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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Social Engineering

Have you noticed how television adverts have suddenly become an exercise in social engineering. In the cause of 'inclusivity' and 'diversity', almost every advertisement includes people of ethnic background, physical disability, sexual orientation and multi-cultural nuclear family composition. Sometimes, all of them at the same time. 

In order to ensure that all the population feel relevant to the message, a distorted image of the Country emerges, deliberately designed to change people's perceptions of what they OUGHT to believe. Mixed marriages are not the norm and yet the advertisements would lead you to imagine that they are. Eighty-seven percent of the UK are defined as white British but you would never believe it to see adverts that reflect the trend of 'wokeness' sweeping through the land. The same could be said of television programming where there has been a sudden influx of ethnic, disabled, homosexual presenters. There is nothing wrong with this, per se, and no one questions their skills, competency and abilities; it is the sheer numbers that provoke the feeling that the population are being subjected to a social engineering project. Don't comply and you are categorised as a racist, fascist or Nazi, often resulting in being hounded out of work.

Everybody, except those guilty of anti-social behaviour (eg criminals), should be treated fairly in all aspects of life, but the cause of the minorities is not furthered by promoting distorted images of life that alienates the compassionate and humane British people.

Woke people argue that the British are a 'mongrel' breed anyway and shouldn't object to ethnic minorities. What they are forgetting is that the British peoples are made up of new blood introduced by conquering nations such as the Romans, Normans and vikings. This is markedly different from immigrant invasion; conquerors have a right to be heard. 

Thursday, 5 November 2020

is Covid nature's response to earth's over population?

 In June 2019, this blog posted some thoughts on population control. 


It is strangely prescient as Covid19 decimates huge numbers of people around the globe. Typically of natural remedies, the old, the infirm and the vulnerable seem to be at the forefront of the deaths as Nature follows the mantra of 'survival of the fittest'. Sadly nature doesn't discriminate and the 'fittest' may not include the righteous. Prayers are therefore useless as nature has no ears to hear the pleas of the pious hopefuls.

As earth's population continues to grow unabated, Nature will intervene; not only with new viruses but, as the previous blog indicates, natural disasters of increasing severity. 

Friday, 30 October 2020

Nobs Out

 The recent headlines in 'The Star' newspaper, 'Nobs Out', suggested that the UK would be better off if the Old Etonian elite were replaced by the working class as leaders of the Country. The paper claimed that those at the top, from the Prime Minister down had no idea, none whatsoever, of the status of the lower classes; their situation, their wants, dreams and aspirations. We've been here before.

The satisfaction of the population, in all walks of life, is a measure of how successful an administration is but it is not the whole story. Sometimes, such as in a pandemic, the medicine, administered for common good, can taste bitter and the patient becomes resentful. 

But would it work? History tells us that Countries run by the proletariat rarely prosper, and often lead to the building of a new elite that eventually divorce themselves from their supporters. It doesn't work out well for the deposed leaders as often they need to be executed for fear of counter revolution. The logical end is that the smartest and most capable leaders are sidelined whilst the Country is run by the inept, eventually and unavoidably in their own interests to the detriment of all.

The headline 'Nobs Out' is therefore just that. A headline. Designed to allow a crumb of comfort for the pathetic with no basis in reality and with no chance of fulfillment.

Monday, 19 October 2020

The Bishops speak

 The Bishops of the Church of England have spoken to tell the Government how to negotiate the UK's exit from the European Union. They, of course, voted to keep the Country in Europe and are continuing to put 'their oar in' rather than stick to their area of competence, human souls.

Far better that they concentrate on explaining why, if God truly loves his people, he has visited on them this awful Covid19. Why did he turn his face away from the holocaust and the sexual abuse of children by his priesthood? This weekend saw two more people die in the name of the prophet Mohammed. The Bishops might well ponder why, if the God of Abraham had updated his message in the seventh century, he neglected to tell the Jews and Christians directly of the new order. All these religions; they all can't be right and the Bishops might like to comment on that.

Further to the last sentences, I trust the police investigating the murder of a teacher in France at the hands of an Islamic teenager speak to his parents and leaders of the mosque he attended. 

Monday, 12 October 2020

Death penalty for fraudsters

 Readers of this blog will know we support the exercise of the death penalty for some crimes, particularly the murder (and rape) of children and officials in the course of their duty. There are other offences for which I suggest that the death penalty is not only proportionate but also appropriate.

This time I would argue that fraudsters who steal the life savings of the elderly, in particular, should also attract the ultimate penalty. These people, who wake up each morning plan by devious and well prepared means to separate often vulnerable people from their savings accrued over many tears of hard work. These bastards ruin lives often bringing despair to those who hoped to live their final years in some comfort. Now, reduced to destitution they can imagine the fraudsters enjoying their ill gotten gains having done no more than devise slick websites designed to snare the unwary. These fraudsters should understand that by ruining the lives of others they forfeit the right to live. They must understand that they are of no use to humanity and must go and their assets seized for distribution amongst the victims.

VICTIMS before the guilty.


Saturday, 10 October 2020

Feral Britain

There are reports in the British press that some estates in the UK are out of control.

One such is Primrose Court in Huyton near Liverpool. This once nice housing estate has descended into an urban hell with looted and burnt out houses in an area governed by drug dealers and gang louts. But how did it get to this situation. My grandparents lived near to Huyton in a quiet well kept street, front gardens tidy in well maintained privet hedges. people took pride in their houses. In the communities, self discipline and a sense of public responsibility acted as the guidelines for social living. This public responsibility included a respect for the authorities including those working in the public sector including the police, firefighters and ambulance crews. 

What happened? Well, the demographics changed for a start. The estates became inhabited by people with no sense of British values. No sense of shared ambition forged over centuries by the social evolution following the signing of the Magna Carta. Instead, we have an influx of people impatient for success promised by a generation of hopefuls fed by the prospects of unlimited handouts.

What else changed? The human Rights act, that's what. It leads to people's false expectations. The do-gooders have suggested that everyone is entitled to whatever they desire. Nobody is responsible for their own actions-its all are faults. Sadly the courts seek to exonerate the guilty wherever possible denying the innocent both of justice and comfort. Children cannot be disciplined because of child abuse legislation leading to lack of discipline in schools. Good teachers don't linger where they are abused leading to lower standards, poor achievement and academic failure the consequences of which can be seen all over the Country. What's the phrase? when good people don't act, bad things happen.

It all comes down to DISCIPLINE and the need to enforce it despite the screams of the civil liberties idealogues. Indiscipline leads inevitably to chaos and anarchy which helps nobody. Rebuild Primrose Court. Populate it with people who understand the rules. Eviction follows anti-social behaviour. Bring back discipline in schools and severely punish parents who interfere. Kids need rules, strictly adhered to because a generation of lax guidelines has led to a rise in feral behaviour, immune to the norms of civilised society.

'Grown-up' debate

Do you agree with me that when we hear somebody call for a 'grown-up' or 'adult' debate what they really mean is that I will maintain a mature, logical, common sense based, well thought out argument and you will counter with a childish, nonsensical account of wishful thinking that flies in the face of reason.

The use of the phrase carries with it the insinuation that only my point of view is valid and that all others are irrelevant. In recognising this truism one has to also reflect that the held views are therefore less likely to be other than ideologically nuanced nonsense.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Covid v influenza

President Trump has been vilified (yet again) for urging people not to fear Covid19. Should we fear this contagion or should we treat it in the same way we treat influenza? This is how the World Health Organisation reported flu deaths in 2017:

'Up to 650 000 deaths annually are associated with respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza, according to new estimates by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US-CDC), the World Health Organization and global health partners.'

In 1918 it is thought that 50 million people died of Spanish flu, globally. Compare this with recent figures for covid related deaths of 1.038,000.

Isn't POTUS correct to say that we need to accept that Covid is with us, like the flu, and get on with life. Politicians are afraid of being accused of being reckless with people's lives, afraid of being so judged at the polls, to the extent that they run their Country into the financial gutter. Some people will suffer in the same way that common flu can cause complications and lead to death. It's time for all political parties to rally behind governments with the aim of getting their Countries working again rather than sniping for political gain.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Second Wave

 In April, this Blog suggested that the outbreak of Covid19 might be related to the planet passing through debris from the Perseid shower in August 2019. see:

If this idea has any credibility then one might expect that following the earth's transiting the Perseid shower in 2020 there might be a second wave of the virus. It would also be expected that this second wave would not be so severe because the population has attained some immunity.

Is this not what is being observed around the world?

The relevance of the Liberal Democrats

 Did you see Ed Davey on tv yesterday? He was trying to answer the question: Are the Liberal Democrats relevant today?

Their performance at the last General Election was lamentable and they have changed their leader five times in the last year or two. So what did Davey have to say? 'I shall travel the length and breadth of the Country listening to what the electorate needs and wants'. Later in the interview he explained that despite the referendum, he was still passionately pro Europe. What, therefore, is the point of the listening exercise? Whatever the populace tell him he won't change his mind on those matters that he is passionate about. A complete waste of time.