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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

When is a grope not a grope?

This morning on ITV's GMB programme the presenters made every effort to demonise the Prime Minister, the political leader of the UK as he embarks on a round of difficult negotiations. And what was he supposed to have done? It is alleged that he stroked/groped a journalist's thight twenty years ago.They quizzed the Minister of Justice, Buckland as to whether or not this was a criminal offence. PATHETIC. Not so long ago this stroking of a woman's knee under a table might be considered an act of courtship; a getting to know you manoeuvre that was either accepted or rejected as any verbal approach. It is possible that SOME and I repeat some woman might consider it an outrage that a man didn't stroke their thigh.
If the courts had to try all those men (and woman) who stroked/ groped their neighbours under the table there would be no time for any other business; the courts would be chocker. The whole approach by the presenters on GMB was reprehensible. Boris Johnson has, if the allegations are true, demonstrated once again that he is a real man with the vital passions and urges of a hot blooded alpha male, not a common criminal as alleged.