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Monday 1 July 2013

Public interest trials

Who is the treacherous bastard that has sanctioned the trial of the gallant soldier, charged with possession of a firearm?
Does he or she imagine this is in the public interest? Can you see this happening in Russia or China?
Sometimes, no often, I despair of those who are in charge of the UK legal profession. If I was a serving soldier, putting my life on the line for the UK, its mostly wonderful and loyal peoples, my family and friends I might wonder about those traitors, including those in senior military positions, who insist on tying my hands behind my back. For what? Pedantic rules and regs that are a million miles away from the real world soldiers, sailors airmen and women inhabit to keep the UK safe.
Come on Cameron! Stop this nonsense and throw behind bars those responsible for this grotesque treachery. And while you are at it, stop those lawyers from taking advantage of legal aid to appeal no hope immigrants.

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