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Friday 28 January 2011

Forestry sell off

I have nothing to say on the financial aspect of the sale by the Government of British woodland to private interests. As far as the British public are concerned, particularly the ramblers association, it is mostly worried about the lack of public access after the move. Am I the only person who thinks that the lack of public access, particularly to the intrusive ramblers, is a good thing?
I remember when I lived in Oxford there was much debate about allowing the public access to Wytham Woods, owned by Oxford University and their centre of ecological studies. To me, the idea of having an unspoilt tract of land, free from human intrusion, was marvellous and I hold that view today. There's enough open land for the greedy ramblers to walk on, for heaven's sake. Let's keep some land free for the flora and fauna to establish themselves without the pressures that humans introduce. A part of the country free from discarded crisp packets and soft drink cans: free of walkers and their poorly trained dogs: free of screaming children and all the other abominations that humans can visit on beautiful natural landscapes. Keep the buggers out; it should be enough for people to know that a piece of woodland is able to thrive in a natural tranquility where the only pressures come from the natural laws of survival.

Tuesday 25 January 2011


I am pleased to see that my idea of building low cost prefab housing has been endorsed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers. My blog of last October highlighted the problem that mortgagers were loathe to lend on non-standard construction houses. With this problem now easing I believe this is the way forward if suitable, non agricultural, land can be found.
The point needs to be made that all the materials needed for these houses, absolutely MUST be sourced in the UK. The same message about the constructors. British jobs for British workers. No mistake. No slip up. No excuses.

We could go further. The house would be furnished with white goods, carpets etc which could be included in the mortgage IF they are manufactured in the UK, thereby further improving the economy. If it upsets the EU then all the better.

Sunday 23 January 2011

B & B Guests- The rule of ten

I was sorry to hear about the couple, owners of a West Country B & B who refused to accommodate a gay couple who wanted to share a bed. A judge upheld a decision that they had broken a discrimination law. Gay people must be indulged at all costs.

As someone who has owned an hotel I find this ruling absurd. The abiding principle should be that, in any circumstance, a person, whether in business or not, should have the right to choose who they accommodate under their roof, without fear of litigation. Surely they have human rights as well?  Those disappointed by refusal can move on to make alternative arrangements. I mean why would any one want to stay where they were unwelcome?

Those arguing that the B & B owners got what they deserved have obviously no experience of working in the public domain, where it is virtually impossible to please all the people. I remember disappointing a lady with a dog. I insisted that apart from guide dogs we didnt permit dogs in our rooms. Although she said the dog would remain in her car overnight, I didn't believe her. I knew she would have smuggled the small dog in. You see, the public will lie and cheat to get what they want and we adopted the rule of ten in deciding who we could accommodate. Simply stated it is this: If you don't want ten of anything iunder your roof, ie dogs, pythons or drunks, don't have one.

These laws demonstrate that Government legislation is impinging more and more in the private affairs of the British people. The nanny state, in it's attempts to protect minority groups is telling the majority what views they can or cannot hold. It is becoming offensive.

Thursday 20 January 2011

Prejudice against Muslims

I like Baroness Warsi; I think she speaks well on a wide range of subjects but I think she's barking up the wrong tree with the complaint that prejudice against Islam is now acceptable at dinner parties. Muslims are not alone. I imagine that at many dinner parties there is much prejudicial talk against many minorities including homosexuals, baldies and people from Liverpool. It is not new. If Baroness Warsi and family had spent any length of time in the country, her parents emigrated from Pakistan, they would know that along with the ability to laugh at themselves, including their religion, it's a National pastime to lampoon minorities.

However, that said, the threat to peace in the UK comes mainly from Al Qaeda, an Islamic Jihadist group. I am not aware that any threat is posed by Ennuits, Scandinavians or people from the South Pacific Islands so it is natural that the British population view Muslims as potential villains.
She insists that it right that people talk about religion but she must surely know that a Muslim cannot question the existence of Allah or the veracity of the words of the Qu'ran. It's not going to be much of  debate; is it?
In fact, I often wonder why a Muslim would want to leave his own country and move to a Christian country. Surely it can't be because life is better, more bountiful in a country blessed by a Christian God of Abraham rather than a country so poorly blessed by the Islamic God of Abraham.

I fear that matters will inevitably deteriorate as the number of Muslims increases and no progress is made to integrate the community and isolate and re-educate the troublemakers. There are now 2.9million in the UK, the numbers doubling in the last ten years. I believe that Islam can be a force for good, but the Imams must move now to defuse tensions and start by not making too much fuss over a few observations made at private dinner parties.

One more point whilst talking about the Baroness. In my view she should not be eligible to take a seat in the House of Lords on the grounds that her family have not resided in the country for long enough. I regret the passing of hereditary peers, but if we must let others in the Chamber, at least they should be from families that have lived in the country for more than two generations.

House of Lords

I've said it before and following the disgraceful behaviour of some, mostly Labour peers during the debate on the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, I will say it again, the House of Lords should not be filled with people who:
a. Do not approve of the House, its history, tradition and culture, and attend hypocritically out of tribal loyalty to their republican socialism.
b. Have no stake in and/ or any real wish for the well-being for the whole of the United Kingdom.

It was a tragedy that the old system of a Lords populated with those who did have the interests of the UK at heart, people with a deep rooted and historical devotion to the Nation, the hereditory peers, were unceremoniously dumped from the Chamber. In it's place we have a hotch-potch of people elected, in the main, for their support of a political party. Often these people are poorly educated and poorly informed with scant regard for the history and culture of the Country. They not only debase the House of Lords they debase the Nation. It is yet another facet of the need to rethink the very essence of Democracy.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Price of booze

If politicians believe that by increasing the price of drink, people will drink less they want their heads examining. Kids will go without shoes before people give up their fags and drink. Youngsters will still go out and binge drink at the weekend with their mates, often starting at home with high strength lagers and designer drinks. It is a British thing and brings shame to the Nation. Living in Spain, as I do, we never see it in our little backwater where even the ex-pats drink more sensibly. Perhaps it's the climate.
There are things that the Government can do. Where police are called to an incident in a public house, the landlord should be held to account, particularly if it is shown that he is serving alcoholic drinks to a person who already is drunk. If a landlord is found to be persistently selling drinks to unfit people he should be closed on the third count and his license withheld for a time at the Magistrates discretion.
People found on the streets unable to stand should be named and shamed with notices in the local papers and on notice boards outside public buildings and subject to curfews. People that attend a hospital A & E whilst over the driving drink limit should be charged for the service.
If I had my way, the stocks would be re-introduced so that offenders could be exhibited on a Saturday say for twelve hours and subjected to cast rotten fruit and vegetables. The public have a human right to be free from the behaviour of drunken louts.

Cosmic Hologram

Last night 17th Jan 2011, the BBC Horizon programme discussed reality and touched on the possibility of our living within a giant cosmic hologram.

For years, the scientists at the German GEO600 experimental facility have been baffled by an inexplicable “noise”. The GEO600 experiment is home to a detector that stretches for 600 metres which is supposed to detect gravitational waves – ripples in space-time thrown off by super-dense astronomical objects such as black holes and neutron stars. Since the birth of this experiment, none of these gravitational waves have been detected, instead, they MAY have made the most important discovery in physics for the past 50 years. It is postulated that this noise maybe the limit of coherent space-time, a graininess such as one experiences if one greatly magnifies an image in a newspaper, say.

The idea comes from an idea of Stephen Hawking that Black Holes will ultimate disappear by evaporation, taking with them all the information that has 'fallen' into them, contrary to the principle of the conservation of matter/energy. A scientist at Fermilab in the US, Leonard Susskind,  has suggested that maybe all the 'information' hasn't been lost but is somehow held at the 'event horizon', the point beyond which everything is captured by the Black Hole. This idea has been expanded so that all the information in our own universe is held at the edge and what we, humans, experience, is nothing less than the 3-D hologram of a two dimensional image.

As followers of my New Cosmology will know this is far too complicated. Science is the art of explaining nature, beautifully. Not with these far fetched ideas that may or may not be backed up by 5-D string theory and the rest. If it doesn't smell right, taste right, feel right then the chances are it isn't right.

Let's be clear here; information is not lost in black holes; it is passed from the part of the universe we experience and survive in, to the other part of the universal duality, composed of matter described by dimensions which include the square root of minus one.
I believe the 'noise' discovered in Germany may be emitted by complex objects that have a 'real' volume but complex dimensions and could be Dark matter/ Energy. (Assuming time to be positive, the object could have dimensions such as i, i, i^2.)

For further information on the New Cosmology go to:

Monday 17 January 2011

Anglican Bishops defect to Rome

Three of the five Anglican Bishops of Ebbsfleet, Richborough, Fulham Winchester (Assistant) and Exeter (Assistant) who have resigned their posts in the Church of England  have been ordained into a specially designed church within the Roman Catholic Church, the so-called, 'Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham’.

Much has been made in the religious press of their defection and their reasoning, but it is another matter that concerns me.

Besides wondering why the almighty God of Abraham has given no direction on how his people should behave on a wide range of matters, despite millions of words in two or three blockbuster publications, I want to ask if their defection from the Anglican flock is treasonable?

It seems to me that these men are in effect saying that Her Majesty the Queen as head of the Anglican Church is holding a false position. That she is in fact an imposter whose position as 'Defender of the Faith' is untenable.

Off with their heads! Did they not consider it silly that the Church could have a female head but not have ordained lady Bishops? They surely though of that when they joined in the first place.

Wouldn't the simplest solution be to say that the whole lot of them are 'frauds' perpetuating a scam on a global scale?

Friday 14 January 2011

Oldham East and Saddleworth

The Tories trailed in a poor third after the Lemming electorate voted in the Lemming Party, ignoring the fact that less than a year ago, the same party were leading the country to the edge of the abyss. Come on Oldham East and Saddleworth! You are worth more than this!
The Liberals probably did better than they expected after the higher education fee debacle, but still the socialists increased their majority. UKIP kept their deposit-just, but will surely be looking to take more votes off the Tories in coming by-elections as Cameron refuses to fulfil pre-election promises on Europe.


With the New Year being a time to take stock, many Tories must be wondering when, if ever, David Cameron is going to do what he promised. He has failed miserably to act on Europe, his promise on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty has evaporated. Bankers are awarding themselves even more massive bonuses despite the banks being largely owned by the public and with a huge wave of anti-banker sentiment sweeping the country, Cameron promised action.

Further embarrassment has arrived with the announcement that prisoners are to be given the vote because of the threat of legal action under the tems of EU legislation. Norman Tebbit has urged tories to vote UKIP in the Oldham bi-election. Worse, one of the Tories former donors has become a UKIP supporter. You can't blame them when Cameron has gone native over Europe, saying that nothing can be done. Absolutely pathetic! If Cameron doesn't wake up to the reality soon he will find half his vote going to Nigel Farage's party. And why not? From what I've seen the man talks perfect sense on a lot of matters.

The Barclay's top man is said to be in line for a bonus of about 6million pounds.  At a Parliamentary sub-committee hearing he suggests that the failed banks should have been left to go under, along with the savings of a lot of working people. Is Cameron happy with this situation, whereby the country is run according to best bank practice? Unless someone in the world grasps the 'banking' problem and stops their progress towards total global domination of power, we will ultimately reach a bipartite state in which the bankers rule and the rest slave. He who has the cash is King.

Sunday 9 January 2011

Girls just wanna have fun!

A gang of Pakistani men have been given large prison sentences for 'grooming' white girls for gang rape purposes. It raises a few questions.
Jack Straw, the Labour Party ex-Home Secretary after 13 years in power has now said he is concerned about the practice without explaining why he didn't take action earlier.
Who are these vulnerable white girls, some as young as thirteen? What are their parents doing or more accurately not doing? Are their needs for attention so great that they leave their common sense behind? Is it drugs?

The convicted men will presumably serve their sentences in different prisons. No doubt they will make prison officer's lives a nightmare by forming ethnic  groups with special demands and needs according to their human rights. Their incarceration will also cost the tax payers a huge amount of money. I say it again. These people want locking in a solitary cell with no priveleges. No visitors, no internet, no mixing with other inmates, no television except for educational programmes and cost of feeding charged to their families.

If this regime is not to be implemented, is it too much to hope that other inmates will demonstrate to these men their distaste for what they have done.

Len McCluskey

The Daily Mail reports that it has seen evidence that the Unite union under Len McCluskey intends to try and bring the UK to its knees with a national tanker driver strike.
It will be a test of the Prime Minister's resolve and I expect him to take a hard line on a form of protest that should have been consigned to history in the eighties when Mrs Thatcher occupied No 10.

Mr McCluskey is no stranger to laying waste working practice for the sake of his socialist ideology. As a young man he was a member of the Transport and General Workers Union that stifled the regeneration of his native Liverpool for so many years. As a youngster myself, I saw how the rest of the country, cities like Southampton moved steadily towards the twenty-first century but Liverpool, remained stuck in it's post-war ruination because of it's TGWU influenced labour town hall under the likes of Derek Hatton, paralysed any initiative. More recently he was responsible for the strikes that cost British Airways so much last year.

People like McCluskey must be taught a hard lesson that unions would be wise to heed. They cannot hold the country to ransom and the law should be changed so that workers who withhold their labour can be sacked by companies who withhold their reciprocal employment.

Monday 3 January 2011

Scientists glimpse 'dark flow' lurking beyond the edge of the universe

In a report by Roger Highfield, Science Editor of the Daily Telegraph, he says:

Distant clusters of galaxies are all shifting inexorably towards the same spot in the sky, beyond the boundary of what we can see, a baffling discovery by Nasa scientists that seems to challenge our understanding of the Big Bang.

A survey of hundreds of moving galaxy clusters, each of which contains hundreds of millions of stars, shows that they are defying expectations by moving at roughly two million miles per hour towards a particular location that may lie beyond the horizon of our observable universe.

This is not baffling when viewed from the context of the New Cosmology, where the 'Big Bang' never occurred. In the eternal and infinite Blackness, an infinite number of universes exist. They all came into existence the same way, not by creation but by dint of the fact that zero (or nothing) cannot be. It must be the exact balance of plus and minus 'matter'.

The universes seem to grow from nothing (It may be a quantum fluctuation). Some have been growing for aeons, some like our own universe for 14 billion years and is still growing as the interface between universe and Blackness (Pleroma) expands by an unknown process.* Each universe is composed of the same ingredients, so that when one universe, older and larger expands into another, younger and smaller, say, they seamlessly coalesce. To an observer in each of the universes, inflation will be seen to have taken place. Also, because the mass of the older universe is larger, similar matter in the smaller universe will be pulled towards the point of contact, producing the observed behaviour.
At the point of coalescence, information (including life) can be exchanged between the universes and time is unchanged. Time only comes into existence at the interface between a universe and the Blackness, and since the universes expand into eternity so does time. Good news for those who worried about a 'Big Crunch'.

*  The process must involve matter described by negative dimensions including the term 'i' or the square root of minus one. Our own universe is a duality consisting the part we see and live in and a complimentary part that pervades our own and which we cannot perceive. I personally believe that our brain has the capacity to perceive but has not yet been enabled by evolutionary pressures.

To read more about my New Cosmology click on the following link:

Sunday 2 January 2011


There is news today of the closure of the former Cadbury's factory at Somerdale, outside Bristol. This after the new owners, Kraft, had promised to keep it open, whilst continuing to pump money into new and cheaper factories in Poland. Kraft has already transferred the running of Cadbury's to their European headquarters in Switzerland.
Meanwhile, the man who oversaw the sale of this iconic British confectioner, Ian Carr, has been awarded a knighthood for his services to industry. The 'City' thought he'd made a good deal for the company shareholders.
This is another example of what is going wrong with the world of commerce. It's all about cash; nothing else matters in the rush to accumulate as much of this spurious commodity as possible. There is apparently no other game in town as people and corporations acquire more and more of the stuff in a global polarisation of the distribution of wealth, spearheaded by the bankers.
'In a good deal for the shareholders', say the City is a euphamism for profit taking by those that manage the big pension funds and other financial services such as the hedge funds at the expense those who have built and continue to sustain the company. I am not a socialist, far from it, but I do believe that wealth should be achieved by those that make something, invent something or enrich peoples lives by their skill in the arts. It should not be made by manipulation of markets, by people whose only interest is building a pile of cash for themselves. Nor should knighthoods be awarded to people whose best endeavours are to create cash piles for the undeserving at the expense of those trying to build something of benefit to the community in which they live.

There has to be a better way!

Saturday 1 January 2011

Ford Prison riots

When will the authorities realise that Prisons have got to be managed differently. Going easy on inmates is not only a slap in the face to the innocent population and tax-players but counterproductive. A culture of alcohol in the prison was reported as long ago as 2008.
The Government must stop listening to the left wing do-gooders and treat inmates as the scum they are. At Ford they could have managed 200 inmates with just two prison warders if they were permanently locked up. WHY THE HELL WERE THEY ALLOWED A NEW YEAR'S PARTY? They were in prison, for heaven's sake, for anti-social behaviour. Deny them the human rights they denied their victims and lock-em up. In solitary, without telephone calls, without family visits, without television except for educational programmes. In fact denied everything that the innocent might expect. When I am King, the relatives of the imprisoned will be required to pay for their food.
Prisons cost too much. The Justice bill is too much. Legal aid must be slashed. Protection of the innocent should include reducing the cost of proving guilt- making it easier for the prosecution of villains, especially those involved in organised crime.