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Saturday, 15 June 2019

No show Bo-Jo

Reporter: Mr Johnson. Mr Johnson, did to ever snort cocaine?

Bo-Jo:  Mind your own fucking business.

Reporter: But don't the British people deserve to know?

Bo-Jo: What bloody business is it of theirs if I did or did not. We all do things when we were younger; it would be weird if we did not. What is important is whether I can fulfill the role of Prime Minister and I'm here to tell you I can and will.

Reporter: Mr Johnson why don't you speak to us?

Bo-jo. Because you don't ask sensible questions. All you want to do is ask prurient questions regarding my habits and proclivities; headline grabbing nonsense that says more about you or your reader's inadequacies. and yes, before you ask, I did masturbate as a teenager, I lusted after women; yes, that's right, women, not men, and I drank. often to excess. In other words, I'm normal except that I am blessed with the ability to win elections. Now bugger off the lot of you.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Waste food

A recent report says that a third of households routinely throw away left over food.
This is not good enough and unforgiveable as it is easy to recycle food with a little ingenuity and common sense. Remember the traditional soup menu. On Monday it is leek and potato: Tuesday, vegetable: Wednesday Beef and vegetable, Thursday, brown Windsor and Friday, mulligatawny. The same can be done with other foods, apart from saving to reheat on following days. In this respect a microwave is indispensable. Cold cuts of meat, chicken, pork, beef, sausages roasts, whatever can be finely chopped up, mixed with bread crumbs and egg to create rissoles. This does not take up much time but there is a wider issue.
It is our duty to use to the full the bounty afforded to us by nature. No vegetable should be disrespected by discarding rather than consuming. Animals and crops are given for human consumption and it is criminal that they should perish in vain. don't throw away a carrot because it has a blemish or has gone soft. Cut out the blemish and carry on, knowing that the vegetable will have fulfilled its purpose as nature intended.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Army to support police patrols?

Quite rightly, the number of policemen employed by the state was reduced as crime fell after the millennium. Not only did reducing numbers directly cut the wages bill it also reduced the burden on the public purse of pension payments.
But now, as street crime. particularly violent offences, rise, there is a clamouring for more policemen at a time when budgets continue to be squeezed. What is the solution?
May I suggest that patrolling policemen, bobbies on the beat, might be replaced by others, already trained in patrolling and surveillance and, most importantly, available without additional costs. Could it not be possible that troops, not on active service, be used in this capacity. They need not physically carry arms but should be side armed, could wear specially designed uniforms and have the right to detain suspects using powers of citizen's arrest.
There are benefits for the troops, bored with little or no action when barracked. It keeps them sharp and enhances skills. Troops of different regiments can be rotated in different towns and cities so as reduce effects of accumulated antagonism.