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Monday 4 December 2023

Return of Elgin Marbles

 Having recently seen pictures of the Elgin Marbles, I have changed my mind with regard to the Greek claim for them to be repatriated to the Country of origin. 

Looking at them, broken and to my mind, ugly, can we not, with our super-skilled masons make copies, exact replicas, and return the originals to Athens on permanent loan with one or two caveats. For example if they are at risk because of war or  natural disaster they should be returned to UK for safe keeping.

Meanwhile, the British public would be able to appreciate the artistic majesty of the pieces whilst winning immense goodwill from one of our allies and NATO partners.

ps. How do we know that those currently on show at the British Museum are not already replicas?

Monday 13 November 2023

Indaloblog predictions come true


With the appointment of Victoria Atkins to the post of Health Secretary, my predictions in Indaloblog of July 2021

Indaloblog: Tory Party Attack Lionesses (

are coming true. Penny Mordaunt is already well established as Leader of the House with spectacular appearances at events such as the King's coronation but now the difficult Health brief has been given to Victoria by hard pressed PM, Rishi Sunak

Friday 27 October 2023

Inherited character

 Scientists are beginning to wonder if a person's character can be changed by having a blood transfusion or organ transplant. See the report in the Daily Mail below:

In my book, 'Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions', I suggest that a person's character is inherited from an ancestor. An embryo's body is filled with the DNA and RNA of it's parents and this is derived from their forebears and so on. This stockpile of information is passed from generation to generation and increases at every level. It's no wonder that human brains are becoming larger.

That a blood transfusion can introduce new character traits into the recipient should therefore come as no surprise.

Which brings us to the question of which character, out of thousands, does nature decide to imbue in the new born. The answer may surprise you.

I believe that the character is not chosen until the time and date of the birth is established because the character chosen is that of a person born at the very same instant or as close as possible. This could lead to some unusual outcomes as, despite nature's preference, a male baby might have inherited the character of a female if no male characters came close.


Friday 7 April 2023

Slave trade thoughts

 It has become fashionable to denounce the British Empire for its alleged involvement with the slave trade and the misery it  caused to tens of thousands of native Africans. It has become fashionable to think of suing the British people (via the government tax revenue)for reparations, righting an alleged wrong perpetrated by the Brits for bringing civilisation and order to many benighted countries. For introducing law and order and Democracy. How many well-off black people today would still be living in a mud hut economy in darkest Africa if it wasn't for the transportation of their relatives, many of whom were captured by fellow Africans, many of whom were criminals. Quite a few, I suspect, owe their prosperity today to this trade. Not that they would accept this possibility.

If the woke brigade, mostly left-wingers, behind this move continue to insist on suing the British Government and therefore its taxpayers, then perhaps the Brits should levy a technology charge to cover the cost of providing all these litigants with the paraphernalia of modern life; the cars, the tellies, the phones, the medicines, none of which were invented in the mud huts of Africa. Tell me one modern technology, used the world over, that was invented in Africa.

This blog is sick to the back teeth of people condemning the British Empire, only too eager to chase a fast buck on the back of so-called political correctness.

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Governor of the Bank of England

 The current Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, takes home £575,000 per annum salary, £300 per hour, but what exactly does he do to earn that?

Is it possible to ascertain how his week is filled with freedom of info legislation; to see how his time is filled. Just how does he fill his hours? Long lunches at his club? A round of golf at Wentworth? Just what is it he does that justifies such a huge wage? i only ask as i want to know.

Monday 27 March 2023

Hamza Yousaf

 Humza Yousaf has been elected leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party. His Muslim grandparents immigrated to Scotland from the Punjab about sixty years ago. 

This blog holds that to be an MP one must be at least a third generation immigrant and wonders why a relative newcomer, such as Yousaf, should feel he is entitled to rule over proud Scots folk that have lived in Christian Scotland for thousands of years. Not only that but interfere with the very constitution of the United Kingdom.

This blog does not question Yousaf's competence, only his family's motives to travel thousands of miles to interfere with his host country's politics.

One other point. The leader of the Scottish Labour Party is Anas Sarwar, a second generation immigrant whose Muslim parents come from Pakistan. What is about these immigrants who come from a failing Muslim country and want to change their host country, in this case, Scotland? 

Saturday 25 March 2023

Putin and the Coronation

 These are dangerous times.

Is it possible that in th event of major losses in Ukraine, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, might look to desperate measures in an attempt to save his position and secure his legacy?

His troops, tired and dispirited, might well be in retreat about May and a desperate Putin might well be looking for a means to uplift the spirits of his forces and loyal citizens. Is it credible that he might, in his madness, order missiles to be fired at the UK coronation of King Charles III, taking place in London, who, of course, is related to the old ruling order, the Tsars of Russia?  Only a thought.

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Human rights

 A man of West Indian heritage was imprisoned for murder, his sentence including deportation from the UK. Following his release he appealed his deportation back to the Caribbean on the grounds of his human right to family life, perversely ignoring the same rights to his victim. His appeal was supported by 67 labour MPs and other, assorted left wing zealots who see the 'human right' legislation as a tool to denigrate and belittle the United Kingdom.

His appeal was successful; he stayed and committed another murder; this time aided and abetted by his son.

Let's be clear: this blog does not recognise that any human being has a right to anything other than that to have the chance to live. That is: no one can take his life ie kill him. This right to live, however, can be revoked if the subject, him or herself, commits a crime. In the case above, whilst the perpetrator is released, the family of the victim serve a life sentence. This is not right; it is not justice.

An orphan cannot claim a right to full family life. A paraplegic cannot claim a right to full mobility. Nobody should be able to claim a right to be happy, or even the right to pursue happiness as appears in the US constitution. In fact, this blog thinks that all human right legislation should be scrapped. How can it be right that an individual can cite human rights in pursuit of self interest whilst ignoring the same rights of the general population.

This blog has carried the same message since 2010. See links below:

Sunday 26 February 2023

The nature of reality

 Look around you. What do you see? What do you perceive? A chair; a table, a book or, perhaps, a television? They are all objects that exist in our perception and are 'real' or even positive. We can affix to them all a coefficient '+1' such that we have a +1chair, a +1table etc.

We cannot see a 'negative' or 'unreal' object because our brains cannot see or otherwise perceive negative forms but do they exist in reality? Are 'negative' forms even possible in nature? We have a clue. Ask yourself what is the square root of one? The sueprising answer is BOTH plus AND minus one. To my mind this decree from nature legitimises the availability of negative forms. A square with sides of minus one could not be seen by humans but its area of plus one is real; it exists. 

What is the implication? See the Davies Hypothesis as described in my inexpensive book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions.

Monday 6 February 2023

Frustration & disillusion. An appeal.

 I'm frustrated and disillusioned. I'm disillusioned because those projects of mine, the golf game, the novels and the hypothesis that describes the creation and evolution of the universe have so far failed to capture the public imagination. I'm frustrated that as each year passes, so my capacity to do anything about it, diminishes.

What can be done to further the chance of success? Leave to chance? One needs luck with this option and that involves time, a commodity I'm running out of. Achieve notoriety? How? By being extremely stupid or absurd or exhibit oneself in a manner likely to attract ridicule or a prison sentence. I think not.

Could it be that my life's endeavours will pass into obscurity, unacknowledged by my peers, as my life fades and passes. What a shame.

Perchance my life's ambition will be reignited, post mortem, and future generations will recognise that my effort was not in vain. 

UNLESS. Unless my work on explaining man's innate spirituality as a natural product of the creation process is finally recognised. So this is my direct appeal; is there, out there, anyone out there with influence who can give my views a fair hearing?; a platform on which to broadcast a hypothesis that changes mankind's perception of the world about them.