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Monday 31 July 2017

Gender equality

Advertisers will, next year, have to be more careful about the use of gender stereotypes when making adverts. Women, for instance, will not be portrayed as the house cleaners and cooks whilst men must be seen to share child rearing duties. It is to be expected in a (western) world where gender equality is being pushed to the fore in a wave of political correctness and human (especially women's) rights. It is worth remembering here, that no matter how hard the lobbyists for gender equality push there is one undeniable fact that they ought to bear in mind; namely that women have a womb and men don't. No matter how hard they try to blurr any distinction, this fact, alone, manifests a clear and important difference in roles.
However, is there a more fundamental change taking place within the human race as a whole. Does this widespread movement, embracing the growing homosexual population and their demand for equality, indicate an important trend in human development? This mixing of the sexes is blurring the roles of men and women, there are no other natural protagonists, and potentially sending humanity down a road to what....? Man's (and woman's) ingenuity have contrived to make artificial procreation such as in-vitrio fertilisation, surrogate motherhood etc and thereby promulgate the idea that sex between man and woman is not necessarily the only way to conceive children. Why is the picture becoming blurred?
One answer comes from the Davies Hypothesis, (see link above) which suggests that embryos are invested with the genes and DNA of their parents and that this includes DNA from earlier generations including and most importantly, the character of one or in some rare cases, more of the forebears. Although nature matches a character with the sex of the embryo, because of constraints it sometimes does not, leading to a multiplicity of often confused states from disphoria to a feeling of a 'feminine' side in men for example.

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