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Thursday 19 August 2021

The latest Crusade

 In all reports of the successful coup in Afghanistan, I have never seen any mention of Islam. Yet the bloodless coup will be seen by the victors, the Taliban, as vindication of the belief that Allah, does indeed, favour them over the predominantly Christian West. Make no mistake this was another episode of the Crusades. The last twenty years of democratic life in the Country was a setback for the terrorists but rather than imagine that Allah was against them, or impossibly non-existant, they simply argue that he was testing them.

This position in an argument whereby one side cannot ever be wrong makes negotiation difficult if not impossible leading to the adoption of practices common in the seventh century, AD. Sharia law will be implemented as Aghanistan becomes an Islamic Republic aligned with other Sunni regimes such as Saudi Arabia from whence sprung Al Quaida.

It seems to me that this benighted Country will never recover until Islam itself is defeated and that will only happen when all organised religion is swept aside under a weight of scientific evidence that deities cannot exist.