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Friday 26 February 2016

Why do humans keep making the same mistakes?

After corporate or administrative blunders we are promised that 'steps will be taken to ensure that it will never happen again'. Yet it does; time and time again. It is almost as if human beings are programmed to repeat mistakes of the past, never learning lessons including the most serious involving war.
In the past week the report into sexual abuse of young boys and girls by two employees of the BBC has been published. As usual the spokesman for the Corporation has repeated the old mantra and as usual it is worthless. The same can be said of the Vatican enquiry into child abuse by Catholic priests. But why are human beings so poor at remembering and acting on past mistakes, often resulting in widespread misery.
Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that as humans we pass on our genes at a young age, never, therefore, passing on the benefits of WISDOM. Nowadays we have our children befor the age of forty having only had less than twenty years of maturity. This is hardly enough to amass the lifetime of learning we would like to pass on to our children and their progeny.
For more on this and why there are so few geniuses, look at my video here:

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