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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fuel poverty

The recent hike in the price of fuel has thrown many families into what is aptly named 'fuel poverty'. The UK has used up its own reserves of oil and coal and now has to rely on imports from other, not necessarily friendly, countries. The situation looks set to worsen.

Energy is an essential commodity for everyone. No one can exist without energy in the same way they cannot live without food and water. So essential is energy for life that it must be one of the main duties of Government to ensure its availability for the Nation. That it has come to this is, in my opinion, evidence of a gross dereliction of duty by numerous Governments, both Socialist and Tory.
Whilst North Sea oil was plentiful, the question of future suppies was happily ignored as the country used its own supply of oil and gas. The nuclear industry under pressure from the environmentalist and green lobby was allowed to run down, despite the UK being at the forefront of research at places such as Culham and Harwell. Now as the countryside is cluttered with ridiculous windmills, wave technology plants remain on the drawing board, even the most ardent of 'green' advocates will rue the day that the country missed its chance. It's no good bleating about the morality of their ridiculous policies if there is no current when you flick the switch or turn on the light.

With the cost of energy now so high, it is time that the Government, on behalf of the population, set up a Public body to source and supply power, based on nuclear energy, possibly using the latest Thorium technology, rather than Uranium. Stop research into fusion technology, it will never work and stop funding the CERN project, a big boy's toy that will never deliver on it's promise of creating the 'big bang'. Instead, use the money to develop what holds the promise of plentiful and sustainable energy. For more information on Thorium click on the link below.

Delay in action will result in disruption of supply, astronomic increase of prices or both resulting in public disorder on a scale so far unimaginable. Now is the time for Government to act and to do it decisively.

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