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Saturday 19 January 2019

Brexit update

Following the defeat in the House of Commons of her deal with the EU, the PM, Mrs May, has offered opposition MPs the opportunity to engage in dialogue to see if they can find a way through the impasse. Most have accepted the challenge and spoken with Mrs May or Government top dogs; all that is except Mr Corbyn, the Leader of the opposition, citing an impossible precondition, that is to take a 'no deal' off the table, before he would deign to cross the threshold of number ten. The reason is obvious; he hasn't got a clue to what he wants (apart from a general Election) let alone engage in constructive talks where he would suffer the same embarrassing exchange as he routinely gets at PMQs.
When challenged to explain their leader's reluctance to attend, Labour spokesmen and women give the same answer. The mantra always starts with the words: 'Labour have been very clear....'. You know it is to be followed by drivel along the lines of the Party's impossible 6 tests; staying in a customs union, membership of the single market etc, all of which, if enabled would effectively mean no Brexit. Utterly ridiculous!
The new angle of attack from remainers is the second referendum, time and again rebuffed by the voices of reason suggesting that it should be a best of three etc. Still they desperately come with the idea that youngsters too young to vote the first time around might now want to express their views. Such is their pathetic desperation to overturn the result of the 2016 referendum.
The dramatic overturning of the deal might persuade the EU to return to the negotiating table to address the stumbling block of the Northern Irish backstop but I suggest Mrs may must hold her nerve and keep to the date of leaving on WTO terms if necessary and planning accordingly.
I do not rule out the possibility of Mrs May calling a General Election if polls continue to show the public's recognition of the incompetence of Labour. Nor do I rule out the possibility of the Speaker and Dominic Grieve being dumped by their respective Associations.

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