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Wednesday 11 December 2019

Your 18 and voting for the first time

You are eighteeen and voting for the first time. You were eight when the last Labour government was in power and may be unaware of how it ended.
The Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne, left a note for the incoming coalition government saying: I'm sorry there is no money left'. In effect he was saying that his Labour government had brough the United Kingdom to the verge of bankruptcy. To listen to Jeremy Corbyn and colleagues complaining about the Tory/DUP austerity measures is bizarre but poorly challenged especially when it is well known that the Labour Party is very good at spending other peoples money. Remember, governments do not have money; they have tax-payer's money and in this election the Socialists are once again hoping to fool the electorate by planning to spend trillions of it.
Principle of this is the proposed spending on the sick, the NHS. Each Party, nervous of upsetting the masses, has promised to spend more on the NHS but it is a bottomless pit. If you spent all the taxpayers money to the detriment of defence and social care, say, on the NHS it wouldn't be enough to satisfy the pre-election Labour party.
You, the new electorate, need to balance your natural inclination to believe in santa clause and tooth fairies and think of this: when there is no money in your purse and your bank, you do not go out and buy a new suit or dress. That is Labour party politics. If you are prudent and look after the finances like the Conservatives, you can eventually afford what your heart desires.
One more thing you need to know. Socialist Countries always fail. Governments need to look after the wealth creators and if a Labour Party is returned to power, both they and their money will flee the Country leading to a run on the pound sterling. Once again the UK will be the poor man, not only of Europe, but the wider world.

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