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Monday, 5 September 2011

Scottish Tories. Endangered species

The Tories in Scotland may disband and form a new right-of-centre party. Currently they have just one MP from north of the border (out of fifty odd) with no sign that they could recover in time for the next General Election.

The trouble is that whatever they call the new party, if it looks like the Tories, smells like the Tories and feels like the Tories, as far as the Scottish electorate are concerned they will be the Tories and vote accordingly. Remember, it is the Scots that gave the nation Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, two men who have, in thirteen years, almost ruined the Country and Michael Martin, aka Gorbals Mick, who has redefined the lower limits of the standard required for the post of 'Speaker'. The Scots cannot be trusted to vote in the interests of their own country, let alone the UK.
Ignoring the possibility that Scotland will leave the 'Union', the only hope for the Tories is to ignore opposition from the Socialists, which includes the SNP, and go ahead with the redefinition of electoral boundaries, even it it means constituencies covering a wide area, leading to far fewer Scottish MPs in Westminster.

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