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Tuesday 28 January 2020

Brexit end game

As the UK approaches regaining independence from the European Union it is worth remembering that in a democratic referendum, the voting population rejected being a member of an ever burgeoning political confederation of European states.
When the UK joined the European Communities in 1973, the country was joining a 'common market', a sensible attempt to free the continent from tariffs and duties and thereby promoting trade. I suggest that a majority of the voters would have opted to stay in such an arrangement even if it did seem to favour the German automotive industry and the fishing fleets of almost every other European country.

Sunday 12 January 2020

Royal Duty

Tomorrow, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family will meet to consider the request from the Prince Harry to step back from front line Royal duties. The Prince's wife, the Duchess of Sussex will contribute via conference call from her bolt hole in Canada.
It seems that the Duchess, an American actress, cannot cope with the demands expected of her as a member of the Family, wishing to withdraw from public life whilst retaining some privileges. Harry will understand that it is nigh on impossible to be half Royal and having accepted his hand in marriage, I am sure he will be disappointed that Meghan has failed expectations. He will also be mindful that previous liaisons between members of the Royal Family and American woman have led to tensions, not only in the UK. Harry might have remembered the old adage that royalty should 'walk out' with actresses, not marry them.
Her Majesty would do well to remind her Grandson that in 1940, she too had the opportunity to scarper to Canada to avoid the relentless bombing of London by the Luftwaffe, but unlike him she chose to face the enemy directly. As her mother put it: 'she couldn't face other Londoners if she'd deserted her post'.

This blog wishes her Majesty well, mindful that, as always, her duty will guide her ministrations and set an example to all.

Thursday 2 January 2020

New Year 2020

May I wish all my readers a happy, healthy New Year.

For myself, I hope that my hobby, writing novels and other works of interest, finally becomes a commercial success. After all, people around the world still read both paperbacks and ebooks and are looking for new authors beyond, for example, the Pattinsons and Cusslers. I need a new car this year so rather than beg may I implore readers to take a leap of imagination and embrace the literary art of yours truly; there is plenty of choice. see:

What do I hope for beyond the health and happiness of my own family and friends?
A realisation that we have only one human right. We have no right to be happy, to be married or have a family. We only have a right to the opportunity to exist or live. That's all; the other is just a wish list unrecognised in nature.
An abrupt change in the polarisation of wealth by legislating how much executives including political leaders can divert corporate wealth to their own accounts. To stop completely the reward for failure especially in the public domain and the reversal of legislation that allows the public to sue public institutions, especially the NHS. If you are happy to accept for free the services of this overstretched service then you must accept the consequences. You should not be able to sue yourself. Failing clinicians should be disciplined according to the sentiment above.