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Monday 24 April 2017

General Election 2017 update 1

Well; it has started. The desperados I spoke of in my last blog are making their preperations and social media is the means. Orchestrated tactical voting is being organised nationally to increase the odds of overturning Tory support. Already the Communists have announced they will put up no candidates urging their members to vote for the Labour Party man or woman.
Meanwhile the leader of both the Labour Party, Corbyn, and the Scottish Nationalist Party, Sturgeon, addressed the Scottish Trades Union conference. Corbyn's performance was wooden, reading from a speech, presumably written by an underling, it nevertheless contained the usual soundbites if lacking passion. Not so with Sturgeon; her utterances exuded every ounce of her loathing for the English and the Tories. Every mouthful tasted of her antipathy towards Conservative leader, May, who she maintains is an opportunist, hell bent on destroying the opposition and therefore Democracy in the british Isles.
This election, fuelled by Brexit concerns, promises to be fiery as the opposition stoke up trouble. They have seen the trouble in France where Marine Le Pen's party looked to be drawing level in the polls. Coming up next, all police leave cancelled. Boris's water cannons rolled out as the TUC under Mccluskey's prompting take to the streets.

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