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Friday 21 February 2020

Boris as Canute

Politically motivated people in flooded areas are bemoaning the absence of the Prime Minister suggesting that he is lacking 'empathy'.
Presumably they imagine that he has some Canute like gifts; the ability to turn back the floods whilst he hugs the sobbing families in their misery. The reality is that he will do a photo shoot, wading through water in wellies accompanied by the Lord High Lieutenant of whereever, the local MP or mayor, two securuty men and loads of press. How much better he stays where he is and puts in action the means to alleviate the pain these folk feel.
Not so that dosser aka the Leader of the Opposition who visited South Wales using every opportunity to blame the Government for all the ills of the world. I'm surprised that he hasn't laid the blame of coronavirus on Dominic Cummings.
LATE NEWS. I must apologise to all the dossers for liking them to the Leader of the Opposition.

Bring me home.

People stranded on quarantined cruise ships have been asking why the UK government hasn't sent aircraft to repatriate them? It's another example of the whinge culture that suggests that folk have the right to go or do whatever but if things go wrong rely on somebody else to dig them out of the shit. We've long witnessed this as mountaineers and sailors have taken on the elements and lost relying on the mostly volunteer rescue services to bring them to safety.
The Government have no money; they have tax payers money which could be better spent than rescuing the holiday makers always bearing in mind that most tax payers couldn't afford to go cruising around Asia.

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Letter to the Transport Secretary

Dear Grant Shapps,
Your two biggest challenges are the future of the railways and the roll out of electric cars. If you were presented with a solution for both you would surely want to hear more! Yes: read on. No; ignore.
The current plans are to stop the sale of petrol and diesel driven cars at some arbitrary date in the future. The problem is you will still have vehicles occupying the roads; more vehicles vying for less space on ever more congested roads. Smart roads don't work and constructing more motorways is a doubtful political option.
You need a radical rethink and I believe the answer is not to electrify cars, buses etc but to electrify the roads. Within the existing road networks incorporate the electric networks that will bear the 'pods' to their destinations. People will engage the networks at a local hub, post the post code of their destination and sit back to be transported automatically by the best route. Payment will be exacted at this time depending on route and distance travelled.
Because people can hire a pod on demand it obviates the need for passenger trains, existing rail routes can be adapted along the same lines solely for freight.
There are side benefits. No drink driving problems. No need for transport policing. Ambulances can be automatically given priority.
For more information just ask.
Yours sincerely

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Apsaras III. The Ranch

My sixth novel, Apsaras III. The Ranch has been completed and is available on Amazon as both a paperback and an ebook.

Following the discovery of two ancient tiles, the British Museum suggests that a third may exist. Jack Benson and his twin, Thai girls faces a race to recover the missing tile against powerful enemies anxious to protect their long held interests in the face of an imminent threat to the planet.
Meanwhile, there is trouble on Jack’s doorstep when they are asked to look into the workings of a private members club, ‘The Ranch’, thought to be employing trafficked girls and women. Jack’s intervention provokes an international response that brings him into conflict with ‘The Olympians’ a supremacist group bent on world domination.
As the Mayan ‘end’ date of Dec 20th 2012 approaches, Phailin prepares to represent Thailand in the Olympic games in London. Proficient in the art of taekwondo, she battles through many trials to reach the finals.
Apsaras III continues the eternal story of good and evil.

I have published this privately but would be interested to hear from a publisher who would like to look at my portfolio comprising, besides the six novels, a novelette and a book of non-fiction explaining a complete new hypothesis regarding the universe, its creation and evolution. The author believes he is the first person to quantify spiritual values.

Streatham stabbings

There has been much debate in the media following the shooting by police of a wannabe jihadist, Sudesh Amman, a man released from jail a week ago, having served only a portion of his full term. In the following week, despite being under police surveillance he was able to stab two innocent people.
Despite all the media attention I have seen no questioning of the Muslim Council of Great Britain. Is this not strange given that Amman was a known Islamic terrorist sympathiser. Nor would it be Islamophobic to question their stance given that these sort of offences are not committed by Baptists, Methodists, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs etc. They are committed by Muslims.
The Muslim Council should be questioned on their reaction to the outrage. Who presides over Friday prayers in prison and what is said to aid deradicalisation? Are these prayers recorded and if not why not? Why do they not call out the sham martyrdom tactic of 'suicide by cop'. Practitioners should be disabused of the notion that if they are killed in this way they will find favour with their God and gain access to paradise. Is their God so dumb that he cannot see through their ruse for what it is and does it not say in the Qu'ran that to kill a single person is to kill all of humanity?
The Government must understand that to allow religious freedom does not preclude them from keeping the people safe and clamping down on those who wish to kill all the unfaithful.