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Saturday 31 March 2012


When Cameron came to power we had high hopes that even shackled to the Lib-Dems he could change the Country for the better after thirteen years of disgraceful Socialism.
Since then he has made little impact on the major problems facing the country. When looking at these problems we must bear in mind that as Prime Minister he must put the welfare of the British nation FIRST and foremost. Nobody else.
He promised a referendum on Europe and renaged on that. British Nation first. We were promised that legislation passed by the Socialists would be immediately repealed and a new vote on hunting. Nothing. British Nation first. We were promised action on the European Court of Human Rights. Nothing, and people are still taking liberties with British goodwill and friendliness to subvert the traditional way of life. British Nation first.
Whilst the British at home are struggling he is ring-fencing foreign aid to countries such as India and China in the mistaken belief that this somehow is good for Britain. Despite his protestations most of this aid finishes up in the Swiss bank accounts of despots. British Nation first.

Power. If he is not careful the lights will go out over the UK. Private companies are queuing up to stop investing in the Country's power generation. He will leave us at the mercy of the Russian gas suppliers. He needs to pump public money into a new generation of power stations and resurrect Britains long lost lead in Nuclear technology. Technology the country can export globally. Harwell were once world leaders; they can be again. British Nation first.

Defense:  The MOD has failed the armed forces with poor decision making in line with their ridiculous bonuses. Who instigated bonuses for Civil Servants in the Ministry of Defence. They want shooting. Aircraft carriers ordered and no money for planes to equip them. The country is a laughing stock. Royal Ordnance Factories closed as the UK's arms are imported from abroad. How can we build an industry where we once dominated if we buy from abroad? British Nation first.

Home Office. The latest election results from Bradford is a watershed. Soon there will be no chance to curb the spread of Islamic culture through huge swathes of the British isles. Those already in the country must be told to integrate or leave. The border agency must put a total stop to uncontrolled immigration even if this is seen as upsetting peoples human rights. They must be told that they can fulfill their human rights need by staying at home. Repatriation to their native country of those who will not speak the language should be encouraged. British Nation first.

Transport:  Britain should plan ahead for an all electric track and pod transport system that would be a world leader. We should be pioneering the new systems that can be exported world-wide. British Nation first.

Education: Michael Goves to continue his good work. The National Union of teachers must not be allowed to stand in the way of upgrading the education of children in the most appropriate way including the promotion of 'elite' students. The one size fits all ideology does not work. Bring back Grammar Schools and kick Marxism out of the schools. British Nation first.

The list could go on. Cameron is a good speaker in Parliament but the Nation needs more. It needs someone to restore, besides prosperity a Pride in what the British people have done before, our history and achievements and what we should stand for today. British Nation first.

Friday 30 March 2012

Respect Party

The Respect Party of ex Labour Party member, George Galloway, has won the Bradford West by-election by a huge majority, crushing the official Labour candidate by over ten thousand votes. The other Parties were distant also-rans.
Galloway seems to have won this contest by mobilising the Muslim youth, particularly those with connections with Pakistan, by stressing his previous opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his previous Pakistani honours and his adherence to some Muslim culture. That he seems to have won the confidence of local Imams seems evident by the huge turnout in his favour. The question is: was he right to do it? Surely the point of elections in the UK is to elect the Party that will do more for the electorate of that particular seat. It seems that Galloway won his seat with a manifesto that owed more to promises on foreign affairs and addressing the concerns of the Afghanistan Taliban rather than the people of Bradford.
Now he is back in Westminster, will he be obliged to promote the interests of his Muslim constituents at all times. What if there is conflict with the white community and how will he peacefully reconcile differences?

I believe that the sweet talking Galloway is going to rock the boat and he doesn't care who is going to go overboard in his determination to hit back at the Party that expelled him under Tony Blair. Sadly, amongst those to lose in this one-man's vindictive resolve to seek revenge for the slight, are going to be the indigenous white population who will find themselves disenfranchised in the new Muslim dominated North Midlands. I wonder if this election will mark the beginning of a huge exodus of the non Muslim population of the region and will it lead to widespread civil unrest as the East meets West in a devastating conflict of cultures.

A polite question.  If Allah is so great, why have so many Muslims quit Pakistan and settled in Christian Britain? Why?

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Party politics

The Prime Minister is in trouble for entertaining wealthy PARTY supporters in the public rooms in Downing Street and Chequers contrary to accepted wisdom. It reinforces the notion that the Conservative Party is the party for the well-off and is being exploited politically for all its worth by a Labour Party that is almost wholly funded by Trade Unions.
In todays polls, the Labour Party is shown to be ahead, demonstrating yet again the tendency for the Lenmmings to vote for the Lemming Party despite it being only two years since the Socialists led the country to the brink of the economic abyss.
The truth is that the present 'Democratic' process is seriously flawed and as a result the people are not being properly served. I can't see that it will ever change and can only hope that a new force like UKIP will emerge to shake today's established order.


The latest news that an Afghanistani army officer shot dead two British troops for not allowing him entry to an airfield should tell us something about the Afghanistanis and this war. That the Afghanistani was also shot dead begs the question of whether or not he built this possibility into his action- in other words was this a suicide mission and was the officer a Taliban sympathiser.
Whatever, is it not now the time to say enough British lives have been lost in support of a nation that is lost to Western and civilised influence? The country as far as I can tell are not appreciative of what is being done on their behalf and most resent the presence of foreign troops on their soil. In almost ten years of war, they produce as much heroin now as they ever did and production will increase when the US and British forces leave in two years time. The Taliban too will be back, leaving one to ask, why not leave now? I don't think that those troops that have died so far would think that they've died in vain by leaving the theatre of war early especially if it preserves a single British life. No! As usual they have performed their task with the customary bravery and fortitude associated with British forces. It is for history to decide whether or not Blair and other politicians blundered by entering this far off conflict and if it improved global security. In my opinion it will make no difference; at least no more than better vigilance by the border authorities, inspecting visitors from Pakistan, say, would have achieved and a stronger, more determined effort to weed out the troublemakers at home.

Monday 19 March 2012

Road Transport Policy

The Government are to look at plans to improve road infrastructure that may lead to the introduction of private tolls. Key to the report are the present high levels of congestion becoming worse in the future, the spiralling cost of maintenance and the need to find a practical alternative to fossil fuels. The last part is my addition but it needs to be taken into consideration in any review of transport policy.
Clearly the Government haven't read my book 'The Lamb at Nettlesham' where a solid strategy for the future of road transport is laid out. It requires the Government to give twenty years notice to the motor manufacturers that the use of 'freewheeling' vehicles in the country will cease and that from that time all vehicles will operate along electronic tracks.
Here are the key points:-

1. Roads will be converted to multitrack highways with the number of electric tracks determined by the size of the present highway. Motorways for instance could have as many as two dozen high speed tracks.
2. Cars will be replaced by 'pods', built to various specifications as now. (Since people will not be driving, drinking is permitted and bars could be fitted as standard).
3. Customers will join the network at a local hub (Running on a low power electric engine). Punch in the postcode of their destination and sit back to be taken automatically to their destination. Speeds will be commensurate with the roads used, reaching over 200mph on 'motorways'.
4. Costs will be on a per mile travelled basis.
5. The network would be built and maintained by the motor manufacturers as a condition of their license to build pods.
6. Some parts of the remote UK, for instance the extreme north of Scotland, the use 'freewheeling' electric cars will be allowed, creating a much needed 'motoring' tourism for those who would still like to steer their own course.

There is much more to the programme, but some of the advantages, apart from those addressing the main questions, are easily observed.
There is no speeding. Safety controls will allow vehicles to proceed at optimum speed with enhanced collision avoidance systems. In the event of an accident, all pods using the road will automatically be rerouted by the system.
Reduced policing costs. Stolen pods for instance will be automatically routed to the nearest police station.
No road blocks. The system will take the customer along the quickest available route.
The whole is driven by electricity. There will be no need for oil products. Service stations can be accessed for refreshment as before but there will be no need to refuel.
I'm sure you can think of many more.

Freight would be taken along converted railway lines.

Apart from the benefits of easier travel, UK companies and therefore the UK could benefit from being at the forefront of the technology which could be wheeled out globally, adding to the Country's exports.

Friday 16 March 2012

Goldman Sachs

A former Goldman Sachs senior trader has broken cover and told the world that the big banks think of their customers or clients as 'muppets'. He adds that their sole purpose in life is accumulating more wealth for themselves rather that provide a service.

We didn't need this confirmation- we already knew that non-retail banking and investment bankers are the epitomy of greed, both for money and power. The question is-when will Governments around the world have the courage and conviction to rein these people in before they become so powerful they move outside the scope of the law altogether?

The optimistic brain

I watched two television programmes recently that set me thinking. The first was presented by the Venetian nobleman Francesco da Mosta who was touring his native Italy. He was explaining that a characteristic of the Italian people owed something to a legacy of two thousand years of the Roman Catholic Church. To illustrate his point he took the viewers to a chapel in  Orvieto cathedral which depicted scenes from the New Testament book of Revelations, that vividly pointed out the trauma of the last judgement and the fate of mankind.

The other programme was Horizon's look at the subconscious human brain and it's huge untapped potential. One of the revelations of experiment had found that the human brain had the capacity to ignore negativity in making judgements, encouraging the breed to take chances in pushing back boundaries, promoting innovation, enterprise and exploration. In other words it has been crucial in the development and growth of the human race.

Although da Mosto felt that the murals in Orvieto may have frightened the faithful, he may have been reassured that the subconscious Italian brain would automatically be discounting the religious threats, allowing the nation to bring up a normal ration of sinners.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Dome on the Rock

Many people are worried that a pre-emptive strike by Israel on Iran this year is inevitable, as any delay would mean that Iran would complete their objective of building a nuclear bomb with which to annihalate the Jewish state.
It is thought likely that following such a pre-emptive strike, Iran would launch a spirited counter-attack unlike the last time Israel hit their nuclear sites. Is it, I ask myself, an opportunity for the Israelis to accomplish one of their known goals- the total destruction of the Dome on the Rock.

Archaeologists have been burowing beneath the structure for years, despite Palestinian opposition. The rock is honeycombed with tunnels and excavations that can be packed with explosives under cover of darkness and detonated as if it were destroyed by an incoming Iranian missile. A spent missile body could be brought in and planted to add authenticity to the story. TV pictures around the globe would portray this as an Arab 'own goal'.
Naturally, neutral observers would be banned from verifying the story and all evidence of a deceit destroyed in the rush to build the new Jewish Temple on the site.

Being neither Arab or Jewish, my observation is without prejudice, other than to say that this action would be entirely due to man and not Allah or Yahweh who despite the 'omnipotent' tags are, as ever, irrelevant.

Sainsbury's Finance

I see on television, this morning, an advert for Sainsbury's Finance.
Sainsbury's like other businesses have jumped on the bandwagon and are trading in money. Why not? It is really the only business in town to be in. Why be a grocer with all the expense of logistics and staff? Why make steel or automobiles with the high costs of modernisation, infrastructure etc when you can sit in air conditioned offices and trade money on your computer. Why does anybody do anything else? Even Virgin are now a Bank.

It is time for the Government to stop all these parasitic finance companies from springing up with their usurous charges. It is time for the Government to make money trading unprofitable. It is time for steelmaking and manufacturing to be made attractive ways of making money, creating real and MERITED wealth.

Friday 2 March 2012

People too incompetent to vote

At last people are beginning to agree with me.
Democracy does not work in the Nation's interest! Fact! Professor David Dunning, a psychologist at Cornell University, believes that many incompetent people simply lack the intellectual tools to make reasoned judgements about candidates. Why then ask them to??

Read more:

The people should have a voice in a talking shop like the Houses of Parliament, where topics should be debated, but although weight might be given to arguments, nothing binding on the Governing body should be passed. The unpaid Governing body, appointed by the Monarch, should solely consider the National Interest in running the country.

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Thursday 1 March 2012

BBC Drama-Submissions

I have just received a rejection letter from the BBC. I've had rejection letters before from literary agencies but I was particularly sad on receiving this one. it was a standard letter explaining that they received so many submissions they could only assess a work on the first ten pages and in my instance, they were not sufficiently impressed.
But why was I particularly saddened by this refusal? I have read many previous screenplays displayed on the BBC web site that have left me wondering on their particular merit. What is it that has captured the reviewers interest in these works? Why is it that these works excite but mine doesn't? It is necessarily a subjective science but I did notice that nearly all the scripts shown were post watershed dramas, not suitable for family viewing. Recently the BBC has shown a gripping drama, 'Inside Men'. I watched and enjoyed it but it was hardly a programme to watch with the children. When, therefore, I submit a 'feel-good' drama for all the family to watch at Christmas, a programme that features the three Magi submitting their gifts in an edition of the renown BBC programme, 'Antiques Roadshow', I thought that it might merit more than the ten page scrutiny, particularly since in these austere times it might be inexpensive to make.
I know that the BBC writersroom receive thousands of scripts a month, but I would like them to be more honest about the selection process. Is it the case that most commissioned dramas are from writers already with the BBC and that the chances of having a work accepted are so infinitesimally small as to verge on the impossible?

To view my submission click on link: