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Friday 27 October 2023

Inherited character

 Scientists are beginning to wonder if a person's character can be changed by having a blood transfusion or organ transplant. See the report in the Daily Mail below:

In my book, 'Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions', I suggest that a person's character is inherited from an ancestor. An embryo's body is filled with the DNA and RNA of it's parents and this is derived from their forebears and so on. This stockpile of information is passed from generation to generation and increases at every level. It's no wonder that human brains are becoming larger.

That a blood transfusion can introduce new character traits into the recipient should therefore come as no surprise.

Which brings us to the question of which character, out of thousands, does nature decide to imbue in the new born. The answer may surprise you.

I believe that the character is not chosen until the time and date of the birth is established because the character chosen is that of a person born at the very same instant or as close as possible. This could lead to some unusual outcomes as, despite nature's preference, a male baby might have inherited the character of a female if no male characters came close.