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Monday 23 February 2015

Austin Mitchell's gaff

Austin Mitchell. Labour MP, has finally realised it. People who vote Labour do so without any real understanding of the issues let alone choosing what's in the best interests of the Country.

Now Mr Mitchell has dismissed the idea that Labour is on course to lose a seat it has held since 1945.
He told The Independent on Sunday: 'There is no chance we'll lose Grimsby, even if we selected a raving alcoholic sex paedophile we wouldn't lose Grimsby. The same could be said of monkeys in Hartlepool.

Read more: here

For years this blog has been saying that the majority of people in the traditional working class regions such as the north east England and south Wales act like Lemmings voting for the Lemming Party. It doesn't matter how badly the Labour Party run the country the people follow the Trade's Union message and reject the 'toffs' and follow the Reds over the cliff. Now there is a viable alternative; the working class can snub the arrogant champagne Socialists and vote UKIP. I think that Mr. Mitchell might regret his gaff.

Sunday 22 February 2015

Is she really a racist?

A UKIP councillor, Rozanne Duncan, has admitted that she finds negroid features strange but has no idea why. She is being vilified as a racist and has been expelled from the Party, but why?
She would no doubt find the presence of Emperor penguins strange in the UK. Endemic to the Antarctica, they have adapted naturally to their freezing continent and being technologically ignorant have found no means of flying to new quarters. But what of other humans? The UK has for most of its considerable existence been the natural home to 'white' people, those with negroid features having adapted naturally to sunnier climes. Now whilst accepting that they are welcome to migrate to less warm countries, is it to be assumed that  residents of the UK must always accept that such movement is 'natural'. Would it be natural for a never seen before tribe from the amazon to appear in central London. Would it not be natural for people to find it strange without knowing why, their minds having been indoctrinated by the liberal left wing to believe that they must comply with an artificial norm; namely that contrary to proper practice all strangers must be welcomed into our midst despite historical evidence that one should only trust first family, second community and thirdly, country. Remember the fifth column; it will all end in tears.
Give Rozanne a break; she is being honest.

Friday 20 February 2015

Wanted. New British chocolatier

Cadbury, a much loved British company was sold to US mega firm Kraft in 2011 and is now part of the Mondelez group of brands.
In February 2015 the Telegraph newspaper printed an article cataloging the degradation of this once fine product. The messing with Creme Eggs is the last straw. See here

Why doesn't a British confectioner challenge this US usurper and make chocolate as Cadbury used to and try and drive their rivals out of the marketplace?

Sunday 15 February 2015

Another look at Picasso

Having spent an hour or so looking round the Picasso museum in his home town of Malaga, I have to ask, at the end, was he mocking the art establishment? Not only were the images uninspirational, the execution of the paintings was at best indifferent and at worse, pathetic. It is almost as if he was goading the art world to dismiss his work. It is all the more disappointing because his early work held the promise of being good in the impressionist style.
I have already made the pilgrimage to the Museo Reina Sofia to see Picasso's painting 'Guernica' and again came away disappointed. On this occasion one can't fault the content nor the use of an austere palette but again the execution, the lack of basic painting skill that captured one's attention.
Is it time to reappraise his work?

Sunday 8 February 2015

Blair and Miliband

It has been reported that ex Prime Minister Tony Blair has pledged to do all he can to help Ed Miliband win the forthcoming elections. Why? They belomg to opposite ends of the Socialist spectrum and Blair has been out of UK politics for some years pursuing his own personal fortune. Could it have something to do with the publication of the Chilcot enquiry into the UK's involvement in the Iraq War whilst Blair was in power? Already overdue there is now no likelihood of it being published until after the General Election. Could it be that Blair believes he will be castigated for his role and that with Miliband in No 10 he can mitigate the outcome as a quid pro quo for any electoral support? Surely not!