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Monday 29 February 2016

The Theory of Everything

My first painting entitled: The Theory of Everything.

Do we exist in a 'real' world that exists in another, an 'unreal' world or vice versa; or perhaps BOTH.

Friday 26 February 2016

Why do humans keep making the same mistakes?

After corporate or administrative blunders we are promised that 'steps will be taken to ensure that it will never happen again'. Yet it does; time and time again. It is almost as if human beings are programmed to repeat mistakes of the past, never learning lessons including the most serious involving war.
In the past week the report into sexual abuse of young boys and girls by two employees of the BBC has been published. As usual the spokesman for the Corporation has repeated the old mantra and as usual it is worthless. The same can be said of the Vatican enquiry into child abuse by Catholic priests. But why are human beings so poor at remembering and acting on past mistakes, often resulting in widespread misery.
Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that as humans we pass on our genes at a young age, never, therefore, passing on the benefits of WISDOM. Nowadays we have our children befor the age of forty having only had less than twenty years of maturity. This is hardly enough to amass the lifetime of learning we would like to pass on to our children and their progeny.
For more on this and why there are so few geniuses, look at my video here:

Tuesday 9 February 2016

A romance....

It is May 2020; Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have won a landslide victory in the General Election even winning the seat, Witney, of ex Prime Minister Cameron. Corbyn's party, under the anti-austerity banner and organised by the efficient Momentum group had mobilised their supporters from every disaffected group in the Nation from ex-prisoners, trade unions and ethnic minorities, stirring up old prejudices with promises of future rewards.
Her Majesty the Queen had invited Corbyn to form  a Government and he'd accepted, telling Her Majesty that he intended to. What he didn't tell her was that he was about to declare the Country a republic despite it not being in his manifesto to do so. After his victory he had received calls of congratulations from the Irish Taoiseach and the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah whilst declining to take a call from the President of the United States, Donald Trump.
His first task on assuming office had been to summon the Chief of the General Staff with the news that the Army, Navy and Air Force were to be disbanded with officers' pensions halved. Withdrawal from Nato and the disbandment of Trident swiftly followed. Next, the new Home Secretary, McDonnell, announced that the Police Force was, in the future, to be run directly from No. 10 as a personal protection force for the Cabinet. Dissidents were sacked with no pension rights.
The Church of England was then stripped of all rights, St Pauls and Westminster Abbey being converted into mosques.
Her Majesty the Queen was then informed that she and her family were no longer welcome in the Country, her properties to be forfeit and she had to go into exile. It was too much for the Monarch and she died in days from a broken heart. Corbyn refused her a state funeral, softening only to permit her ashes to be scattered over a rose garden in her beloved Windsor Castle before it was turned into a madrassa. Her escort, the Duke of Edinbrough, died shortly afterwards, according to his staff, also of a broken heart. Charles chose to be exiled in Canada but his sons William and Henry took their families to the US where they were granted citizenship and immediate celebrity status.
Corbyn then took over Buckingham Palace as the new Labour Party headquarters, famously standing on the balcony with his brother Piers to wave to the crowds of supporters, mainly bussed in immigrants. The head of the Bank of England was summoned to the plush new offices in the palace to be told to print more money to reward his supporters. Next he had to make good on his pledge for more council housing. The heads of the major building firms were summoned and told that they had to build state owned homes at low cost on the sites of old barracks and airfields or lose their licenses. Tenants, mostly Muslim immigrants, were told that their accommodation was dependent on their continued support of the Labour Party.
All traces of British imperial past were excluded from the school curriculum and all statues of former heroes, Churchill, Dowding, Thatcher were ordered to be torn down and replaced with effigies of the Tolpuddle martyrs and Trade Union leaders. Similarly with all street names and public parks or areas. Trafalgar Square was renamed Scargill Square. Following the first state visit by a foreign dignitary, the Prime Minister of the Irish Republic, flanked by Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, Northern ireland was forcibly returned to the Irish Republic amidst much rejoicing on the Falls Road and much dismay in the Shankill Road.
The nationalisation of the railways and abuse of corporate powers had seen a flight of big companies from the UK leading to huge stock market losses and major removal of capital from the Country. The Bank of England was forced to print more money to keep the cogs of power turning but the NHS was now in permanent decline as most doctors had emigrated leaving behind a non-English speaking rump. Arabic was fast becoming the first language of public health.
Within two years, the Country, out of direction and leadership, was spiralling to a chaotic and catastrophic end with all that made the Country great, its culture, its tradition but most of all the fair minded Britishness of the indigenous peoples, gone. You cannot build a Constitution around Human Rights. It just doesn't work.

Across the Nation, in the Shires and Home Counties, more and more people tended to place a jug of water on their dining tables and in increasing numbers raise their glasses above to toast the King (Across The Water). The fight back had begun.

Saturday 6 February 2016

Derivation of Character

Two stories in the press about unexpected behaviour caught my eye this week. The first concerned Jack Letts, the son of an Oxfordshire organic farmer and baker.

The second concerned the son, Jake Petty, of a Church of England minister.

The interesting connection is that both men, although ostensibly well balanced Englishmen, expressed an interest in learning Arabic before fleeing to a Near East war zone. Why? What was it in their brain that compelled them to join the jihadists?
The answer may well lie in my theory explaining the origin of 'character' and the mechanism by which Nature endows a person. see my Youtube talk: The Davies Hypothesis

Letts' father had been born in Canada but it is documented that in the 1870s many Arabs made their way to that Country. In England there has been an Arab presence since the Cornish set up trade with the 'Spanish' Caliphate of Cordoba; perhaps earlier. Could it be that both young men had Arab genes in their ancestry and both inherited the character of an Arabic speaking forefather. It would explain why they wanted to learn Arabic, a language they would find easy to master because they already knew it, albeit deep in their psyche.
It is, of course, almost impossible to prove the connection and therefore my theory since it would also need to be shown that their birthdays coincided, but it does offer a potential solution to the questions we posed.