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Thursday 29 September 2011

Labour Party conference

All of a sudden the Labour Party are concerned with youth unemployment. This is strange when you think that these youths have spent their entire academic lives under a Socialist Labour Government which was more concerned about equality than teaching in our schools. With any sort of elitism banished by the likes of the National Union of Teachers, is it any wonder that one employer said last week that he found today's youngsters had no work ethic, were illiterate and innumerate.

Miliband's speech was so bad I had to turn it off. In the bit I heard, it concentrated mostly on what he wasn't. It certainly had no substance and was delivered with a limp voice that matched his appearance. I bet his handshake is limp too. The man is just not credible.
He and other Labourites keep talking of encouraging 'growth' in the economy as if all you had to do was turn on a tap. It sounds good but do they know what the hell it entails? Have they any idea of what industrial growth demands? As Guido Fawkes, the blogger tells us, the Shadow Cabinet of career politicians have no experience of starting and building a business. God help us all if this lot ever gets into power again.

Speed of Light

CERN reports that they may have observed particles called neutrinos travelling at a speed greater than that of light in a vaccuum, contrary to the previously held view that nothing could travel faster. If it is found to be true, scientists will have to rethink the fundamental principles of physics.

Because speed is determined by two quantities, one being distance covered, one aspect of nature that might be rethought is the time taken by the particle. It has ben long assumed that time came into being when the universe we live in was created from nothing and most scientists also assume that time is uni-dimensional. But what if it isn't? What if time is multi-dimensional? What time do humans experience?

Imagine that time has three dimensions, +t, -t, it  where 'i' is the square root of minus one. If it is assumed we can represent this in a graph as shown using the usual Cartesian coordinates.

To find the length of the observed line in terms of t we use the normal geometric construction:

T = √ t² + (-t)² + i²t²

What does this mean?
For humans, perhaps we live in three dimensional time, where the numerical measure is equal in all.

Therefore: T = √t² + t² - t² = t. 

In other words, what we observe is the same as the time originally imagined. But what if neutrinos live in a different time? What if we can identify a time line such that:-

T < t
It might be that there is no -t component and the complex term has a smaller numerical coefficient. We might have something like this:-

T = √t² + 0 - θt²                where   0 < θ < 1

It may be that this time, is therefore less than that taken by light to cover the same distance in a vacuum.That is to say it is faster.

By measuring the observed value of the speed of neutrinos it may be possible to prove or disprove this theory.

Friday 16 September 2011

Pod travel

Driverless pods are in use at Heathrow Airport. The advantages of this mode of transport have been recognised since the seventies but the concept hasn't been taken forward into those areas were maximum impact might be achieved, such as the roads.

In my novel, 'The Lamb at Nettlesham', (available from Amazon as an ebook) the Minister of Transport, introduces a 'Green Paper', outlining a new plan using pods. You can read about the idea by clicking on the link below:

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Fuel poverty

The recent hike in the price of fuel has thrown many families into what is aptly named 'fuel poverty'. The UK has used up its own reserves of oil and coal and now has to rely on imports from other, not necessarily friendly, countries. The situation looks set to worsen.

Energy is an essential commodity for everyone. No one can exist without energy in the same way they cannot live without food and water. So essential is energy for life that it must be one of the main duties of Government to ensure its availability for the Nation. That it has come to this is, in my opinion, evidence of a gross dereliction of duty by numerous Governments, both Socialist and Tory.
Whilst North Sea oil was plentiful, the question of future suppies was happily ignored as the country used its own supply of oil and gas. The nuclear industry under pressure from the environmentalist and green lobby was allowed to run down, despite the UK being at the forefront of research at places such as Culham and Harwell. Now as the countryside is cluttered with ridiculous windmills, wave technology plants remain on the drawing board, even the most ardent of 'green' advocates will rue the day that the country missed its chance. It's no good bleating about the morality of their ridiculous policies if there is no current when you flick the switch or turn on the light.

With the cost of energy now so high, it is time that the Government, on behalf of the population, set up a Public body to source and supply power, based on nuclear energy, possibly using the latest Thorium technology, rather than Uranium. Stop research into fusion technology, it will never work and stop funding the CERN project, a big boy's toy that will never deliver on it's promise of creating the 'big bang'. Instead, use the money to develop what holds the promise of plentiful and sustainable energy. For more information on Thorium click on the link below.

Delay in action will result in disruption of supply, astronomic increase of prices or both resulting in public disorder on a scale so far unimaginable. Now is the time for Government to act and to do it decisively.

Monday 5 September 2011

Scottish Tories. Endangered species

The Tories in Scotland may disband and form a new right-of-centre party. Currently they have just one MP from north of the border (out of fifty odd) with no sign that they could recover in time for the next General Election.

The trouble is that whatever they call the new party, if it looks like the Tories, smells like the Tories and feels like the Tories, as far as the Scottish electorate are concerned they will be the Tories and vote accordingly. Remember, it is the Scots that gave the nation Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, two men who have, in thirteen years, almost ruined the Country and Michael Martin, aka Gorbals Mick, who has redefined the lower limits of the standard required for the post of 'Speaker'. The Scots cannot be trusted to vote in the interests of their own country, let alone the UK.
Ignoring the possibility that Scotland will leave the 'Union', the only hope for the Tories is to ignore opposition from the Socialists, which includes the SNP, and go ahead with the redefinition of electoral boundaries, even it it means constituencies covering a wide area, leading to far fewer Scottish MPs in Westminster.

Friday 2 September 2011

Dale Farm evictions

An illegal travellers' camp is to be bulldozed after an appeal by the residents failed in the High Court. Did they pay for this action themselves or did they have legal aid to pay for the exhorbitant charges of the barristers and the legal profession? Even if the travellers paid for their own counsel (With cash from a huge wad of used twenties), the long suffering ratepayers will foot the bill for their Council's costs, like they have for all the other hearings.
How did it take ten years to come to this? Why did the council allow it to go on for so long?
Another Council with weak management that is profligate with the public's money including the highly inflated salaries of those at the top.
A Council spokesperson will no doubt tell you that they need to pay the Chief Executive a huge salary to attract the right calibre of candidate. Oh yes! The right calibre to lead to this mess. One that is going to cost the ratepayers plenty. I bet the Chief Executive doesn't live next door to this site and I also bet there is no direct telephone line to him if you want to make a complaint. He will be protected from the public he is meant to serve by a posse of hard faced personal assistants that serve to keep track of his invitations to golf days out with other Chief Execs, masquerading as Council business.

This matter should have been dealt with years ago. peoples lives are blighted by these travellers who live as much as possible outside the system, often spending the summer in the England before returning to Ireland for the winter. They operate in a cash world that bypasses the tax system but will take advantage of the free health care. The police rarely venture into these camps because they know that they risk either violent confrontation or condemnation by the Human Rights brigade. Their neighbours have no choice in the matter. Their lives are often blighted with local crime such as break-ins and the filth that the travellers' attract in the course of their 'business'. Those people who live next door to Dale Farm are trapped. as they cannot move because they cannot sell their properties. This, as in so many matters these days, demonstrates that Cameron is a man not fit to lead the Nation. His twisted values seem more akin to the last Socialist administration than to a Conservatism that puts the hard working, law abiding citizens of the UK first. While he pays heed to minority interests, he is neglecting his duties to the Majority; those who pay the bills and are the foundation of what used to be great country. I hope that Cameron and for that matter his right hand man, Hague, get a lot of aggravation at this year's Party Conference. Their vision for the Country seems at odds with what the people of the UK actually want.