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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Cathedral fun

Rochester cathedral has installed a mini golf course and Norwich cathedral now boasts a helterskelter for the summer. The aim is to draw in more families for a liitle recreation and a lot of wonder and awe at the majesty of such fine structures. But is it right?
Of course it is as long as the God word is not invoked other than to say that these incredible edifices were built by hand by men and women infused with the spirit to build something to the Glory of God. It all sounds good but I wonder how a church servant would answer little Johnny's question about the whereabouts of God today. "I've looked all over his house and he's definitely not here, " asked Johnny.
"I imagine the creator of the heavens and earth is in heaven," might reply the servant.
"Has he installed mini golf and a helter skelter there as well?" persists Johnny.
"Oh! I'm sure he has," replied the servant. "he likes to relax after a busy day."
Johnny's father chips in: "Where do you see God, today, may I ask? Could he or she be in the Middle East, Somalia, Syria or any of the places we see on tv with the starving and bombed kids?"
"Well; its lovely to see you here. I must dash, I've others to see. Goodbye Johnny. Have you enjoyed your visit to the Cathedral?"
"I want an ice cream."
"Let's go next door, the mosque is open, we might get one there," says Johnny's mother, "They are playing war games."

Friday, 9 August 2019

Fake or Fortune revisited

It's two years since I last mentioned this.
Fake or Fortune is a very popular BBC tv show featuring Fiona Bruce and art expert Philip Mould. The first program went out in 2011.
However, in 2011, this author published a noveletta: 'Antiquities Roadshow: Christmas Edition', based on the equally popular BBC show, Antiques Roadshow. The story, narrates how the three Magi take their gifts to the roadshow for assessment as a new-born child goes missing and an attempt is made to unearth lost treasures from the New World. What is interesting is that the book was a forerunner of the Fake or Fortune program by including the forensic analysis, including x-rays, of a work of art, in the case of the book, by the celebrated Spanish artist, Murillo. In the story the principle protagonists are presenter, Leona Sluice (Fiona Bruce) and art expert, Rupert Naas (Rupert Maas). The use of the latter shows that I wrote the book before Mould was introduced in the tv series.
It strikes me that this story would make an ideal Christmas special program for the BBC, heart warming, uplifting and relevant, featuring stars we all know and love.
How many of the real stars can you spot in the book? Well check it out; its an ideal summer read. To download for Kindle or Kobo costs less than a euro. Yes! That's right, less than a euro.

Other books by Kevill Davies:

If you don't like the book, tell me and if you do, please tell your friends and family.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Anarchy in Hong Kong

What started as a legitimate grouse about new rules from the Hong Kong government on extradition of HK nationals to mainland China, has become a weekly and escalating protest. I suspect that the decent, law-abiding protesters in week one are being gradually replaced by people intent on fomenting such trouble that gives the Chinese the encouragement to take direct action. It is a classic example of actions giving rise to unexpected consequences. The protesters in weekend one will have brought on the very difficulty they wanted to avoid.
It must be difficult for the Chinese Government; they have agreed to Hong Kong autonomy for another thirty years but running a Country according to two different rules of law presents problems. In the UK, we are beginning to see the consequences of the Common Law in increasing conflict with Sharia Law. The Chinese are committed to an International treaty protecting the rights of HK citizens but they will jump on any contravention by the Hong Kong Government to annul the treaty.

Industrial blackmail

Unions at Heathrow airport are threatening to strike tomorrow, disrupting operations causing innocent people to suffer holiday or work disruption. Either you meet our demands or we shut you down is the message from the unions. How is this not blackmail? How can this be tolerated?
I suggest that the right of unions to withhold their labour should be matched by a right of employers to withhold their employment. Surely that's democratic!

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Sanctity of Life

A report in the Daily Mail describes how a child of three in India was abducted, gang-raped and beheaded.

How, in the name of all that is decent, can anyone object to the perpetrators being killed? Why would anyone want to share the resources of this overstretched planet with such as these? It beggars belief that there are still those who would argue for their right to life, to enjoy the joys of waking up, experiencing the pleasures, mysteries and disappointments of consciousness having deprived this little soul of hers. If. like me, you think that the perpetrators of this particularly heinous crime, should be killed then you should be able to say that there is no such thing as the sanctity of life. They do not qualify for mercy, rehabilitation or other soft centred remedies.
Bring back capital punishment and rid the world of these objectional  animals.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Dinner party guests 5

No show this week. thank goodness; not much in the larder.

This week's theme Conservative politicians:
Geoffrey Cox: What a voice! Commanding.
Jacob Rees-Mogg: We love his style.
Penny Mordaunt: She picked the wrong man but she's right for Defence.

Empty chair
Margaret Thatcher: Legend

Not considered:
Ken Clarke: Adherence to European hegemony almost treacherous.
Dominic Grieve: Pro europe stance a disgrace as was his refusal to grant a proper inquest into Dr Kelly's death.
Philip Hammond. Another lacking confidence in the UK people to thrive and personality as dull as dishwater.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Johnson's new Cabinet

New York born, Boris Johnson has named the first members of his governmental team. Starting with his Chancellor, there are a surprising number of second generation immigrants in positions of power. 51 out of 655 members of Parliament are first or second generation immigrants to the UK, to my mind a staggeringly high percentage. What compels these relative newcomers to want to interfere with government and why do we allow it?

Sajid Javid. Chancellor. Second generation immigrant of Pakistani origin
Priti Patel. Home Office. Second generation immigrant from India via Uganda.
Dominic Raab. Foreign Secretary. Second generation immigrant of Czech descent with British mother.
Alok Sharma. International Development Secretary. First generation immigrant from India.
James Cleverly. Party Chairman. Second generation immigrant from Sierra Leone with British father.

No one doubts the qualities and skills of these people. It is only the question of whether or not it is appropriate that these relative newcomers have the reins of power over those who've existed in these sceptred isles for dozens and hundreds of generations, the real people who made the UK what it is today.

This blog (8/02/19) has prevously highlighted the number of first and second generation immigrants in Parliament

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Bojo's manifesto?

The UK has a new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The airways are full of doubters and detractors anxious to get in their apocalyptic vision of a future under the political reins of a man they see as a 'buffoon'. Doom and gloom abounds in the hand wringing pessimists of the left and those with the charisma of a wet flannel but Bojo insists that sunny uplands lie ahead if you dare to dream; believe in the Brits to forge a bright future.
This blog believes however that to go forward the Country needs to return to older values, reverse today's human right thinking and face realities from a common sensical rather than a misplaced sense of natural justice. We are not born equal. Accept it and move on; nature doesn't work that way. Nothing demonstrates this better, by way of example, than the Gay Pride movement who go to great lengths to parade their differences.
That is not to say that we should denigrate minorities. No; we should embrace their qualities if they fulfill the need to add value to the British way of life. What we don't want is minorities introducing discredited, different values and laws such as Sharia.
By returning to older values the UK should remove human rights from convicted felons, make prisons tougher, bring back the death penalty for certain offences. The law enabling people to sue the public services such as the NHS and police should be revoked (except in cases of obvious malpractice). Members of the armed forces should not be subject to retrospective legal action after serving in zones of combat. Soldiers do not choose to go to war. Politicians do and it is they who should be held to account.
Schools should be allowed more discipline in the pupils and parents with more emphasis on reading, writing and arithmetic. The NHS must be protected from time wasters and disruptive patients and/or their families.

You get the message.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Dinner Party guests 4

Another no show but on we go. This week in honour of the moon landing anniversary we have a space theme.

Those invited:

Michael Collins: US astronaut with grave responsibilities.
Erich von Danichen: Author of 'Chariots of the Gods'.
Helen Sharman: UK's first female astronaut.

Empty chair: Patrick Moore CBE HonFRS FRAS. Enthusiam personified

Not considered:

Brian Cox: For promulgating old science:
Dara O'Briain:  Doing job, hosting programs a real scientist could do. Heavens knows there are few opportunities to promote science on tv.
The Pope: For promulgating old myths

Saturday, 20 July 2019

We are extremely disappointed

With the words,'we are extremely disappointed', Britain's Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, sends a withering, earth crunching, flame ridden, excoriating response to the Iranian regime that has pinched a fully laden oil tanker from under the nose of a Royal Navy frigate. The Iranians will be quaking in their boots.

Such a response is disgraceful. We are not 'disappointed' we are outraged at this gross act of piracy and we will remedy  the situation. And what was the frigate doing, 'ten minutes away'? It should immediately have responded by sending marines to retake the tanker and, if necessary, sink the Revolutionary Guard craft. I hope that the Admiralty look into this with a view to identifying any conduct not upholding the tradition of the Royal Navy.