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Monday, 15 July 2019

Trump is correct

President Trump has come under fire for advising a member of the Democratic Party with origins in Somalia to go back and sort out the mess in her dysfunctional Country first before coming back to the US with a solution to America's woes.
He is, of course,  right to do this. Surely it is right that the fortunate, educated and trained folk should seek to help their own first, rather than jump on the nearest lifeboat. It is not racist, it is common sense. What they shouldn't do is interfere in the politics of the host nation. It's rude.
This Blog has advocated that before standing as representatives for local councils and Parliament applicants or their families should have been resident in the UK for more than two and three generations respectively. To my mind it is inconceivable that immigrants, having been in the Country for five minutes, should have a say on the rules that effect those who've lived in the land for many, perhaps hundreds, of generations. Its like being invited, as a newcomer, to one of my dinner parties, say, and telling me how to behave. It's rude and pretentious.

The irony of this is that by following my rules, Donald Trump with a German grandfather and Scottish mother, would never be eligible to become President.

Dinner party guests 3

Another no show this week. Never mind.
This weeks dinner has a sporting theme.

Those invited:
Eoin Morgan. Irish born English cricket captain
Sue Barker. English treasure and tennis player
Justin Rose. Former Open golf champion.

Those not considered:

Nick Kyrgios. Australian tennis bad boy.
John McEnroe. American tennis bad boy. You can't be serious!
Steve Smith. Australian alleged cricket ball tamperer.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Durham Miner's Gala

In the early seventies I attended the Durham Miner's Gala as a spectator and a jolly good occasion it was too. The miners themselves marching behind the beautifully crafted banners of their lodges as brass bands played tunes such as Blaydon Races, familiar in the region.
There was a coal mining industry still then and the unions played an important part in looking after the interests of men and women doing a difficult job as the need for their product was in decline. There was, nevertheless, a positive, joyous atmosphere in the City, a celebration of the heritage and camaraderie to be found in the community. How different it seems now. In the early seventies the miner's unions were led by Arthur Scargill, a firebrand socialist who tried to influence the politics of the day by using the miners as a battering ram to knock down the door of Conservative power. Today, there are no or very few Durham mines or miners, but still the gala is held,  now not as a proud tradition upholding all that was right about the Unions but as a rallying point for the most extreme socialists headed by Jeremy Corbyn and his left wing acolytes.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

BBC guest presenters at Wimbledon

Why oh why are there so many Americans on the BBC coverage at Wimbledon? Sure, Sue Barker is the lead and excellent she is but why is McEnroe so prominent? Why, too, do we see so much of Navratilova, Chris Evert, Tracy Austen, Pam Shriver etc etc? Are there no other Brits apart from Andrew Castle.

Switched on to BBC's Saturday Morning Kitchen to find the star guest was a Canadian. Are there no Brits available? What is it with the British Broadcasting Corporation that they pay foreigners rather than home grown talent.
Another thing. Can the Beeb make public how many complimentary tickets for Wimbledon they receive and who uses them. Would it not be better if they held a raffle, the tickets being the prizes, for the license payers, the people who pay the exhorbitant salaries of these high executives.


A Daily Mail report claims that a team of scientists at the University of Glasgow has captured on film for the first time, 'entanglement' in a pair of sub-atomic particles.

Paul-Antoine Moreau, of the University of Glasgow’s School of Physics and Astronomy, said: “The image we’ve managed to capture is an elegant demonstration of a fundamental property of nature, seen for the very first time in the form of an image.
“It’s an exciting result which could be used to advance the emerging field of quantum computing and lead to new types of imaging.”
Einstein thought quantum mechanics was “spooky” because of the instantaneousness of the apparent remote interaction between two entangled particles.
This seemed incompatible with elements of his special theory of relativity.

So, is Einstein right to be sceptical? I believe he is for the following reason.
Let us imagine a quantum state of two such particles and say that the perceived spin, A, is a function of up and down spin according to the 'trinitarian' equation:

Perceived spin, A = ±√[ (+a)² + (-a)² + (ia)²]
where '+a' is spin up, '-a' is spin down and 'ia' is the imaginary spin where 'i' is the square root of minus one.
Solving we have perceived time, A = ± a
In other words, whenever you observe one of the particles, the other must be of the opposite spin. Surely this is more feasible than a quantum theory idea Einstein never really believed.
The part played by the 'imaginary' spin is crucial and is the subject of the DAVIES HYPOTHESIS which states that the universe, its creation and evolution is ordered in the way that it is because nature HAS to take into account ALL the four, fourth roots of one.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Prisoners get keys to the cell

Well zippee-de-doo-da; prisoners are to get the keys to their cells. In a move said to help with the rehabilitation of prisoners, do-gooders continue to make life better for offenders whilst telling the victims of crime to 'get on with it'. Why do they do it? Why do these people spend so much time on giving anti-social criminals, who had free will to commit their sins, help and attention,whilst the victims, who had no free-will, are left to suffer a life sentence of injustice? Why?
Those who choose to commit crimes should be made to suffer until everybody is under no illusion about the availability of a second chance, an opportunity not afforded to victims.

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson has been jailed for contempt of court, having highlighted the threat to 'western' values from large numbers of mostly Pakistani Muslim men, charged with grooming and abusing vulnerable young white girls. On the same day, a report has claimed that fifty-percent of Germans believe that Islam is a threat to their way of life.
Once again it seems that the British authorities are turning a blind eye to the truth in order to uphold their vision of a diverse community based on human rights and suppression of nationalistic feelings. One isn't allowed to feel British for fear of offending someone, let alone have pride in the British empire. So when Robinson tries to expose the injustice of court gagging orders, he is closed down and returned to jail. This will only serve to exacerbate the popular view that the threat from Islam is deliberately being downplayed by the political parties because they want, no need, the Muslim vote.
It will all end in tears.

Cricket update

Despite my reservations of a few days ago and despite my watching it, the English one-day cricket team have out aussied the Australians. Well done, boys now go and do it again on Sunday against New Zealand.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Principled Labour

The Labour party has been at sixes and sevens over its position on Brexit since the referendum. The problem was that many traditional supporters in the Labour northern strongholds voted to leave whilst many in the Westminster elite didn't.
Today, Sir Kier Starmer was on television telling the Nation that the Labour Party had now come up with a stance on Brexit that was clear and 'principled'. Whatever the Tories did, the final decision must rest with another referendum in which an option to remain would be included and for which the Party would press. However, when questioned about Labour's stance in the next General Election, he replied that it would depend on 'circumstances' at the time. In other words they would see which way the wind blew. so what about 'principled'?
The first part of the pronouncement is ideologically driven as it relates to Tory process. Labour won't have anything to do with a Tory Brexit. The second point is that the Labour position depends on 'circumstances', it cannot be based on principle.
As usual, the Labour Party position is one of sitting on the fence, as it has done throughout the three years of Brexit, frustrating every effort to fulfil the wishes of the electorate to further their own political will.

British sporting failures

Yesterday, Joanna Konta lost her Wimbledon quarter final match despite leading 4-1 in the first set. This blogger switched off at that point as I could see what was going to happen. It was the same in the women's football when we exited the competition in the semi-finals. I fear for England in their semi-final cricket world cup match against the Australians tomorrow. Why? Because when it comes to the crunch, the British haven't got the killer instinct found in American or Australian sportsmen and women, say. It's almost as if we find winning unacceptable or impolite. Lesser people win but we, the British people see greater purpose in letting others have the spurious joy of lifting the trophy. Its enough for us to have taken part.
It was not patronising for a journalist to ask Konta why she performed badly on the crunch points; it's a question her coach would ask. No, it was a reasonable question and if she and other British teams are to carry off the trophies she and they must find a way to overcome her timidity when faced with the biggest challenges.