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Thursday 31 January 2019

Scottish Nationalist desperation

The rant by Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, in the House of Commons on Tuesday, demonstrated their desperation and despair at the progress towards Brexit at the end of March. The refrain, that the Scottish voters didn't vote for Brexit has been voiced many times but as for London the Country as a whole voted and it is this vote that Mrs May's government is determined to implement.
The SNP's principal aim is to secure secession from the United Kingdom and then to seek membership of the European Union. If they were to succeed in this there will have to be a border between Scotland and England, presumably following the line of Hadrian's Wall. I suggest that the Scottish people will have no appetite for such an impediment, nor will business who export over 70% of their goods to the rest of the UK.
Ian Blackford's unfortunate outburst against Brexit and the Conservative party is a manifestation of the desperation the SNP feel that after Brexit, their hopes of an independent Scottish Nation are dead in the water.

Is it not ironic, that whilst the Irish Republic are doing everything they can to maintain NO border with Ulster, the Scottish Nationalists are promoting every effort to build one between Scotland and England.

Thursday 24 January 2019


Qualia are those perceptions of the brain that hitherto have defied explanation such as colour, taste etc. Is one's seense of the colour red the same as another's, a subjective sensory experience?
The Davies Hypothesis suggests that consciousness is the state of mind induced in, typically, a brain working in the three dimensions of time equating to the past, present and future.
'Real' time working, the present, continuously monitors, (normally, during waking hours), the senses giving understanding of one's environment and circumstances. 'Unreal' time, the past, working gives access to the brain's database via memory. This gives us knowledge. The 'Imaginary' time working of the brain, responsible for dreaming, appreciation of art, discernment of the abstract, etc, collates the information allowing resolution, decision making giving rise to wisdom.
When one sees the colour red, for instance, the eyes respond in real time and send a message to the brain. At the same instant, unreal time examines the database and recalls the name for that colour and passes it to the brain. The association of the colour with the name has been reinforced by the constant repetition of the association through many generations because each person inherits the character including memory of a forbear who in turn inherited a character. At every level, the association of the colour with its name, red, rouge, rojo etc goes right back to the beginning of conscious life. one can therfore be confident in asserting that we all perceive the same colour.

Sunday 20 January 2019

Buddhist monks killed in Thailand

News that two more monks have been killed in the province of Narathiwat in southern Thailand reminds us once again of the global threat of Islam. At least they weren't beheaded as is the usual practice.There have now been 7000 civilians killed in the determination of the Muslims to take possession of the five southernmost provinces of Thailand and incorporate them in an Islamic state.
It reminds us once again that Islam is not a religion of peace but one of world domination. Ask the Spanish.
I first wrote of the problem in Thailand many years ago, see my 2013 blog at:

It's time the world realised the threat. The Burmese are making sure they have no Muslim problem and the Chinese are closing mosques.

Saturday 19 January 2019

Brexit update

Following the defeat in the House of Commons of her deal with the EU, the PM, Mrs May, has offered opposition MPs the opportunity to engage in dialogue to see if they can find a way through the impasse. Most have accepted the challenge and spoken with Mrs May or Government top dogs; all that is except Mr Corbyn, the Leader of the opposition, citing an impossible precondition, that is to take a 'no deal' off the table, before he would deign to cross the threshold of number ten. The reason is obvious; he hasn't got a clue to what he wants (apart from a general Election) let alone engage in constructive talks where he would suffer the same embarrassing exchange as he routinely gets at PMQs.
When challenged to explain their leader's reluctance to attend, Labour spokesmen and women give the same answer. The mantra always starts with the words: 'Labour have been very clear....'. You know it is to be followed by drivel along the lines of the Party's impossible 6 tests; staying in a customs union, membership of the single market etc, all of which, if enabled would effectively mean no Brexit. Utterly ridiculous!
The new angle of attack from remainers is the second referendum, time and again rebuffed by the voices of reason suggesting that it should be a best of three etc. Still they desperately come with the idea that youngsters too young to vote the first time around might now want to express their views. Such is their pathetic desperation to overturn the result of the 2016 referendum.
The dramatic overturning of the deal might persuade the EU to return to the negotiating table to address the stumbling block of the Northern Irish backstop but I suggest Mrs may must hold her nerve and keep to the date of leaving on WTO terms if necessary and planning accordingly.
I do not rule out the possibility of Mrs May calling a General Election if polls continue to show the public's recognition of the incompetence of Labour. Nor do I rule out the possibility of the Speaker and Dominic Grieve being dumped by their respective Associations.

Sunday 13 January 2019

Corbyn's Britain

Emerging from the broken political mess caused by Brexit, the undecided leader of the Socialist or Labour Party would emerge from the debacle untainted by any admitted prejudice as to the result. What would it mean for the United Kingdom if Corbyn came to power?
The politics of Cuba, the economics of Venezuela, the industrial policy of Orgreave with its flying pickets, the foreign policy of Hamas and Hezbollah and the defence policy of Switzerland. That's what!
Now we learn that in a Corbyn led administration, the UK's greatest ally will not be the USA, but Cuba. That'll be handy in case of trouble.

Friday 11 January 2019

Geomagnetic Reversal

Scientists have been following the movement of the magnetic North Pole as it moves away from Canada towards Siberia, often at an alarming rate, leading to speculation of an imminent shift in the polarity of the earth’s magnetic field. In this scenario, compass needles would point to the South Pole an event that last occurred 780,000 years ago. Normally this shift occurs every 200/ 300,000 years or so making the next event considerably overdue. But what causes it?
Could the answer be found in the ancient symbol, the taijitu.

(The plus and minus signs are mine)
Could this be an ancient depiction of the dual universe, the one part in which we exist and other, described by Kant as transcendental, we cannot sense. It can be clearly seen that a bit of each is present in the other.
It is my conjecture that this ‘other’, a microcosm of our ‘sister’ universe is in fact composed of what scientists call dark matter/ energy, defined in terms of negative and complex* dimensions. As planet earth moves, with our solar system, around our galaxy, the Milky Way, might it encounter ‘clouds’ of such material, having a direct bearing on electro/ magnetic forces here?
As the planet moves towards and into such a cloud might it cause the magnetic North Pole to wobble before the main event, triggering widespread power loss and disorientation in wildlife?

* Complex here refers to dimensions measured in complex numbers involving the square root of minus one.

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Belgium outlaws Halal and Kosher slaughter of animals

Belgium has outlawed the slaughter of animals without prior stunning including halall and kosher meat. The UK must put political correctness to one side and follow suit. This news emerged on the day an eighteen year old woman was pleading with the Thai authorities to not send her back to her family in Kuwait, fearing they would kill her under the apostasy rules of Islam. She had hoped to reach Australia and ask for asylum.
These acts follow on from news that the Chinese authorities had closed at least three mosques for alleged subversive activities, undermining the state policy on religious education. The Burmeses authorities seem to have recognised the threat to order posed by the Rohingya Muslims and encouraged them to migrate to Bangladesh.
This global response to the threat coming from Islam follows years of religious conflict in the Middle East and the proselysation ambition of al Quaeda and Isis. It should be remembered that this is a continuation of a policy instigated from the beginning by followers of the religion. Ask the Spanish! The invading Islamicists were only halted in France from militarily taking over all of Europe whilst the Moguls were forcibly subjugating Asia.
But not all Muslims are a threat I hear you say,  This is, of course, true but one must also remember that not all Germans were evil in the second world war but that did not stop the allies from bombing them into submission. The evil was the regime and we should bear this in mind.