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Monday 24 April 2017

General Election 2017 update 1

Well; it has started. The desperados I spoke of in my last blog are making their preperations and social media is the means. Orchestrated tactical voting is being organised nationally to increase the odds of overturning Tory support. Already the Communists have announced they will put up no candidates urging their members to vote for the Labour Party man or woman.
Meanwhile the leader of both the Labour Party, Corbyn, and the Scottish Nationalist Party, Sturgeon, addressed the Scottish Trades Union conference. Corbyn's performance was wooden, reading from a speech, presumably written by an underling, it nevertheless contained the usual soundbites if lacking passion. Not so with Sturgeon; her utterances exuded every ounce of her loathing for the English and the Tories. Every mouthful tasted of her antipathy towards Conservative leader, May, who she maintains is an opportunist, hell bent on destroying the opposition and therefore Democracy in the british Isles.
This election, fuelled by Brexit concerns, promises to be fiery as the opposition stoke up trouble. They have seen the trouble in France where Marine Le Pen's party looked to be drawing level in the polls. Coming up next, all police leave cancelled. Boris's water cannons rolled out as the TUC under Mccluskey's prompting take to the streets.

Friday 21 April 2017

The desperation stakes

The circumstances seem perfect, an election the outcome of which by general agreement is so one sided that Mrs May will win by a landslide. Or will she?
I remember being on a management course where a game was run to show the effects of impossible odds against success. Faced with certain and catastrophic defeat, people will resort to desperate measures to make the odds more favourable and I reckon we will see this in the UK's general Election of 2017. As an illustration, look at today's news concerning the bombing of the Borussia Dortmund team bus. It was perpetrated by a market trader who was desperate for the value of the shares in the football club to drop.
Already the practice of lying by omission is evident, Party spokesmen are ignoring questions from broadcasters they don't like; that is, both the broadcasters and the questions. That is normal but it will get worse, much worse. The Scottish National Party, who don't try to hide their disdain for the Conservative Party and the English in general, are reportedly trying to form an unholy alliance with the Greens, Labour Party and the Liberals in an anything but tory push. The electorate will be both bullied and sweetened in measures that paint a false picture of the competing claims pushing the boundaries of the acceptable with hyperbole and insinuation. Private eyes will be engaged, dustbins searched as Parties look for any story to embarrass the opposition. Sadly for the opposition, the Conservative favourites are headed by a churchgoing woman of unimpeachable character, hiding no skeletons in the closet. This makes it even harder for the others, leading to more extreme measures to disrupt the poll. In my classroom, one man, not in the leading team, smashed the fire alarm to end the contest. Watch out for dirty tricks in the coming six weeks; the stakes are very high both personally and nationally.

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Early thoughts on general Election 2017

The press is full of a lady called Brenda from Bristol who laments on the prospect of yet another election. The last general election was 2015, then the Scottish national Referendum, the brexit referendum and now this, the fourth in four years. Why voting fatigue? Surely we can drag ourselves down to the polling booth once a year to exercise our democratic right. Just be pleased you can do it; many can't.
Many from the various opposition parties are crowing about an apparent u-turn and accuse the Prime Minister of opportunism as if they wouldn't dream of doing so in the same circumstances. U-turns are not, necessarily, a sign of weakness but on the contrary, one of strength; it indicates a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances without compromising basic values. The First Minister of Scotland complains on both counts but I wonder if she'll be so cocky on June 9th.
The Greens have aired their new Party Political broadcast. They couldn't risk putting one of their number in the advert for fear of embarrassment, restricting the message to pictures of perceived problems overlaid with a haunting, folky tune that would appeal to the young. The same generation courted by the Labour Party because these are the voters who have been nowhere and done nothing. People who have hopes and ambitions but with misconceived notions of how the world operates; of what makes the world go round.

What is the point of TV debates except giving the TV companies the opportunity for cheaply produced programs. Tim Farron says that he would welcome a TV debate but that is not what it is. A debate listens to ideas and comes to a consensus but there is no way in which the Liberal Democrat will change his mind on Europe. A TV 'debate' would only allow the airing of views already put forward in interviews without the intrusion of personality politics.

The biggest threat to Mrs May is the press continually harping on about Mrs May's coronation, landslide victory, Labour annihilation etc. The public might get heartily sick of this one sided competition and feel some sympathy for the underdog and vote accordingly.

Sunday 16 April 2017

The problem of North Korea

As I see it the problem of North Korea is the problem of Kim Jong-Un. I can imagine that POTUS Trump believes that if he could take out the Korean leader (KJU), the generals might look for honourable peace by which I mean one in which they do not have to surrender.
But how to do it without triggering a huge overraction from KJU, destroying huge swathes of South Korea and possibly Hawaii. I can't believe that the CIA haven't already looked into assassination, indeed we will never know how many agents have already been liquidated by a paranoid regime acutely aware of the threat. Does anyone know where KJU spends the night, does he rotate addresses, for instance, or does he live in a MOAB proof bunker beneath his Presidential palace?
The cost of failure to kill KJU in any strike would be high but what of the benefits if successful? Apart from a global exhalation of breath in relief, Asia, including China, might feel the loosening of a noose from around their collective necks. The unification of the Korean peninsular would also be a prize worth the effort but one mustn't underestimate the likely cost in terms of lives lost.
While KJU is alive this 'loose cannon' could strike anywhere at any time. His missile failure today (16/4/2017) shows that his arsenal isn't yet as he would like it but what else does he have? Does POTUS wait and hope for some future accommodation or does he act now? Obama wasn't up to the job of deciding but is Trump willing to put US lives at risk? Did he come to some sort of understanding with the Chinese leader at their recent meeting? As ever, information and intelligence are key but with an actionman POTUS I don't think we'll have to wait long to see the outcome.

Saturday 15 April 2017

Negative mass

A report from Washington State University gives hopes of the discovery of 'negative' mass. see here

The existence of negative dimensions has been the fundamental basis of the 'DAVIES HYPOTHESIS' and described in my 2013 booklet: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions. Since the hypothesis is based on the notion that the square root of the number one (unity) has two valid answers, all of science and logic needs to re-evaluate many of their basic tenets, especially in the field of the supernatural.

For an introduction see my promotional video below

or watch my series of short talks on you tube:

Thursday 13 April 2017

Well! this is embarrassing

Well, this is becoming embarrassing. Mrs Greening, the UK education minister, was on television telling everyone what an evil man Assad was, reiterating exactly what Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, had said. Even the UK ambassador to the United Nations told the assembly that the Syrian President and his regime were evil; all this without one shred of proof. The UK has announced that scientists had shown that  a village had been attacked by a sarin or similar gas. Well whoopee, we knew that. (How much did that cost?) The question is: how did it get there? The Russians have asked for independent observers on the ground to establish the facts. Quite sensible you'd imagine but the arrogant Brits know better; it's Assad all right. The Russian delegate to the UN had to insist that the UK man 'look at him' whilst he was talking. It seems that the UK's arrogance doesn't just extend to the argument it descends into uncivil rudeness as well.
This unquestioning position of the UK is not only contrary to the norms of justice it flies in the face of common sense and shames us all. Establish the truth and then make judgements.

Friday 7 April 2017

Has President Trump blundered?

Today, 7th April 2017, President Trump has responded to the gas attack in Idlip by degrading an airfield used by the Syrian airforce. He attacked the site with 59 'Tomahawk' cruise missiles. His rapid response was due to a change of heart over the Assad regime following a chemical attack on civilians in the town contrary to International law. However, it is far from clear who was responsible for the chemical attack. Peter Ford, former UK Ambassador to Syria, has questioned why Assad would risk such International outrage when he was winning the war anyway. Assad has long maintained that his forces have no such weapons and cites previous investigations that found such weapon making facilities in ISIS held buildings and land. Could it have been the case that what actually happened was a conventional bomb hit an ISIS or rebel ammunition dump containing chemical weapons?
Despite the possibility of Trump making the same mistake as Bush (and Blair) over Sadam's weapons of mass destruction, he has unilaterally bombed the airport, thereby ensuring that the war will be prolonged. The outcome will be the same but the suffering of the people will go on as the opposition take heart and resist even more resolutely.
Trump and sadly Theresa May seem to want to continue this policy of Middle East regime change despite some evidence which suggests that strong dictarorial leadership is the best means of controlling disparate tribal influences in the region. If they finally depose Assad will they be prepared to take on the next big dictator and leader of an Islamic State, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?

Sunday 2 April 2017

UK stands alone in Europe-again

It's hard not to draw parallels with 1940. Then the UK stood alone against the evils of Naziism our only allies coming from the Commonwealth and the United States. That's how it seems today; the mainland European countries are uniting in following the German agenda to marginalise the UK for daring to leave the great experiment; to finish what was started in the nineteen thirties. Why would they do that? Could it be that without the German economy, most of the 27 Countries of Europe would be vastly worse off and therefore they fall into line.
I wonder if, in five years time, these Countries might look to the UK, once again, to rescue them from their own folly?