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Wednesday 5 February 2020

Streatham stabbings

There has been much debate in the media following the shooting by police of a wannabe jihadist, Sudesh Amman, a man released from jail a week ago, having served only a portion of his full term. In the following week, despite being under police surveillance he was able to stab two innocent people.
Despite all the media attention I have seen no questioning of the Muslim Council of Great Britain. Is this not strange given that Amman was a known Islamic terrorist sympathiser. Nor would it be Islamophobic to question their stance given that these sort of offences are not committed by Baptists, Methodists, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs etc. They are committed by Muslims.
The Muslim Council should be questioned on their reaction to the outrage. Who presides over Friday prayers in prison and what is said to aid deradicalisation? Are these prayers recorded and if not why not? Why do they not call out the sham martyrdom tactic of 'suicide by cop'. Practitioners should be disabused of the notion that if they are killed in this way they will find favour with their God and gain access to paradise. Is their God so dumb that he cannot see through their ruse for what it is and does it not say in the Qu'ran that to kill a single person is to kill all of humanity?
The Government must understand that to allow religious freedom does not preclude them from keeping the people safe and clamping down on those who wish to kill all the unfaithful.

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