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Saturday 18 July 2020

Police Brutality

When we hear the phrase, 'police brutality' we immediately assume it refers to the police inflicting pain on the citizenship.  In some cases the policemen involved (its nearly always policemen not policewomen because equality doesn't work like that) lose their jobs and livelihoods, possibly their liberty.
Whilst recognising that some standards have to be maintained, surely it is right to understand that apprehending a felon can be a physically and mentally challenging proposition, one not normally encountered by the general public. Different situations and different suspects require different tactics and I suggest that these can seem brutal but who are we to judge what is or isn't required in the heat of the moment. The police on the ground, those who confront danger daily, not knowing if they will be killed or seriously injured each and every day, need to know they have the support of senior officers and politicians not sacrificed on the altar of 'woke' social correctness. 
Would it be more convenient for the Police Commissioners if the policemen died in the course of their duty rather than face accusations of police brutality?

Monday 13 July 2020

Natural Remedy

Covid19, now a pandemic, has taken over half amillion lives, worldwide. There is every indication that the virus will be with forever in the same way that flu can never be eradicated, popping up from time to time in different parts of the world, respecting no cultures or nationalities.
Is it time to recognise that the introduction of the the virus is in fact Nature's way of maintaining a balance in the biosphere, correcting the problem of overpopulation, beyond that which the planet cannot sustain. Now exceeding seven billion, the earth's population has already seen the ocean's larder plundered almost to extinction and evermore people fighting for the diminishing fertile land. Forests, essential for the planet's wellbeing are being felled for palm oil as conglomerates exploit every chance to keep the globe fed.
With no obvious way to stop people procreating, Governments fail to act, afraid of contravening human right legislation, Nature has to take a hand. It will be brutal, taking the young and old alike; the well and infirm of all religions and none.
Science will come up with ways to alleviate the suffering and control the spread of one strain only for another to spring up. Covid20 is just round the corner and Covid21 after that until the population of the planet can be sustained by natural resources.
Nature has another brutal solution but one less palatable, perhaps. War. It is not uninevitable as the major powers, the US, China and Russia vie for global domination. This confrontation, seemingly man made, is in effect a manifestation of Nature's survival of the fittest strategy. When people get down of their knees to pray, they shouldn't be entreating their non-existing gods for help but beseeching mother Nature for guidance.

Thursday 2 July 2020

Now lock 'em up!

The police in the UK have arrested 700 people on suspicion of serious crime. They have been taken as police intercepted encrypted messages sent by members of serious crime organisations. The operation is considered to be significant.
Now, the courts need to play their part. Defence lawyers, paid handsomely, will no doubt put up spurious claims based on human rights and similar but the courts should not shirk their duty and send these career criminals away for a long time.
Have we room in the prisons? If not convert the Nightingale hospital into a high security unit based on solitary confinement, no visitors, no telephones, no association.