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Wednesday 9 September 2020

Second Wave

 In April, this Blog suggested that the outbreak of Covid19 might be related to the planet passing through debris from the Perseid shower in August 2019. see:

If this idea has any credibility then one might expect that following the earth's transiting the Perseid shower in 2020 there might be a second wave of the virus. It would also be expected that this second wave would not be so severe because the population has attained some immunity.

Is this not what is being observed around the world?

The relevance of the Liberal Democrats

 Did you see Ed Davey on tv yesterday? He was trying to answer the question: Are the Liberal Democrats relevant today?

Their performance at the last General Election was lamentable and they have changed their leader five times in the last year or two. So what did Davey have to say? 'I shall travel the length and breadth of the Country listening to what the electorate needs and wants'. Later in the interview he explained that despite the referendum, he was still passionately pro Europe. What, therefore, is the point of the listening exercise? Whatever the populace tell him he won't change his mind on those matters that he is passionate about. A complete waste of time.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Legal aid stupidity

 The case of  policeman Andrew Harper highlights, yet again, how stupid the UK legal system can be at times. A policeman dies, three men admit responsibility and yet the lawyers for the defence still claim £465,000 in tax payers money. How the hell can they run up such a bill. It was bad enough that the men could get away with a charge of manslaughter instead of murder but wouldn't it be better if the money, instead of defending the indefensible was given to the widow of the victim. Now, it transpires that these lawyers are having another dig in the trough by contesting the severity of the sentence already the subject of an appeal by the prosecution on the grounds of leniency.

It's time that the legal aid system was overhauled to give better value for money for the taxpayer but with so many lawyers in parliament one shouldn't hold your breath.

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Racial Tensions growing

 Racial tensions around the world are growing. Improved mobility allows populations to spread out exposing residents to fear of being swamped by strangers. The Greeks, have intimated that their Country no longer welcomes immigrants as they cannot cope with the numbers. The British, long renowned for their tolerance and aid for people seeking refuge, have reached a point close to breaking. You can feel the tension especially with the Black Lives matter programme seeking to downplay the success of Anglo-Saxons and demonise the miracle of the British Empire.

But is it natural to feel resentment about immigrants? Does nature have a lesson for us?

If you are a signal crayfish in the UK you will think you've done well to populate the rivers at the expense of the indigenous species, succeeding so well that the natives are dwindling in number. So too if you are a grey squirrel, having pushed the native red variety to near extinction in some quarters. The introduction of mink is thought to have led to the demise of water voles and in Australia they curse the introduction of cane toads to control certain pests having unleashed an insatiable carnivore capable of eating pets. Albinos of almost any species are not tolerated by the herd and are usually killed. Clearly diversity doesn't always work in nature as Neanderthal Man can testify having failed to live in harmony with homo erectus.No one thought to march or protest for equality there as nature took its course. There was no Neanderthal Lives Matter.

So, if nature warns of the problems of racial disharmony, what do we make of the call for diversity in modern life; to live peacefully, side by side, with people of different cultures, beliefs, appearance and habits? Don't the lessons from nature tell us that, except in small numbers, it is bound to fail and true integration is a fantasy of the young left liberal idealists? Is it not the case that immigrants to whatever country tend to gravitate to people of their own language and culture, to go where they are comfortable and feel welcomed, thereby forming their own communities and ghettos. It is a fallacy to suggest that this causes no problems with the indigenous population and it is wrong to pin labels such as racist and fascist on those who express disquiet about rising numbers of 'foreigners' in their neighbourhood.

What is the answer? I can't help but feel that the best place for immigrants that want to keep their own way of life, their culture and beliefs is back in their own Country or one that shares their values. It could be that their own Countries will eventually need their skills to rebuild a just society rather than spreading disquiet and unhappiness in another.

We have been warned.