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Monday 3 February 2014

Have you ever wondered...?

Have you ever wondered as I have why after six hundred years of education there are still some intellectually challenged people about?
Another thing; why is it that people today still want to spoil their beautifully crafted skin with a tattoo? Surely tattooing is a tradition of prehistoric savages and primitive tribespeople of the jungles of the Amazon or Papua New Guinea.
Also, why is it that after five thousand years of jurisprudence people still become criminals?
I believe one answer lies in the embryonic brain using the power of 'negative' time to harvest information long held in the so far undecrypted strands of DNA. The data collected may be from a human (or humanoid) many, many generations before and may act like Richard Dawkins''memes'.( see: )
Born into the modern world, the infant adapts to the world around it but still retains the ghosts of a former, much older life. Hence the sometimes incongruous behavioural patterns we see exhibited today.

Humans throughout the world have also retained another ancient tradition despite much evidence to discredit it; I refer, of course, to a belief in a God or Gods. Is it not strange that in the twenty-first century humans still cling to a practice that predates history despite the absence of any verifiable scientific proof of the existence of a God, other than that in the imagination of mankind?

To read more about 'negative' and 'imaginary' time and their effect on the universe, please download my book, 'SPIRITUAL MAN: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions.'

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