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Wednesday 19 June 2019

Tory selection process

Tory leadership contest. Questions to the candidates from members of the public.

Abdullah: What are you going to do to stamp out Islamophobia in the Tory Party? Words have consequences.

Candidate: Well Abdullah: You are right to ask but let me ask you, what steps are you taking to encourage Muslims to integrate into what is still essentially a Christian Country whose Head of State is ordained in the sight of God, head of the Church of England. What steps are you taking to diminish the standing of the killers of guardsman Rigby, what steps are you taking to stop the gang rape of vulnerable young white girls in Rochdale, Oxford and other towns and cities around the Country? What are you doing to stop Muslims from blowing up scores of innocent people attending a concert, what are you doing to dismantle the so-called sleeper cells waiting for the order to attack soft targets in the UK? What are you doing about arranged marriages and FGM within your community, practices that are abhorrent to the majority of British people? When you have tackled these causes of Islamophobia I'll tell you how we respond and, by the way, the words of the Qu'ran do have consequences.

Abdullah: You're a racist. We have the human right to practice our religion.

Candidate: And you're an idiot. Most Muslims chose to leave a failing Muslim Country to take up residence in what is considered a better Christian Country. How would you describe a person who, in such circumstances, brings his baggage with him and thereby attempts to also ruin his host Country? You are free to practice your religion but you are not free to introduce religious law, sharia, into our secular judiciary. We want to be good hosts but in a two-way deal it behoves on the immigrants to respect the way of life of the welcoming British people and that means you don't cover yourself from head to toe in complete anonymity. It's rude.

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