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Monday 31 July 2017

Gender equality

Advertisers will, next year, have to be more careful about the use of gender stereotypes when making adverts. Women, for instance, will not be portrayed as the house cleaners and cooks whilst men must be seen to share child rearing duties. It is to be expected in a (western) world where gender equality is being pushed to the fore in a wave of political correctness and human (especially women's) rights. It is worth remembering here, that no matter how hard the lobbyists for gender equality push there is one undeniable fact that they ought to bear in mind; namely that women have a womb and men don't. No matter how hard they try to blurr any distinction, this fact, alone, manifests a clear and important difference in roles.
However, is there a more fundamental change taking place within the human race as a whole. Does this widespread movement, embracing the growing homosexual population and their demand for equality, indicate an important trend in human development? This mixing of the sexes is blurring the roles of men and women, there are no other natural protagonists, and potentially sending humanity down a road to what....? Man's (and woman's) ingenuity have contrived to make artificial procreation such as in-vitrio fertilisation, surrogate motherhood etc and thereby promulgate the idea that sex between man and woman is not necessarily the only way to conceive children. Why is the picture becoming blurred?
One answer comes from the Davies Hypothesis, (see link above) which suggests that embryos are invested with the genes and DNA of their parents and that this includes DNA from earlier generations including and most importantly, the character of one or in some rare cases, more of the forebears. Although nature matches a character with the sex of the embryo, because of constraints it sometimes does not, leading to a multiplicity of often confused states from disphoria to a feeling of a 'feminine' side in men for example.

Why gay pride?

It is fifty years since the laws regarding homosexuality were repealed in 1967 and quite right too. Many men and women suffered terrible abuse then and for many years after after since the stigma remained. But now, with many from all walks of life including sportsmen and women having 'come out' there seems to be a mood of confrontation; dare I say it a challenge to straight people to deny them their sexuality by parading in what seems to me to be a sort of 'freak' show.
The London gay pride celebration has been held drawing vast crowds to their march and exhibitions; but why do they do it? Why draw attention to their condition in this provocative fashion? No one can doubt their right to celebrate but what exactly is it they are celebrating so publicly? We don't have (as far as I know) 'straight pride' carnivals, sinistral pride parades, a celebration of left handers or perhaps monoped pride for those pleased to demonstrate their skills and prowess on one foot. No the LGBT lobby is flexing their muscle most decidedly in several ways including political, no more so than in the sphere of religion. Pressure is on the Anglican Church to allow the marriage of same sex couples in their churches contrary to canon law, because gay couples feel stigmatised by being unable to complete their vows before God and their peers. This despite being allowed to formalise their relationship in a 'civil partnership' which shares the same benefits and obligations as a conventional marriage.
But, marriage is an institution ordained by God allowing men and women to be joined and blessed for the purpose of begetting issue. It was never meant as a vessel for same sex couples, even if they intended to foster children, so why is it that some gay couples want to join a club to which they do not qualify when so many of the club members are against the idea? I could never understand why women in particular wanted to join men only clubs such as Muirfield Golf Club. I have never met a man who wanted to join the Women's Institute. Perhaps the gay community are pushing it in vengeful reparation for the horrible things said about them in the bible. Perhaps they think they are owed by the Christian community.
There is no doubt that the number of people coming out has surprised some people; not only homosexual but transgender and bi-sexual, reinforcing the view that gender identity has more diversity than previously imagined. This, however comes as no surprise to me because The Davies Hypothesis demonstrates how gender identity is manifest in inherited character.

Saturday 15 July 2017

Corbyn's fish

If you give a man a fish he can feed his family for a day,
If you give a man a rod he can feed his family forever,
If you give a man somebody else's fish you have a Labour Party supporter.
As Corbyn roams the Country with his messianic message of 'hope' he stimulates the envious ambition of the left in a cult of self destruction. Like Jesus he is trying to feed a crowd with just five fish. Corbyn will need a similar miracle if he is to succeed in fooling all of the people all of the time.

Sunday 9 July 2017

Has Trump laid the groundwork for action in the Korean peninsular?

The recent G20 meeting has given President Trump ample opportunity to lay the groundwork for dealing with North Korea. Could he have spoken with the Russian and Chinese leaders, securing their approval for US action against a loose cannon state that threatens world stability. The longer no action is taken the more certain that North Korea's nuclear capability is enhanced.
Trump's problem has been essentially two fold. Were he to take unilateral action using convention bunker busting armaments against Kim Jong-Un's silos, whilst simultaneously targetting the leader himself, he is taking a gamble on whether or not the Dictator has a capable nuclear arsenal. If he has it wrong a nuclear retaliation will follow which brings us to the second of Trump's dilemmas. The Country most likely suffer will be the heavily populated state of South Korea. Has Trump spoken with the president of South Korea, Moon, Jae-In and what would be his response?
Another aspect is the North Korean army. Have steps been taken to infiltrate high command so that in the event of Kim Jong-un's demise, the North Korean army will remain in its barracks? I wouldn't be surprised. Nor would I be surprised if other aspects of North Korean command are in a state of readiness and expect something to happen  soon.
Trump has had the ear of Putin and Xi Jinping; what words of wisdom did they have for him?

Thursday 6 July 2017

Swearing in pubs

Humphrey Smith who owns the Samuel Smith chain of bars has banned swearing
The pub boss reportedly sacked two managers who allowed sweaing in the bar
Smith, who is in his 70s makes unannounced visits to his bars to check them out
By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

Read more: here

Quite right too. It is my experience that banning excessive swearing in pubs leads to a better and more diverse customer base. My wife and I took over a pub wehere using the 'f' word in every two uttered seemed obligatory. Immediately after imposing the ban we found the atmosphere lightened and customers were more likely to bring female associates and friends. Those, mainly men, who objected were asked if they swore at home or in front of their wives or mothers? Their answer was invariably no; nor could they reason why they felt compelled to swear under our roof but not theirs. It's a macho and objectionable practice we concluded, best kept out of pubs as Mr Humphrey Smith quite obviously concurred.