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Saturday 14 December 2019

Who, now, votes Labour?

The recent election seems to me to demonstrate a new demographic for Labour Party voters. Their traditional support of working class folk in the north have deserted, in droves, the extreme left wing, Marxist ideology of Jeremy Corbyn and John MacDonell. These voters, forsaking the tradition of their families find more comfort in the traditional, Nationalistic values of the Conservatives. So who are still voting for Labour?
The clue lies in the greatest concentration of Labour voters, London. I suggest that voting here exposes the core Labour vote lies in the ethnic minorities, immigrants, dependents on welfare handouts and the Muslim community. We can also add the naive young, those allowed to vote despite having done nothing and been nowhere and the ideologically driven old dinosaurs who insist, despite obvious proof to the contrary, that Socialism works. Ask the folk of Venezuela.
If this is correct then in future elections, the battle for power will not be left versus right but the indigenous natives and those newcomers who accede to the traditions and norms of the UK against those newcomers who want to change the Country to accommodate their wants and laws.
The new intake of MPs is being widely celebrated as being the most diverse ever with larger numbers of representatives of the minorities being elected. Readers of this blog will know that it is my argument that Members of Parliament should be a minimum of third generation immigrants. It cannot be right that people who have newly arrived in the Country sit in the legislature governing those whose families have resided in the UK's sceptred isles for thousands of years. What presumption!

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Your 18 and voting for the first time

You are eighteeen and voting for the first time. You were eight when the last Labour government was in power and may be unaware of how it ended.
The Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne, left a note for the incoming coalition government saying: I'm sorry there is no money left'. In effect he was saying that his Labour government had brough the United Kingdom to the verge of bankruptcy. To listen to Jeremy Corbyn and colleagues complaining about the Tory/DUP austerity measures is bizarre but poorly challenged especially when it is well known that the Labour Party is very good at spending other peoples money. Remember, governments do not have money; they have tax-payer's money and in this election the Socialists are once again hoping to fool the electorate by planning to spend trillions of it.
Principle of this is the proposed spending on the sick, the NHS. Each Party, nervous of upsetting the masses, has promised to spend more on the NHS but it is a bottomless pit. If you spent all the taxpayers money to the detriment of defence and social care, say, on the NHS it wouldn't be enough to satisfy the pre-election Labour party.
You, the new electorate, need to balance your natural inclination to believe in santa clause and tooth fairies and think of this: when there is no money in your purse and your bank, you do not go out and buy a new suit or dress. That is Labour party politics. If you are prudent and look after the finances like the Conservatives, you can eventually afford what your heart desires.
One more thing you need to know. Socialist Countries always fail. Governments need to look after the wealth creators and if a Labour Party is returned to power, both they and their money will flee the Country leading to a run on the pound sterling. Once again the UK will be the poor man, not only of Europe, but the wider world.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Presents at Christmas

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Friday 6 December 2019

Leadership qualities

Much has been made, during the General Election campaign of the fitness of the various Party leaders to hold the post of Prime Minister. In particular, there have beeen questions of the trust worthiness of Boris Johnson both in his public and private life.
It would seem that the news networks, ever on the lookout for scoops and sensationalism wish to unearth previously unknown stains on the characters, as if the public's ideal Premier resembles a whiter than white character. They troll through public utterances from as far back as possible posing previously failed ambition, regardless of reason, as unkept promise.
Johnson should promote his character as a positive. He should cite the example of God's choice for the first king of Israel. God did not choose a man of unblemished character, He chose a known, womanising reprobate with a record of ruthlessness called David. He chose the person best fitted for the job. The British electorate must do the same.

Tuesday 3 December 2019


Whilst the Labour Party defends itself against a charge of Antisemiticism, it counters by accusing the Conservatives of 'Islamophobia'.
As I understand it, 'Islamophobia' literally means, fear of Islam (not hatred of Muslims) and I would argue that it would be stupid not to fear Islam. The religion is the cause of most conflicts around the world since the second World War and responsible for the mass migration,today, of people in Burma, China and other places, including from the Middle East to Europe.
This fear of Islam is not helped by its adherents, Muslims, continuing to abide by its seventh century cult traditions, maintained by Mafia like institutions such as apostasy ( the only way out of the mafia was in a coffin) and blasphemy(omerta), both punishable by death.
Recent events at London Bridge and elsewhere demonstrate the need to be watchful of adherents to Islam, a religion capable of misinterpretation. It is true that the majority of Muslims are good people who want to bring up a family peacefully, living in harmony with their fellows but they must understand that their religion gives genuine cause for alarm.

Following the recent London Bridge atrocity there has been much speculation about the effectiveness of trying to rehabilitate jihadists, especially those who have committed and been found guilty of murder. Please, in these discussions, remember that there is no rehabilitation for the victims. No hope for the future. No justice whilst the perpetrators receive every encouragement to live.
The imam at the vigil should be praised for condemning the murderer and his actions as non Islamic.