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Friday 7 April 2023

Slave trade thoughts

 It has become fashionable to denounce the British Empire for its alleged involvement with the slave trade and the misery it  caused to tens of thousands of native Africans. It has become fashionable to think of suing the British people (via the government tax revenue)for reparations, righting an alleged wrong perpetrated by the Brits for bringing civilisation and order to many benighted countries. For introducing law and order and Democracy. How many well-off black people today would still be living in a mud hut economy in darkest Africa if it wasn't for the transportation of their relatives, many of whom were captured by fellow Africans, many of whom were criminals. Quite a few, I suspect, owe their prosperity today to this trade. Not that they would accept this possibility.

If the woke brigade, mostly left-wingers, behind this move continue to insist on suing the British Government and therefore its taxpayers, then perhaps the Brits should levy a technology charge to cover the cost of providing all these litigants with the paraphernalia of modern life; the cars, the tellies, the phones, the medicines, none of which were invented in the mud huts of Africa. Tell me one modern technology, used the world over, that was invented in Africa.

This blog is sick to the back teeth of people condemning the British Empire, only too eager to chase a fast buck on the back of so-called political correctness.