask, not for the first time, whether such services can be conducted without reference to a 'divisive' God? The ceremony and much of the liturgy can be retained in the service because besides adding colour and texture to the occasion, it has signicant historical value and human ceremony has a rich heritage of adapting old practice for inclusion in the new.
How would the service have appeared without reference to God? Not much different is the answer;in the same way as Baroness Thatcher adapted the prayer of St Francis, omitting, to suit her purpose, the first line.
"Where there is despair, may we bring hope," she famously said on the steps of No. 10 without mentioning the first line, "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace."
There would be music drawn from past but suitably adapted. This would not be sacrilege because although the amended lyrics are man made, the music comes from nature, the well ordered sequencing of mathematically calculated notes.
The first reading by Amanda Thatcher from Ephesians, citing the 'Armour of God' was a cry for protecting the weak from the dangers of those with too much power and evil generally. The point could just as well be made without reference to God.
Why then use the language of religion when conducting the service, not in a church built by Gods for the Glory of God, but in a Cathedral built by men and women as a testament to their skill and commitment which speaks volumes of the glory of MANKIND?

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Send for Superman

When trouble looms; when the Nation is under threat it is time to call on him who alone seems capable of facing problems head on; a man whose first inclination is to say, 'why not' instead of 'no'. Yes; it's time to call up Superman, Sir Richard Branson, to solve the Country's energy crisis.
With French firm, EDF, holding the Country to ransom over the prices it will charge after building two reactors in Somerset and Japanese giant, Hitachi, showing lack of commitment, is it not time to reinvigorate the British nuclear industry; regain our dominant position in a sector where we excelled before the green lobby took over. In the sixties, Britain was at the forefront of research into nuclear energy, the laboratories at, amongst others, Harwell being world leaders. Since then, the pathetic green liberal lobby has seen our investment in the industry decimated with scientists and their expertise leaving to more favourable and far thinking Countries.
With the prospect of natural gas supplies running out at home and replacement stocks only being available from Countries, not our allies, there is a real chance that the lights will go out in the not too distant future. There is not a moment to lose. Britain must be self sufficient in energy and more; it needs the ability to build and maintain its own power stations. Cue; Sir Richard.
Sir Richard Branson has a proven record of going into industries with a new approach and  prevailing. The Government should at least ask him to consider building up a new nuclear industry, perhaps based on new Thorium rather than Uranium based technology with a view to eventually becoming world leaders in the field. Rather than going cap in hand to the French or Japanese, perhaps it will be to Britain the Countries will look for the next generation of reactors and to British scientists for the fresh inspiration to push back the boundaries of research.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Mrs. Thatcher

'Divisive' is the word most often used to describe the Prime Ministership of Margaret Thatcher. In the context of politics it is not a very apt adjective because by its very nature, Politics is about differeing points of view, about a conflict of ideas. Were it not so we would have the impossibility, if not the ennui, of harmony and a consensus. What people mean, I think, harps back to the miners strikes and Mrs. Thatcher's determination to succeeed where her predecessor Edward Heath failed, to curb the might of the Unions, particularly that of the miners under Scargill.
Scargill, empowered by previous success seemed determined to take on the Government with strikes which were not universally supported in the industry. The first divisiveness was therefore caused by wranglings amongst the Unions themselves. There was division within families; some supporting Scargill and his ideological stand for Socialist Republicanism and others who merely wanted to get on and earn a wage. This again was nothing to do with Mrs. Thatcher and everything to do with the mentality of Unions that bullied their members into acquiescing to the strike. It was their insisting on enforced solidarity rather than democratic process that caused inter-familial tension, not Mrs. Thatcher. Nobody likes to be called a 'scab'. It is worth pointing out that not one miner was forced to work in the pits. Each and every one was able to exercise their right to self determination and move like many people in the Country at that time, including the author.
The Prime Minister clearly felt that the Miners were holding the Country to ransom with their demands. Blackmail if you like. Scargill's attitude was, do as I say or we'll turn off the lights. As we know from the Falkland conflict, Mrs. Thatcher's first priority in office was to protect the interests of the Country. If she saw a threat from the Argentine she also saw it in the militant trade unionism of the NUM. Only a small minority of people will find fault with this attitude and it is for this reason that one can dismiss with contempt the accusation of 'divisiveness'.
Again, I find the orchestrated wailing against the so called 'Poll Tax' to be based on ideological rantings from the left, supercharged to dangerously 'divisive' levels, not by Mrs. Thatcher but by a purulent Socialist press. We have left and right politics which nobody calls 'divisive'; indeed since Mrs. Thatcher's disgraceful ousting from office by men not fit to wipe her arse, even the Labour party re-invented itself to appeal more to the electorate.
I, myself, find myself at odds with some of what she did. I do not like the sale of Utilities like water, energy etc to private companies, particularly when they are sold to 'foreign' interests. I do not like the greater freedom in banking regulations which encouraged greed and cupidity but I understand she needed to kick start the nation into changing course from being the 'sick man of Europe' to a modern industrial force.
History will show her to have been one of the most inspiring of British leaders and it reflects badly on those who for their own ideological reasons seek to denigrate her in death. Compared to Mrs. Thatcher they are worms.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Open letter to Electorate of South Shields

With the defection of the member for South Shields, David Milliband, a by-election will be held to ritually send a Socialist to Westminster as you have done without fail for donkey's ages.
It won't matter to you, I suspect, that the Party you have returned to parliament have steadfastly failed the Nation in the name of the working class folk for decades. Indeed your last man was a member of the very Government that watched the decline of the country's economic well being, sent to their deaths, in a likely illegal war, young men doubtless from your ranks and oversaw the largest immigration of foreigners the Country has ever known, therby fuelling ghettoism. Perhaps you can take comfort that the welfare bill for the Country doubled under the Socialist governments of Blair and Brown but somebody has to pay for it and it wasn't the comfortably well off labour politicians. In fact now that he has no chance of becoming leader your ex MP is buggering off to a very well paid job in America, a post that I suspect very few of you in South Shields can ever aspire to. He's scuppered the ship and now he's quitting to leave you and us all in the deep doo-doo.
Now the labour Party are saying that it just isn't fair to tax the poor whilst giving tax breaks to the rich but this is rank hypocrisy from a group that has ably demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to run the country. Firstly, the spare room bill is not a tax but an attempt to reduce the burgeoning housing benefit bill the Socialists created by cutting entitlements to those who continue to occupy social housing that is too big for their needs whilst protecting those with special requirements.
Next. The Socialists are up in arms about the reduction in the top rate of income tax for high earners from 50% to 45%. I bet at their weekly surgeries they don't remind their supporters that for twelve of the thirteen years in office the top rate was just 40%. Talk of hypocrisy!!!
People of South Shields, do yourselves and the people of the United Kingdom a favour by reminding yourselves of how the last Socialist government ruined the Country and contemplate the unthinkable. You don't have to renage on the legacy of your forefathers by voting for the toffs but you might like to consider putting a torpedo in the ship of two party politics and vote for Nigel Farage's UKIP.
It's time to shake the complacent Westminster into changing the status quo and catapulting the Country into a new age, based not on the lowest denominators and reducing everyone to base level, as the Unions want, nor on the banking elite who know the price of everything but the value of nothing, amassing private fortunes at the expense of the most vulnerable. This current crisis should be the setting for a radical overhaul of how we live. People of South Shields, take this opportunity to tell the political world that you've had enough of politicians who are only in it for themselves; politicians that have done no proper work outside politics such as the current leaders of both main parties.