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Tuesday 27 March 2012


The latest news that an Afghanistani army officer shot dead two British troops for not allowing him entry to an airfield should tell us something about the Afghanistanis and this war. That the Afghanistani was also shot dead begs the question of whether or not he built this possibility into his action- in other words was this a suicide mission and was the officer a Taliban sympathiser.
Whatever, is it not now the time to say enough British lives have been lost in support of a nation that is lost to Western and civilised influence? The country as far as I can tell are not appreciative of what is being done on their behalf and most resent the presence of foreign troops on their soil. In almost ten years of war, they produce as much heroin now as they ever did and production will increase when the US and British forces leave in two years time. The Taliban too will be back, leaving one to ask, why not leave now? I don't think that those troops that have died so far would think that they've died in vain by leaving the theatre of war early especially if it preserves a single British life. No! As usual they have performed their task with the customary bravery and fortitude associated with British forces. It is for history to decide whether or not Blair and other politicians blundered by entering this far off conflict and if it improved global security. In my opinion it will make no difference; at least no more than better vigilance by the border authorities, inspecting visitors from Pakistan, say, would have achieved and a stronger, more determined effort to weed out the troublemakers at home.

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