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Sunday 22 February 2015

Is she really a racist?

A UKIP councillor, Rozanne Duncan, has admitted that she finds negroid features strange but has no idea why. She is being vilified as a racist and has been expelled from the Party, but why?
She would no doubt find the presence of Emperor penguins strange in the UK. Endemic to the Antarctica, they have adapted naturally to their freezing continent and being technologically ignorant have found no means of flying to new quarters. But what of other humans? The UK has for most of its considerable existence been the natural home to 'white' people, those with negroid features having adapted naturally to sunnier climes. Now whilst accepting that they are welcome to migrate to less warm countries, is it to be assumed that  residents of the UK must always accept that such movement is 'natural'. Would it be natural for a never seen before tribe from the amazon to appear in central London. Would it not be natural for people to find it strange without knowing why, their minds having been indoctrinated by the liberal left wing to believe that they must comply with an artificial norm; namely that contrary to proper practice all strangers must be welcomed into our midst despite historical evidence that one should only trust first family, second community and thirdly, country. Remember the fifth column; it will all end in tears.
Give Rozanne a break; she is being honest.

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