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Thursday 20 January 2011

House of Lords

I've said it before and following the disgraceful behaviour of some, mostly Labour peers during the debate on the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, I will say it again, the House of Lords should not be filled with people who:
a. Do not approve of the House, its history, tradition and culture, and attend hypocritically out of tribal loyalty to their republican socialism.
b. Have no stake in and/ or any real wish for the well-being for the whole of the United Kingdom.

It was a tragedy that the old system of a Lords populated with those who did have the interests of the UK at heart, people with a deep rooted and historical devotion to the Nation, the hereditory peers, were unceremoniously dumped from the Chamber. In it's place we have a hotch-potch of people elected, in the main, for their support of a political party. Often these people are poorly educated and poorly informed with scant regard for the history and culture of the Country. They not only debase the House of Lords they debase the Nation. It is yet another facet of the need to rethink the very essence of Democracy.

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