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Wednesday 30 July 2014

The Theory of Everything

Let me ask you a question? What is the square root of one?
Most people will come up with the answer one and most certainly a fewer number will come up with the answer, minus one. This simple fact introduces us to the fact that mathematics does not offer us the absolute truth. If we do not know what unity means we can have no confidence in any aspect of life and ultimately the meaning of the universe.
But wait; are there any other facets of the number one? The cube root of one gives us the answer plus one but the fourth root gives us the answers 1, -1, i, -i  where i is the square root of minus one. Now we are even less certain of what unity means. I shall call these terms the four facets of unity.
What does this mean in real terms; how does it effect us in the real universe, if at all? The answer is not a lot but it does tell us a lot about the real nature of the world we inhabit. Let me explain.
In my book, 'SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSION' I explain how by using these different facets of unity, neglecting for the moment the term '-i' we can demonstrate the duality of the universe. I have shown that the universe we experience, U, can be described by the equation:
U = ± √[ u² + (-u)² + (iu)²]
where u = the real universe, -u = the unreal universe,  iu = the imaginary universe and i = √-1

This gives us U = ± u, demonstrating the dual nature of the universe. We shouldn't be surprised because the ancients always told us that the universe was composed of the light and dark, good and evil, heaven and earth etc.
What happens if we include the fourth facet of unity, '-i'? Its simple; we rewrite the above equation like so:
U = ± √[ u² + (-u)² + (iu)² + (-iu)²]
When we resolve this equation we get:  U = 0. Everything cancels each other out.
Yippee, I hear you say but it serves to demonstrate a key fact; nothing less than the ultimate reality of life; the Theory of Everything. The Universe as REPRESENTED by the symbol 'zero', what I refer to as the Pleroma, is in fact an exact balance of the 'real' and 'unreal' components.
But if the world we inhabit has any meaning, what happens to the fourth facet of unity, I hear you ask? Good question and one that can only be answered in the 'Creation' process. The Pleroma, although dimensionless, is infinite in space and eternal in time. At some random time the '-iu' term disappears from the equation, causing the schism which gives rise to the dual universe in which we live and all the energy and matter from which we are made.


Tuesday 29 July 2014

Can the Criminal Justice System cope?

The Governor of the Bank of England intimates that many bankers have committed illegal acts in the past and should face trial. Also in the light of Operation Yewtree, the police have found over 50000 men in possession of illegal computer images of paedophilia. The question is: can the criminal justice system cope with not only the imprisonment of offenders but also their trials?
This is not a time for long drawn out proceedings with expensive drawn out legal arguments that cost the taxpayers a fortune and make the lawyers and barristers the same. Particularly for the bankers' trials, trials should be held without juries on the grounds that arguments will be beyond the understanding of many of the chosen twelve. In any case people (mostly if not all men) found in possession of indecent images should be encouraged to plead guilty. Forget arguments that they are doing research or that they didn't know the images were on the computer; we're sick of hearing the excuses trotted out by legal teams to earn their Chambers huge fees at the public expense. Good justice is quick justice it is said and these crimes should be dealt with as speedily as possible but where to put the guilty?
To cope with the numbers new prisons should be built with no thought to the human rights of prisoners who gave none to their victims. They should be solitarily locked up in small cells with no intermingling with other convicts and no visits from outside. Complaints that this is barbaric should have been addressed before the crime was committed. Food should be basic but additions paid for and supplied by family. There will be no television except for educational and correctional purposes and only suitable reading material on offer. Such a regime should be economic to run, relatively trouble free and with the bonus that inmates will need less time to come to their senses. Once out the chances of reoffending ought to be reduced. This is not the time to be going soft on those who abuse others whether financially or sexually. We need our resources to help the innocent, the many victims of despicable behaviour often perpetrated by those who are in priveleged positions. Weed them out and lock 'em up, NOW.

Sunday 27 July 2014

So you thought the Ukraine conflict had nothing to do with religion. Think again.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the conflict in Ukraine was one of division between those who look for closer ties with the West and those who hanker after a return to some sort of union, perhaps, federation, with Russia. You could be forgiven for thinking that the conflict had nothing to do with religion. Think again.
Problems with an East/ West split in Ukraine go back to the sixteenth Century when the mainly Greek Catholic and Orthodox Country was ceded to the predominantly Roman Catholic, Polish/ Lithuanian Commonwealth. Lying on this religious fault line, Ukraine has suffered since from unrest particularly when three hundred years later the Greek Catholic Church joined forces with the Russian Orthodox Church to attack the Polish Roman Catholic community resulting in tens of thousands of deaths on both sides. When Stalin took over the USSR the Greek Catholic Church was abolished in Ukraine. Since secession from the Russian Federation the Greek Catholic Church has been reinstated but religious divisions in the Country remain.
As usual the Abrahamic religions are at the fore in human conflict and as usual many Churches in the UK will welcome a handful of the faithful to hear a sermon about peace on earth. What hypocrisy! Do the Churches operate in a real world?

Friday 25 July 2014

Is 90% of our DNA junk?

A report in the Daily Mail claims that only a TENTH of human DNA does something important - and the rest is just 'junk'. Dr. Gurton Lunter of Oxford University, the study’s joint lead researcher, said: ‘The vast majority of DNA is sitting there doing nothing. It is taking up space.’

see the article here

It is my contention that much of this so called 'junk' DNA records each and everyone of our predecessors, going back 4 billion years to a beginning of life on earth with a single cell origin. This catalogue of our past is played out in the early stages (first 10 weeks) of a pregnancy by a process known as recapitulation, where, again starting with the fertilised single cell, the embryo passes through the stages of evolutionary development and ends (hopefully) with the latest version of homo sapiens.

For further insights into this subject, please see my book:  SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS

Let me get this straight.

Despite numerous attempts to promote a cease fire, the ruling Hamas group in Gaza continue to attack the unprotected citizens of Israel and ignore the growing casualty list of Palestinians. Over thirty Israelis have been killed but over 700 Palestinian, mostly women and children, have perished in an Israeli counter attack against an enemy well entrenched in schools and mosques. Why?
In a phrase; Hamas has nothing to lose by defying logic and watching their people lose everything.
They argue that before agreeing to a ceasefire they need assurances for the future.
They want an end to the embargo on imports to Gaza.  Presumably so that they can import more weapons to attack Israel.
They want the border with Egypt opened. Presumably to expedite the movement of weapons with which to attack Israel.
They want better access to the West Bank. Presumably to negate the need to dig expensive tunnels with which to prosecute their attack on defenceless Jews.
Can you point to a single measure taken by Hamas that promotes a better standard of life for the citizens of Gaza?
On the other hand the Israeli side need to understand that they cannot continue to oppress these people and build townships on disputed land. Of all people the Israeli people should understand the consequence of persecuting a race.

For humanity's sake, stop this nonsense; this self destructive race to oblivion. You are all peoples of the Middle East. Abandon the politics of hate and embrace the hope of reconciliation. You can do it. You must do it.

Thursday 24 July 2014

Democracy in action

Readers of my Blog will know that I am no fan of a democracy where the lemmings are allowed to vote in the Lemming Party despite it bringing the UK to its financial knees twice in the last fifty years.

We have here another example of Democracy in action.

You could be forgiven for thinking this mass brawl was a public disorder but it was in fact the Ukranian parliament in session after approving the sending of more troops to the East to face pro Russian rebels. Meanwhile we see no such uncivilized behaviour in the Russian governmental system, where total subjugation to Putin seems to be in place. Here there are no costly debates about future policy, no very costly public enquiries into government decisions and no very very costly questioning of the Leader's handling of Russian affairs. The perceived Russian national interest comes first, second and third. Contrast this with Europe's response to the Ukranian problem where each so called Democratic Country is trying to appear part of the whole whilst fiercely protecting their own National interest. Could it be that what we are witnessing in the Ukranian parliament today will be played out, perhaps not so aggressively, over the next months in Brussels as the EU begins to fragment amongst accusations of hypocrisy and betrayal and the unelected President, Juncker, comes under greater scrutiny.

I suggest that the West needs true National leaders, backed by a peoples Assembly,  unfettered by:
 i. notions of an unrealistic democracy where the ignorant and selfish determine policy and
ii. religious dogma where zealots, despite current wisdom, peddle their perverse ideology.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

6 questions for believers

Here are six questions that ought to be addressed by those who believe in a  God of Abraham.

To the Christians.

1. If Jesus was the Son of God, why didn't he convince more people of his message? Surely if he really was the son of the Christian God of Abraham, not one person on earth would have missed the message.
2. Why is it that soon after his death, people couldn't agree on his nature, was he God, was he mortal or a mixture of both, and schism appeared in the Church? For example Rome seperated from the Orthodox church in Constantinople and today there are countless different offshoots. Why?
3. When Protestantism appeared there was no divine intervention to protect the Catholic truth. Why not?
4. Why cannot the Christian Churches agree on the role of women and questions such as contraception? Surely prayer would have brought an answer to all outstanding questions in the last two millenia. From the Christian God of Abraham there has been not a word. Don't you think that's strange?
5. Why do you put such faith in a book written nearly two thousand years ago, much of which has been passed down verbally from generation to generation and therefore open to ambiguity?
6. What evidence have you personally witnessed that there is a God rather than a consequence of nature?

To the Jewish community.

1. Despite the long held view that they are the Chosen people, the Jewish community have from the start been betrayed by their God of Abraham. Why persist with an ideology that has let you down time and time again? You surely can't still believe that you are being 'tested'.
2. For example, why or how did Yahweh allow the holocaust if he truly loved his people?
3. Why did the Jewish God of Abraham watch the destruction of Solomon's temple and do you really believe another will be built to house the Arc of the Covenent?
4. Why does the Jewish God of Abraham watch on as his people fight a never ending war for survival in the Middle East?
5. Why do you put such faith in a book written nearly two thousand years ago, much of which has been passed down verbally from generation to generation and therefore open to ambiguity? If the Jewish God of Abraham really was responsible for the Torah, why was he so modest about the detail of the Creation?
6. What evidence have you personally witnessed that there is a God rather than a consequence of nature?

To the followers of Islam.

1. If Allah is the Lord of Mercy and the Giver of Mercy, why Jihad?
2. Why do you not know whether to follow the Shia or Sunni practice? The Qu'ran, supposedly the Word of God,  doesn't tell you.  Why not? Does the Qu'ran and the Imams who study it contain any truth?
3. Why do you pray five times a day when it clearly doesn't work? Imagine the number of prayers since the days of Allah and look at Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan today. Would you think that prayers have worked especially for Arabic speaking peoples when you can see the development, without Allah's help, in the western countries?
4. Where was Allah when the Moors were expelled from the Iberian peninsular by the Christian kings? Did he forsake you or is it the truth that He or She does not exist?
5. The Qu'ran was compiled by humans, ignoring the so called 'satanic' verses. Doesn't this compromise the premise that the book is the Word of the Islamic God of Abraham. Why was the Qu'ran written in Arabic only? Surely if it truly were the word of God, it would have appeared simultaneously in every tongue and been made available to every person on earth!
6. What evidence have you personally witnessed that there is a God rather than a consequence of nature?

For those who cannot submit to the questionnaire because to do so would appear to question their God, I say this: you really must question your ability to enjoy the gift of 'free will'. Your unwavering determination to observe blind faith, because that is what it is,  betrays any commitment to intelligence and humanity.
Consider this: if you take the measured view that there is insufficient evidence for the existence of God, then on the Day of Judgement a merciful God must accept some responsibility and act accordingly.

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Child abuse by politicians

The government has announced a review into possible child abuse by parliamentarians and others in authority at the end of the last century. Good! It's about time and while they are at it, perhaps they should look into rumours of wrong doing at Dunblane and the reason for the 100 year secrecy order. It may be innocent but then again with what we're hearing...
MPs wishing to announce their leaving parliament at the next General Election may be seen to be jumping before they are pushed ahead of the report's findings.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Nigel Farage: Dave is whistling in the wind

Nigel doesn't disappoint at the EU. How can anyone think that the UK wants anything to do with this lot? Surely we want only a trading pact allowing us to trade more appropriately with the English speaking peoples in the Commonwealth and around the world. Nigel says what other UK politicians are too frightened to say.