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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Source of Covid 19

The Covid 19 epidemic is widely thought to have originated in Wuhan, China as a consequence of the practice of dissection of bats and pangolin for food. The virus was able to make the animal-human jump through mutation.
But what if it wasn't? Could it be that Covid 19 is an example of 'panspermia', the transmission of living matter through outer space. In the middle of August 2019, as every year we passed through a shower of extra-terrestrial material known as the 'Perseids'. It is known that viruses can survive outer space when protected from fatal star radiation (rays) by cosmic dust or rocks. As the earth passes through this shower of dust, water and rocks could the viruses 'float' down to earth and become subject to the prevailing winds and weather, carrying it towards eventual landfall.
From the middle of August there is ample time for the viruses to reach earth in December when the first signs of the outbreak emerge. As the planet rotates, so more zones become infected with first  Asia, then the middle east, Europe, the Americas and finally the Pacific islands.
If the planet passes through this cloud of fragmenting material every year why haven't we come across Covid 19 before?  Good question but perhaps the previous mutations were unharmful. and we were lucky in the same way the earth is fortunate to have avoided major asteroid bombardment. But one day we may not be so lucky.
Remember Horace: 'Carpe Diem quam minimum credula postero'. Seize the day and don't put your trust in the future.

Friday, 27 March 2020

County Lines

Further to my enquiry about prostitution under lockdown, I wonder how the underworld is conducting their drug operation known as 'County Lines'? Previously undertaken by youngsters using motorcycles, pedal bikes, buses etc, how have the gangs improvised to keep their supplies moving when all eyes are on public movement. Or is it the case that the virus has done what the police couldn't; stop the trade in drugs?

Monday, 23 March 2020

Charlemagne was right about language

To Charlemagne is attributed the notion that to have a second language is to have a second soul.
It is an early attestation of my belief that we each inherit the character or soul of a forebear. If the ancestor spoke a different language then the living kinsman or woman has within their DNA and brain the means to access that language. They will find it easier to learn than one not similarly endowed.
So far so good; not everyone will learn another language so easily but there is another factor. The inherited character might also have inherited a character with a third language. A polyglot will be one with such a heritage.

To understand which character is allotted to us by Nature I refer interested readers to my book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions. You might be surprised.

Saturday, 21 March 2020


With Spain already in total lockdown and the UK starting on the 20th March, life for everyone is at a different level. It seems as if everyone is fighting for their and their family's life. If this was a global conflict, this virus would be considered a weapon of mass destruction and, presumably, banned by the UN. The Russians are already suggesting that Covid19 ia  a US designed virus, deliberately introduced into China. It may be mischievous speculation but it does point to a very real possibility and act as a blueprint for future terrosism. It also demonstrates that it is a weapon that can run out of control showing no prejudice as to its victims, being equally lethal against friend and foe alike.

With all the pubs and clubs closed down it strikes me that there might be problems for those we refer to as 'ladies of the night'. The old tradition of the lads night out for a beer, a shag and a curry could be a thing of the past but what can these suppliers of special services do in a lockdown. They can hardly tout for business on the street no matter how innocuously. Do they qualify for the newly announced Government grants; will their pimps continue to pay them? Life might never be the same again especially in the special clinics as cases of venereal disease drop.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Lockdown? Is this necessary?

Here we are, in Spain, by Royal decree, in lockdown! People are incarcerated, all entertainment including sports are forbidden, businesses are failing and people are watching their dreams and aspiration destroyed on or for what?
A small number of people have died from a virus that has infected many more without harm. Their death hasn't been unduly horrible like for example with ebola. Nobody in authority has volunteered how many people have died of seasonal flu or pneumonia in the same period, all without fanfare or panic. Nobody goes round wearing a face mask against common colds of flu. Coronavirus is a highly contagious but relatively mild illness that can be fatal with those with an underlying medical problem especially those with respiratory concerns. So why have Governments risked the world economy by taking this severe action?  I believe it's because, in this snowflake generation, to be seen to be taking no action, a sentiment fuelled by stupid oppositions, Governments would be penalised at the next polls. It makes a mockery of Democracy if legitimate Governments don't do the right thing for fear of finding disfavour with the electorate.
At times, it is understandable if Nature does its duty of checks and balances on the planet, correcting, for example, climate and population surges. Some remedies (like asteroid strike) will be heavy handed and others (such as coronavirus) a light touch on the tiller.
They should ride this pandemic out, accepting that most people will contract the illness and move on whilst businesses are allowed to continue as normal, earning a profit, employing folk and paying their taxes. Save the dramatics for when the real thing turns up, a highly contagious retrovirus like ebola or a genetically altered, incurable plague.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Is this what it's coming to?

Is this what it's coming to? With no natural predators the human race succumbs to viruses and a new world order does take over; an order with control of all the resources needed for life.
Without natural predators is it Nature's ultimate plan to restore population balance to the planet. It starts simply enough with a fairly average, flu-like virus with the capacity to mutate.
People, however, ignore the pleas for calm and start to panic, stocking up on tinned food, water and loo rolls for example.
As the death toll increases businesses start to panic and fail causing increasing unemployment. Government revenue drops and payments of pensions and benefits is threatened leading to more anxiety in the public. Theft becomes rife as people become more desperate to feed their families. The police become unable to cope with the number of misdemeanors and public disorder. Hospitals cannot take in all the casualties leaving people, mostly the elderly, to die at home. Funeral parlours cannot keep pace with the number of corpses and people unable to pay the costs begin to burn the bodies with wood. The police abandon all attempts to stop public burnings and wood is suddenly in great demand leading to theft and the emergence of gangs who begin to corner the supply.
Tensions rise between the ethnic communities, each accusing the other of manipulating the supply of essential goods and local skirmishes break out.
The Government announces a National Emergency but in the background those men and women with the contacts and resources are making their survival plans. This includes reserving land and the ensuring of continued supply of essentials by manipulation of the gangs through middle men. Plans are drawn up to evacuate the the Government to one of the new aircraft carriers. Also, because money and currencies will be of little use after the collapse of worldwide society, the nation's gold reserves is also moved to one of the aircraft carriers.
Meanwhile civil unrest is on the verge of civil war as the bodies stack up. Those vulnerable without access to their pensions succumb to hunger and disease. Typhoid and cholera epidemics add to the death toll taking many children. Hospitals allow the seriously ill to pass away without intervention. The Prime Minister appeals for calm but with the army seriously compromised with illness, is helpless to stop the Country falling into anarchy.
New vaccines eventually find their way on the market but nobody can pay for them. It is too late.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Boris as Canute

Politically motivated people in flooded areas are bemoaning the absence of the Prime Minister suggesting that he is lacking 'empathy'.
Presumably they imagine that he has some Canute like gifts; the ability to turn back the floods whilst he hugs the sobbing families in their misery. The reality is that he will do a photo shoot, wading through water in wellies accompanied by the Lord High Lieutenant of whereever, the local MP or mayor, two securuty men and loads of press. How much better he stays where he is and puts in action the means to alleviate the pain these folk feel.
Not so that dosser aka the Leader of the Opposition who visited South Wales using every opportunity to blame the Government for all the ills of the world. I'm surprised that he hasn't laid the blame of coronavirus on Dominic Cummings.
LATE NEWS. I must apologise to all the dossers for liking them to the Leader of the Opposition.

Bring me home.

People stranded on quarantined cruise ships have been asking why the UK government hasn't sent aircraft to repatriate them? It's another example of the whinge culture that suggests that folk have the right to go or do whatever but if things go wrong rely on somebody else to dig them out of the shit. We've long witnessed this as mountaineers and sailors have taken on the elements and lost relying on the mostly volunteer rescue services to bring them to safety.
The Government have no money; they have tax payers money which could be better spent than rescuing the holiday makers always bearing in mind that most tax payers couldn't afford to go cruising around Asia.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Letter to the Transport Secretary

Dear Grant Shapps,
Your two biggest challenges are the future of the railways and the roll out of electric cars. If you were presented with a solution for both you would surely want to hear more! Yes: read on. No; ignore.
The current plans are to stop the sale of petrol and diesel driven cars at some arbitrary date in the future. The problem is you will still have vehicles occupying the roads; more vehicles vying for less space on ever more congested roads. Smart roads don't work and constructing more motorways is a doubtful political option.
You need a radical rethink and I believe the answer is not to electrify cars, buses etc but to electrify the roads. Within the existing road networks incorporate the electric networks that will bear the 'pods' to their destinations. People will engage the networks at a local hub, post the post code of their destination and sit back to be transported automatically by the best route. Payment will be exacted at this time depending on route and distance travelled.
Because people can hire a pod on demand it obviates the need for passenger trains, existing rail routes can be adapted along the same lines solely for freight.
There are side benefits. No drink driving problems. No need for transport policing. Ambulances can be automatically given priority.
For more information just ask.
Yours sincerely

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Apsaras III. The Ranch

My sixth novel, Apsaras III. The Ranch has been completed and is available on Amazon as both a paperback and an ebook.

Following the discovery of two ancient tiles, the British Museum suggests that a third may exist. Jack Benson and his twin, Thai girls faces a race to recover the missing tile against powerful enemies anxious to protect their long held interests in the face of an imminent threat to the planet.
Meanwhile, there is trouble on Jack’s doorstep when they are asked to look into the workings of a private members club, ‘The Ranch’, thought to be employing trafficked girls and women. Jack’s intervention provokes an international response that brings him into conflict with ‘The Olympians’ a supremacist group bent on world domination.
As the Mayan ‘end’ date of Dec 20th 2012 approaches, Phailin prepares to represent Thailand in the Olympic games in London. Proficient in the art of taekwondo, she battles through many trials to reach the finals.
Apsaras III continues the eternal story of good and evil.

I have published this privately but would be interested to hear from a publisher who would like to look at my portfolio comprising, besides the six novels, a novelette and a book of non-fiction explaining a complete new hypothesis regarding the universe, its creation and evolution. The author believes he is the first person to quantify spiritual values.