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Monday 1 July 2013

BBC profligacy

The National Audit Office concluded that the BBC's "weak governance have led to payments that exceeded contractual entitlements and put public trust at risk … This has resulted in payments that have not served the best interests of licence-fee payers".

Damning comment on the BBC's profligacy with the Licence Fee payer's money. They never learn, do they? Even when the same License fee payers are clamouring for an end to the endless repeats, the BBC top brass continue to underperform with poor, non-family friendly programmes, harboring criminals, cover-ups and downright obfuscation of what really goes on behind closed doors. The incestuous scratch my back and I'll scratch yours policy amongst these obscenely highly paid executives defies belief and above them all, Director General Patten seems content to go with the flow. But then, as far as I can see, he's never fought for anything in his life. 'If we don't pay such high rates we won't get the quality' is the usual mantra they trot out on these occasions but its a load of bollocks.

Dare we hope that the Government will lean on the regulators of the BBC and begin a new era of giving value for money for the majority and more realistic rewards for the very few at the top of an organisation that is becoming a joke, a byword for socialist leaning trough feeders?  

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