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Sunday 12 January 2020

Royal Duty

Tomorrow, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family will meet to consider the request from the Prince Harry to step back from front line Royal duties. The Prince's wife, the Duchess of Sussex will contribute via conference call from her bolt hole in Canada.
It seems that the Duchess, an American actress, cannot cope with the demands expected of her as a member of the Family, wishing to withdraw from public life whilst retaining some privileges. Harry will understand that it is nigh on impossible to be half Royal and having accepted his hand in marriage, I am sure he will be disappointed that Meghan has failed expectations. He will also be mindful that previous liaisons between members of the Royal Family and American woman have led to tensions, not only in the UK. Harry might have remembered the old adage that royalty should 'walk out' with actresses, not marry them.
Her Majesty would do well to remind her Grandson that in 1940, she too had the opportunity to scarper to Canada to avoid the relentless bombing of London by the Luftwaffe, but unlike him she chose to face the enemy directly. As her mother put it: 'she couldn't face other Londoners if she'd deserted her post'.

This blog wishes her Majesty well, mindful that, as always, her duty will guide her ministrations and set an example to all.

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