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Tuesday 20 February 2024

The state needs to kill more delinquents

It is clear to me that to save civilisation, to save young people and those who contribute to meaningful life that the state must eradicate those that kill, steal, cheat and behave in a manner contrary to good society.

This means that the courts should routinely sentence to death those found guilty of:-


Some cases of manslaughter



The defrauding of pensioners or old people of their savings.

The ruination of children's lives by maltreatment to the extent that they will be traumatised all their lives.

The list will be added to as necessary.


Because as the population of the planet rises to about nine million, it is an unsustainable level and can no longer support those that make a negative contribution to sustaining human life. It is true that natural life naturally adapts to having cheats in its numbers; cuckoos come to mind and parasitic wasps but this should not be used to support similar behaviour in humans.


Naturally we must have a means of execution that cannot go wrong and satisfies the victims and general public alike. I suggest the following:

A series of 5 machine guns trained on the target, secured to a chair with the chest region clearly marked. Only one of the guns is loaded with live ammunition. 5 volunteers including victims and their families' and friends can be selected and randomly allocated a gun. On the command the guns can be triggered. No one will know who is responsible for the death.

Friday 2 February 2024

The Islamic threat

People in the UK are beginning to realise what a threat to the UK's peace exists in the shape of radical Islamicists. Over the last few years hundreds of thousand of Muslims have left their Muslim homeland to perversely seek a better life in the Christian UK. Now, their numbers are such that they can begin to exert their will on a largely secular Country, confident that their people in positions of power as councillors, are dictating the future for the indigenous culture, habits and customs.

This blog has warned this would happen. See: Indaloblog: The ISIS manifesto (