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Monday 31 May 2021

Shameless hypocrisy of the Churches

Yesterday (30th May 2021) we learnt that the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson married the mother of his child, Carrie Symonds.

The couple were married in the Roman Catholic, Westminster Cathedral despite Johnson having been a divorcee twice over, contrary to Catholic canon. It seems that the Church can ignore the previous marriages because they were conducted in an Anglican service and therefore null and void. It is as if these previous marriages, contracted in the eyes of God before witnesses never happened. That somehow the God of Abraham, the same God worshiped by Roman Catholics, didn't also bless these unions.

It's  also a bit duplicitous of the PM to seek this accommodation when he is a sworn servant of the crown, her Majesty, having been annointed Queen in the sight of the same God, so casually dismissed. 

It seems one can pick and choose what aspects of ones faith to follow as circumstance demands making a mockery of religion. Islam cannot escape the same accusation with its multiple interpretations and factions creating schisms amongst its supporters.It's no wonder that a greater number of people are abandoning organised religions as they realise what a great fraud they are.

Having made manifest your disdain for the Churches, make a start, Boris. Kick the Bishops out of the House of Lords.

Friday 28 May 2021

Sackcloth and Ashes

 The UK government can't do good for doing evil over the Covid epidemic. As the date, 21st June, approaches there is widespread appeals for a delay because of the spread of the 'India' variant. Despite following scientific advice 127,000 people have died and the Labour Party have been keen to link the 'loved ones' of the deceased to an enquiry into 'hoped for' uncovering of malfeasance by the Tories. It's almost as if Labour would like the Government to wear sackcloth and ashes in mourning the dead, a penance for 'failing' the bereaved. In fact, it seems, the more dead, the better.

What is rarely pointed out is that the Government have a difficult balancing act to manage. It's not only control of the disease. Perpetual lockdown might help control the epidemic but it will ruin the nation's economy. It's no good having in a year's time a perfectly healthy community if there are no jobs, no businesses to go to. Boris Johnson knows this and in setting out his 'road map' has made a critical judgement based on the best advice available. 

It's strange that there is no clamour for an enquiry into deaths due to motor accidents from the Labour Party. No appeal for an enquiry to appease the bereaved  'loved ones' because of motor traffic incidents despite the numbers being comparable to those due to Covid. There is no demand for the banning of cars as a danger to life or for the Minister of Transport to wear sackcloth and ashes out of respect.

Why does the opposition parties feel the need to snipe at every move made by the Government, usually based on hindsight? Could it be that new Labour leader, Starmer, needs to be seen to be active? He could do worse than support the Government during this crisis instead of trying to make political capital out of every setback.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Penny Mordaunt - Don't you just love her?

 Following an exchange over the dispatch boxes in the commons, Penny Mordaunt, Paymaster General and MP for Portsmouth North demonstrated the gulf in class and intelligence between her and her Majesty's opposition.

Angela Rayner, Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of  Lancaster, demanded an urgent question in the Commons hoping to paint a picture of Tory sleaze and cronyism. Michael Gove should have replied but in his absence Penny rose to deliver as measured a put down as many have seen, calm, ordered, precise and so damaging in its poignant targeting, Rayner had to resort to her mask to cover up her embarrassment. Priceless!

It is this gulf in intelligence that marks out the Conservatives as more likely to govern the people well a view currently shared by the electorate.

Sunday 16 May 2021

The future of the Labour Party

 The polls suggest that the Labour Party are way behind the Tories despite the latter being in power for ten years or more. Recent elections have confirmed that many ex Labour voters, particularly in the north of the country, have switched allegiances; but why?

Could it be because the Labour Party was seen as the political wing of the Trade Unions and these have lost much of their influence with the decline of big industry. The biggest Unions, such as Unite, are those concerned with civil servants and because pay and conditions are subject to the public purse they are very limited in what they can do beyond sensible collective bargaining. In any case factors such as pay are determined by independant bodies with reference to the pay and conditions in the public sector.

So what can they do? They tried a form of communism, a socialist republic vision, under Corbyn but the public rejected that flat. The Party quickly took steps to change direction by changing their leader to Starmer but nobody now knew what the Party stood for. Not only that but the Parliamentary Labour Party is now composed of a diverse mixture of factions that seemingly will find it impossible to agree on anything. The remnant 'reds', the unforgiving 'remainers', the anti-zionists, republicans and their opposites. Starmer is struggling to find a clear message that would give any hope that a united Labour Party are fit to govern. Some suggest that could do worse than join the others with no identifiable role in life, the Liberal Democrats. Life is full of examples of the duality of nature. One such is the right way to govern and the other is the wrong way. If, at the polls, the public always choose the 'right' way then I can see that the Labour Party, as they currently are, are faced with years of electoral atrophy.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Electrifying the Channel Islands

 As part of the French response to fishing deals post Brexit, they are now threatening to cut the power supply to Jersey in pursuit of their objectives. Perfidious France??

However, it permits us to wonder why these islands and other remote districts can be so vulnerable to threats such as these. I have a solution.

Why can we not install on Jersey and the other islands, nuclear power stations using scaled up plants found on nuclear submarines?

Monday 3 May 2021

Child pornography arrests

German police have identified 400,000 users of a child pornography site called 'Boystown'. Four men have been arrested charged with running the site.

This blog maintains that these four, having been tried and found guilty should be shot. How could anyone mistreat little children in this way and then promote videos of the sickening behaviour for profit? It beggars belief that these men could  do this to poor innocents. They and all others like them deserve to die.

Now to the almost 400,000 others. Fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, grandsons. They have demonstrated their less than civilised proclivities and brought disgrace to them and their families. They ought to be shot dead but in an act of mercy not afforded to their victims we suggest they are castrated and  publicly shamed by restraining in stocks over several weekends. 

We have to wipe this crime from the face of the earth. 

SNP hatred of England

 What motivates the Scottish Nationalist Party?

They have been adamant that they want to leave a union of four countries to join a union of twenty-eight with the attendant loss of representation. They will have seen the relative poor performance of the EU with acquisition and distribution of drugs in the face of the Covid epidemic and yet the warning light hasn't been noticed. They continue to insist they will be better off despite a hard border with the rest of the UK, the need to adopt the Euro as currency, the falling revenue from oil and gas and the  fact that many Scots work in England.

This dogmatic insistence that Scotland leaves the United Kingdom cannot be as a consequence of reasoned argument. No! Surely it is down to a five century hatred of the English and the, for them, uncomfortable fact the the UK seat of Government is in Westminster. It sticks in the Scottish craw that  Holyrood isn't the ultimate arbiter of Scottish rule, a hurt that persists from the Scottish loyalty to the Rome based Pope and French alliances in the sixteenth century rather than the Protestant kings and queens.

It simply doesn't matter how well the EU does; it doesn;t matter how prosperous the Nation becomes; what matters is that Scotland and its folk do not appear to be under the English yoke, a half a millennium chip on the shoulder that will never go away. The SNP simply hate the English.