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Monday 24 February 2014

Chemin Neuf

I see that at Lambeth Palace, the Anglicans are dabbling at seeking rapprochement with those of different faiths or none by embracing the Chemin Neuf movement. See here

An inaugural service attended by the founder of Chemin Neuf, Fr. Laurent Fabre was led by Justin Welsby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Chemin Neuf movement seeks to bring people to a closer understanding of God through spiritual awakening, using the practices of Ignatius of Loyola, mainly prayer and meditation.

I have high hopes of this Archbishop; an engineer, I thought he would bring to the post a pragmatism missing in his predecessors who seemed to be befuddled by the complex world we now live in and unable to cope with the many conflictions that occur when mendaciousness starts to creep up on one. In my book, 'Spiritual Man' I conclude that man needs to ditch the divisive God that rents the earth with his ambiguous messages and embrace the miracle that is mankind. I further suggest that praying be abandoned as useless and that the Churches get together to further the beneficial message of the prophets and disciples, to unite in a spirit of good fellowship and co-operative advancement of the people they seek to serve. That there is some inclination to unite the Christian Churches is a start and I welcome the experiment but one can see the problems when the Catholic witness refuses to celebrate the Anglican Eucharist preferring instead to walk to the Catholic Westminster Cathedral.

Immigrants in public office

I recently pointed to Ed Miliband's unsuitability for public office on the grounds that he is insufficiently British. His parents were immigrants to the UK and by my reckoning there needs to be a least two generations of family to qualify. (see   here).
There is another who would fall foul of this rule as I pointed out over two years ago here.
The Baroness who sits in the House of Lords has been attracting attention for allegedly favouring friends when public contracts have been awarded. see here.
I'm sure its all in order but my argument still holds. Two generations MINIMUM before a family member can hold public office.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Is the 'Hutton' report to become a synonym for 'whitewash'?

A letter has come to light in the phone hacking trial of Rebekah Brooks, former editor of the now defunct News of the World newspaper. It is from the former Prime Minister Tony Blair and purports to express support for the beleaguered ex presswoman and suggests she appoints a junior counsel to establish some facts and issue a 'hutton' style report in her defence.
The Hutton report followed the much criticized enquiry led by Lord Hutton into the death of Dr. David Kelly, the arms inspector found dead near his home in cicumstances that aroused much controversy. Tony Blair famously set up the enquiry as a way around the holding of a formal inquest, thereby exacting less stringent rules of investigation. His Government were absolved from all blame in the report.
The question now is this: is Tony Blair now citing the 'Hutton' report as a ruse of obfuscation, possibly deceit? Could the 'Hutton' report now become a synonym for 'whitewash'?

Thursday 20 February 2014

Fears over post referendum relations

Have you noticed an escalation in the edge in pronouncements about the forthcoming Scottish  referendum on Sovereignty? Arguments, counter arguments and threats are becoming more desperate as the day approaches. For some the stakes are very high indeed and I fear that things said now, especially about the use of the Pound Sterling, may have a deleterious bearing on Scottish relations with England in the aftermath. As the rhetoric rises, urged on by the fervent Nationalistic interests, will the flames of debate lead to a conflagration of conflict?
As an aside, who is paying for this charade? Since Mr. Salmond, increasingly adopting the mantle of Robert the Bruce, has made it clear that only the Scottish people can have a say on the state of the union, are the costs being borne by those north of the border only? I somehow doubt it.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Open letter to people of Wythenshawe and Sale East

So! people of Wythenshawe and Sale East, you have elected into Parliament one of those who have previously brought the Nation to its knees, thereby damaging most the very people they profess to represent, the man in the street. You may have honoured the past, the political leanings of your forefathers but you have surely betrayed the future, that of your children by supporting a failed ideology. The lemmings voting for the Lemming party. You needn't have voted for the 'toffs'; you could have voted, like so many. for the UKIP man, he was after all one of your own, but no; you treacherously put your cross in favour of the party that each time in office destroys the Country's economy with its waste and profligacy. When will you learn that Socialism doesn't work? Even the leader of the Socialists, Miliband, can barely be considered British; his parents were immigrants to the UK and if I had a say he would be disbarred from office as should ALL first generation descendents.
As one from Manchester myself, I am sorry that you have voted as you did; defying logic and common sense to the extent that others may regard you as deluded at best; harking back to the dark ages, like the matchstick figures of LS Lowry.

Friday 14 February 2014

Climate Change- the debate

The truly awful flooding of the UK has given the Greens the opportunity to voice once again their mantra concerning Climate Change. The thing is, I don't know to what they are referring. The argument has become somewhat blurred over the years and we need to be told exactly what their beef is!
Are they merely saying that the Climate is changing, a statement that surely nobody doubts because weather patterns have been known to swing over the centuries or do they mean something else? Are they in fact saying that Climate change is due in part or more because of mankind's insistence  on burning fossil fuels and we should stop it?
Really! They should get off their high horses and listen. Listen to those who claim that the sum total of humankind's output of toxic gases is insignificant to that caused by natural forces such as volcanoes. At any one time they are said to be 250 active volcanoes on the planet, each spewing out more greenhouse gases than humans ever could. Then we must remember it is not only humans who contribute to the toxic atmosphere; we must take into account all those herbivores who introduce industrial quantities of methane into the air we breathe.
following the advice of the Greens and their manic demands for emission controls and various protocols add billions to the cost of living and give the Governments of the world the excuse to levy more and more taxes. The world warms and cools in cycles according to a scheme based on physics. We mustn't listen to those who prey on the fears of those more vulnerable to push their own agenda in the same way that witch doctors of old frightened the villagers into doing their bidding.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Life reflecting my fiction-AGAIN

Its happening again. I don't know how many times news stories appear that seem to replicate themes in my novels. (see here) I must be psychic.

Now it seems that Iranian warships are to encroach on US territorial waters. See Daily Mail report here

In my novel, 'Apsaras 2. The 6th Ring', Two Iranian ships called the 'Saladin' and the 'Khomeini' armed with nuclear weapons head for New York and London.

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Saturday 8 February 2014

Second Coming 2

In a previous blog I proposed that Jesus' personality was inherited from a character from thirty-five generations earlier, the Patriarch Enoch who famously did not die but was taken up to 'heaven' by God.
The mechanism by which this inheritance occurs is due to the embryonic brain of an infant using 'negative' time (see my book: SPIRITUAL MAN; an Introduction to Negative Dimensions) to randomly select from the DNA of its parents a historical 'personality' in the bloodline.
The process, I suggest, is similar to that of 'memes' proposed by Professor Richard Dawkins. Although the 'personality' of an antecedent is adopted by the infant, after birth the culture of the day will modify and adapt the character observed. As an example we may consider a bad man as an ancestor, known as a bully and perhaps a wife-beater or murderer. Some generations later his personality is randomly selected for a descendant born at the time of war. This same personality may give rise to a belligerence that motivates the man to single handedly destroy an enemy machine gun site saving countless lives, earning him a Victoria Cross and his becoming a hero. However when this 'personality' is next selected, the child may grow up to channel the inherent violence into becoming a serial killer.
The main point to be derived from this exercise is that the Buddha's idea of continual improvement in character from generation to generation until the stage of enlightenment is achieved cannot happen because, in essence, a 'personality' doesn't truly change; only one's perception of it in the circumstances or environment of the time.

Going back to my earlier point, if what I say is true then there is another religious character that may have inherited the qualities of Enoch; another descendent. This time the line passes not from the Patriach Abraham to Isaac but to his elder son Ishmael. Could it be that the Prophet Muhammad also has the 'personality' of Enoch, thought by many to be equated with the Qu'ranic  figure of Idris, also revered for his piety.
If this is true it begs the question of when shall we see the next person to bear the character of Enoch?

Friday 7 February 2014

Climate control.

The residents of Cornwall in the UK are certainly struggling as wave after wave of Atlantic weather systems drop yet more rain on their saturated lands. Flooding has caused many to flee their homes amidst calls that the politicians are standing idly by.
One can understand their frustration but is their ire towards the politicians warranted? As things stand what do they want the politicians to do? Act like Canute and insist that the water retreats? Hand out money belonging to other taxpayers, like confetti, as compensation? Compensation for what? Making the conscious decision to live in a known flood area? We all have sympathy for their plight and the emergency services are doing sterling work but is there no real chance of negating the overwhelming power of nature?
Probably not but does that mean we shouldn't try? The cost of annual river dredging is prohibitive; so too the infrastructure needed for effective draining but it doesn't come near to the human cost of despair and suffering. What can be done? I have spoken of this before but with winter weather patterns becoming ever more severe is it time to take another look at climate control? can we stop the build up of rain bearing clouds above the UK?
Is it possible to station a reflector and lens in geostationary orbit in space to harness the immeasurable power of the sun and burn off areas of low pressure and moderate wind speeds whilst they are still building out in the Atlantic? What about beaming microwave radiation directly at clouds or the new super-powerful laser gun being developed? Allow the farmers their ration between the hours of midnight and say four in the morning but having paid the initial costs it might represent a more economically viable means of protecting the people. It has side benefits as well. The UK could become world leaders in the technology leading to economic benefits and also the Nation would become happier, basking in the increased sunshine levels.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

The Second Coming.

The Jewish community await the coming of the Messiah whilst Christians believe he has already come and gone and await the Second Coming.

Most English versions of the Nicene Creed in current use include the following beliefs about Jesus: "...he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end. ... We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come."

In Islam, Jesus is considered to be a prophet with a part to play in the Final judgement.
The Qur'anic verse alluded to as an indicator to Jesus's future return is as follows:
And he (Jesus) shall be a Sign (for the coming of) the Hour (of Judgment): therefore have no doubt about the (Hour), but follow ye Me (Follow the guidance and instruction of Allah): this is a Straight Way.

But from where will come this Precursor of the Final Days? Most Christians believe he went to heaven as a single man, not a father and therefore there is no direct bloodline.

The possibility that Jesus raised a family with Mary Magdalene has long been suggested, not least with the publication of Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code'. But is there another possibility? Has Jesus already been and gone for a second time or does He walk amongst us today?
The Bible makes several references to the siblings of Jesus, most notably James but there were three other brothers and possibly sisters. 1 Corinthians (9.5) also suggests that James had married and that therefore there is a bloodline.
It is my contention (see my book: SPIRITUAL MAN: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions) that after conception an early embryo will trawl the DNA of its parents using 'negative' time' and adopt the 'personality', some might call it the 'soul', of an ancestor. Although bodily traits such as hair and eye colouring may be ascribed to parents and grandparents, the randomly selected 'personality' trait may go back many generations.
Knowing that he was of David's line, I asked myself about the 'personality' inherited by Jesus. Whose was it? Jesus' geneology is listed in Luke's Gospel and one name stands out. Could it be that Jesus' character was that of the pious Enoch who we recall, uniquely 'Walked with God'. Since brother James is also of that line it is possible that one of his descendents might also have inherited the 'personality' of Enoch? If so, despite them almost certainly being very religious, it is quite possible he or we would never have known or witnessed the Second (or Third, Fourth etc) Coming.

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Monday 3 February 2014

Have you ever wondered...?

Have you ever wondered as I have why after six hundred years of education there are still some intellectually challenged people about?
Another thing; why is it that people today still want to spoil their beautifully crafted skin with a tattoo? Surely tattooing is a tradition of prehistoric savages and primitive tribespeople of the jungles of the Amazon or Papua New Guinea.
Also, why is it that after five thousand years of jurisprudence people still become criminals?
I believe one answer lies in the embryonic brain using the power of 'negative' time to harvest information long held in the so far undecrypted strands of DNA. The data collected may be from a human (or humanoid) many, many generations before and may act like Richard Dawkins''memes'.( see: )
Born into the modern world, the infant adapts to the world around it but still retains the ghosts of a former, much older life. Hence the sometimes incongruous behavioural patterns we see exhibited today.

Humans throughout the world have also retained another ancient tradition despite much evidence to discredit it; I refer, of course, to a belief in a God or Gods. Is it not strange that in the twenty-first century humans still cling to a practice that predates history despite the absence of any verifiable scientific proof of the existence of a God, other than that in the imagination of mankind?

To read more about 'negative' and 'imaginary' time and their effect on the universe, please download my book, 'SPIRITUAL MAN: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions.'