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Friday 26 July 2013


The Archbishop of Canterbury's hopes to destroy pay-day loan Company Wonga by supporting non-profit making Credit Unions went awry when it was pointed out that the Church of England are indirect investors in the firm.
Justin Welsby admitted his embarrassment but he mustn't alter course. He is right to follow his instincts and seek to close down those squalid, money-grabbing operations that prey on the most vulnerable in society and while he is at it, change the investment policy of the Church.

Thursday 25 July 2013

Church of England v Wonga

I was cheered, today, to hear that the Church of England is going to use its power to help people in a pragmatic way by supporting an alternative to 'Pay-day' loan companies. About time too!
Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welsby, has announced that he wants to put Wonga, the largest such lender, out of business. He should be applauded and given every encouragement to supply real help to people rather than the usual mythological mumbo-jumbo his people usually come out with.

The Church will not offer cash but will, instead, offer the use of Church premises to house what are called 'Credit Unions'. These non-profit organisations typically offer short term loans with a typical APR of 50% compared with the 5000% of the pay day loan companies.
The move might encourage people of all persuasions or none to go into a church and feel the therapeutic and calming atmosphere to be found in a house that ought to glorify the best of mankind including its saints and prophets.

This may be the first sign that those at the top are beginning to recognise that the old style of Capitalism has run its course. I don't yet know the answer but the polarisation of wealth has reached a point at which social unrest is, to my mind, on the point of boiling over in many parts of the world. Strangely, I have faith in the new Archbishop of Canterbury. I feel that he will do good and the way in which he does it may surprise many in his Church.

Trial of soldier 2

The judge at the trial of SAS soldier, Danny Nightingale, has made disparaging remarks about those, including his family and friends, who have voiced their support for the defendant.
In sentencing the soldier to two years suspended jail sentence, he commented that previous criticism of court proceedings were misinformed and unhelpful, bordering on contempt.
Bollocks! Judge Blackett's words might be construed as giving comfort to the enemy and to my mind that's treachery. Take him down!

Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Royal baby

CONGRATULATIONS to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of the prince; the third in line to the crown.

Roughly speaking about three heirs to the Crown are born each century, so this is a very rare occasion and one that gives almost universal joy to the peoples of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. As one American commentator said, the citizens of the US don't know who'll be President in three years time but the succession of Royal Heads of State is fixed  for all time. It is this certainty that gives the role of the Monarchy the continuity necessary to cement the stability of the Nation and its Commonwealth. It is a lesson that might well be learned by many other Countries seduced by the false promise of Republicism.

May her Majesty's God save the Queen

Friday 12 July 2013

First Night of the Proms

I tuned into watch the first night of the Proms full of expectation, as usual, of a musical bonanza and not for the first time I was disappointed.
The whole season was started with the first ever performance of Julian Anderson's 'Harmony'. The BBC orchestra and huge choir held the promise of rapture but I'm afraid all I heard was noise; the usual tuneless, discordant output we have come to expect from modern day composers.
Sorry, not for me.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Faulty goods and services

If you buy goods or services that later turn out to be faulty, you would normally return to the vendor and make a complaint. It's normal and perfectly legitimate.
Except, that is, if you buy into religious services. If, when you returned to the shop responsible, you found the shopkeeper out or the premises closed down, you might reasonably expect that you have been duped by conmen or fraudsters.
This is pretty much the situation we have now with all the Abrahamic religions, especially today with Islam in the Middle East. Poor (not necessarily destitute) people, especially the vulnerable, have bought into this concept and have discovered that it doesn't deliver any of the benefits.  Yet, when they seek Allah for help he doesn't listen to their prayers. He is absent. Ask any Egyptian or syrian if he can see any sign of Allah as tens of thousands of innocent women and children are slaughtered!
IT CAN NEVER BE THE TRUTH THAT HEAVEN AWAITS WHILE YOU MUST GO THROUGH HELL ON EARTH. That is not a believable scenario for a covenant between God and the people.
I'm convinced that the Abrahamic religions are a con. I'm also coming to the conclusion that the last Pope thought so, too, unusually abdicating his post, because he could no longer, in the wake of the child abuse by priests affair, perpetuate the myths. I shall read his final works with interest, because he was a learned man who had access to much written material in the Vatican archives; more than enough to stifle the claims of the priesthood to legitimacy.

What to do about it? To start with, close down all the churches, synagogues and mosques and ban public religious services. Allow the people to follow their faiths in the privacy of their own homes. Second step; reopen churches, synagogues and mosques as museums dedicated to the spirituality of man, honouring such as Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Mary, and Mohammed for their humanity.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

The Call to prayer on Channel 4

Channel 4 is to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan this year,

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Whilst broadcasting this call to prayer, Channel 4 might also like to take advantage of the opportunity to point out the advantages of prayer.

It might for instance explain that with 1 billion Muslims in the world, praying 5 times a day, that makes nearly two thousand billion prayers each year; none of which seems to stop the Muslim world being amongst the poorest in the world. In addition, prayer seems to have no effect on alleviating the problems of weather extremes or the horrors of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.
Since the days of Muhammed, Muslims have prayed to the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy, 2,555,000 billion times. The result of all this devotion? Look at Gaza, Syria and Egypt today and tell me how it's working! Not much mercy i suggest

Despite all these prayers, Muslims still don't know whether it is better to follow the Shia or Sunni practice. Nor has it made life better in Islamic countries with their warring tribes continuously fighting; the main casualties being innocent women and children. Muslims might like to ask themselves whether Allah is listening or if, indeed, he's there at all.

Go on Channel 4; broadcast the call to prayer but you might also like to append a health warning during the screening.

Monday 1 July 2013

Life reflecting MY fiction

Its happening again. I don't know how many times news stories appear that seem to replicate themes in my novels. I must be psychic.

Now top Vatican bankers resign following money laundering allegations that could have come straight out of my latest work, 'THE GEORGE AT BUSTINGTON', available for download from or Amazon,

This is not the first time. See here or here

Be ahead of the news; buy my books on Amazon for the price of a pint of lager or less.

Public interest trials

Who is the treacherous bastard that has sanctioned the trial of the gallant soldier, charged with possession of a firearm?
Does he or she imagine this is in the public interest? Can you see this happening in Russia or China?
Sometimes, no often, I despair of those who are in charge of the UK legal profession. If I was a serving soldier, putting my life on the line for the UK, its mostly wonderful and loyal peoples, my family and friends I might wonder about those traitors, including those in senior military positions, who insist on tying my hands behind my back. For what? Pedantic rules and regs that are a million miles away from the real world soldiers, sailors airmen and women inhabit to keep the UK safe.
Come on Cameron! Stop this nonsense and throw behind bars those responsible for this grotesque treachery. And while you are at it, stop those lawyers from taking advantage of legal aid to appeal no hope immigrants.

BBC profligacy

The National Audit Office concluded that the BBC's "weak governance have led to payments that exceeded contractual entitlements and put public trust at risk … This has resulted in payments that have not served the best interests of licence-fee payers".

Damning comment on the BBC's profligacy with the Licence Fee payer's money. They never learn, do they? Even when the same License fee payers are clamouring for an end to the endless repeats, the BBC top brass continue to underperform with poor, non-family friendly programmes, harboring criminals, cover-ups and downright obfuscation of what really goes on behind closed doors. The incestuous scratch my back and I'll scratch yours policy amongst these obscenely highly paid executives defies belief and above them all, Director General Patten seems content to go with the flow. But then, as far as I can see, he's never fought for anything in his life. 'If we don't pay such high rates we won't get the quality' is the usual mantra they trot out on these occasions but its a load of bollocks.

Dare we hope that the Government will lean on the regulators of the BBC and begin a new era of giving value for money for the majority and more realistic rewards for the very few at the top of an organisation that is becoming a joke, a byword for socialist leaning trough feeders?